Ankh tattoos are often associated with and linked to a lot of history and deeper meanings. This tattoo design is quite popular across the world, while its origin begins and is linked to Egypt. Do you like cool, brilliant tattoos with character? Are you a fan of fun stories and designs that others might not have? If so, keep on reading, and let us let you know about this symbol.

What does an ankh symbolize?

The ankh is an ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic symbol that represents the key of life, and is often seen as a symbol of immortality. It was also used in connection with the concept of fertility, which can be seen in its resemblance to the female reproductive organs. The word “ankh” itself comes from the verb “to breathe” or “to live” and has been translated as “life” or “the key to life.” The ankh was so important to ancient Egyptians that it was included in many tombs, including those of pharaohs.

We’ve got a bunch of awesome ankh tattoo ideas for you, so take a look at these designs and get inspired!

1. Black Ankh Tattoo

Black ink ankh such as this one might look the best on guys who prefer bigger ideas. You will tell a lot with this tattoo.

2. Sexy Underboob Ankh Tattoo

This sexy piece and an ankh symbol underneath your boobs will look very feisty. Women who like creative tattoos and want something fiery will enjoy this one.

3. Forearm Ankh Tattoo

A forearm tattoo is a straightforward concept. Give it a go if you enjoy tattoos that are easy to do and understand.

4. Ankh Tattoo For Guys

For true history and spirituality lovers, this ankh symbol will do the trick! If you enjoy religion-inspired tattoos this one may suit you the best.

5. Ankh Tattoo On Chest

Chest tattoos or stomach tattoos are for those who can withstand the pain. If you like hidden tattoos and you like tattoos that come with a story, this one is it!

6. Creative Ankh Tattoo

If you trust your tattoo artist and you’re a fan of creative and elegant ideas, this black concept will look amazing on you, no matter your gender.

7. Minimalism Ankh Tattoo

Minimalism and simpler ankh symbols are for those who can’t withstand the pain. If you want something small, sweet, and cute, this is it.

8. Cool Back Ankh Tattoo

Try out several symbols that are important to you and place them along your spine for that ultimate combo outcome.

9. Ankh Tattoo On Chest

This cool chest tattoo is for guys who work out as well as those who enjoy their masculine chest.

10. Black Ankh Tattoo On Arm

Show that you believe in faith and renewal, as well as equality with this ankh print.

11. Ankh Tattoo On Finger

Small finger tattoos such as this one will look amazing on those who love to talk about their creations with others openly and upfront.

12. Big Shoulder Ankh Tattoo

If you want a bigger piece and you want to place something on your shoulder, this is something to consider doing! Go big or go home, right?

13. Palm Ankh Tattoo

Palm tattoos can be quite tricky to do. If you are into retro ideas and you want something that is visible and that you can talk about with everyone, this is it!

14. Ankh Tattoo On Forearm

Forearm tattoos are a good place to start with. This design, size, and color combination can look great on both men and women.

15. Black Symbol Ankh Tattoo

Show that you’re a firm believer in yourself and the things surrounding you with this black ink straightforward design.

16. Ankle Ankh Tattoo

Ankle tattoos are a common go-to print by most women. If you like to simplify and have smaller ideas give it a go with this ankle print.

17. Big Stomach Ankh Tattoo

This giant ankh tattoo on your stomach will tell that you’re ready to take on anything that might come your way.

18. Cool Back Ankh Tattoo

Back tattoos are for guys who love to look dominant, and this print will suit those who enjoy their masculine back and wish to show off an artsy print.

19. Artsy Detailed Ankh Tattoo

If you care about all the little details try out this ankh design. If you’re into detailed pieces and you trust your tattoo artist this will look so good on you.

20. Simple Ankh Tattoo

Sometimes, less is truly more. If you’re someone who enjoys cute and retro tattoos and you want to experiment with your concept, this will suit you.

21. Ankh Tattoo On Neck

Symbolize that you’re well-aware of yourself and that you see everything through with this ankh and a cool eye concept. Both men and women will enjoy this approach.

22. Ankh Tattoo On Fingers

Finger tattoos are super simple and minimalistic. If you dislike the needle but you want to try out different symbols and takes on your chosen design, these symbols will tell a lot about your character.

23. Ankh Tattoo Colorful Idea

Cool and colorful, this tattoo has it all! Show that you believe in the power of eternal life and that you’re all about positive and bright emotions that you know will come your way.

24. Loud & Vibrant Ankh Tattoo

Colorful and bright, this ankh tattoo will take you 3-4 hours to do. If you’re someone who likes creative ideas and you enjoy pastel shades this design will suit you.

25. Red Ankh Tattoo

Represent your inner character and positive true emotions. If you’re linked and connected to everyone in your life and you have faith in eternal life, place this design across your chest.

26. Bright Blue Ankh Tattoo

Blue is a color of positivism and new beginnings. If you believe that all best is headed your way and this shade is your favorite, this will look so good on you.

27. Gold Ankh Tattoo

Gold ankh tattoos such as this one will look good on men and women. It shows a person who is always ready to overcome any good or bad, but with a positive and golden attitude.

28. Blue And Gold Stomach Ankh Tattoo

Side stomach tattoos can be painful to go for. If you can handle the pain factor this design will suit you so well.

29. Ankh Tattoo Blue Idea

Show your spiritual and mystical character with this ankh symbol. If you’re all about big and bright tattoos this will look great on you.

30. Cool Colorful Ankh Tattoo

An ankh symbol with two cat prints will look so creative and artsy. If you have a big and bold story to tell, you can do it all with this design!

New Tattoo Time
Are you ready to experiment and give it a go with some of these tattoos? If so, which one?! All of these can be fun and bold options to consider, allowing you to express your character and personal beliefs. If you’re a history or Egypt lover we know that you’re going to love some of these ideas. Which one it is? Let us know!

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