Spine tattoos for women are some of the coolest and prettiest designs, as well as sensual tattoos. They are considered to be feminine and flirty, as well as sexy. If you want a back or spine tattoo this article will suit you! Keep on reading as we list out a ton of cool and different options down below that will go across your entire bone and spine.

What Are The Best Spine Tattoos?

It all comes down to your preference and personal choice. Some might enjoy dragons and mystical creatures, while others are all about sentimental lettering or flowers. Women tend to go for lotus flowers, butterflies, animals, and meaningful quotes.

How Pricey Are Spine Tattoos?

The price of your spine tattoo will vary. Several factors come to play, such as the expertise of your tattoo artist and the size of your chosen tattoo. Also, big and colorful tattoos will be pricey or pricier to go for when compared to black ink tattoos. Usually, you’re looking at a price of $200-$400 for the entire back portion.

Are Spine Tattoos Painful?

Unfortunately, spine tattoos can hurt quite a lot. This is because the tattoo is right next to and across your bone, with little or no fat around. Only men or women who work out and those who have back muscles might withstand the pain and won’t find it painful or unbearable.

1. Spine Tattoo Lotus Flower 


Are you always daydreaming? If that is the case you are going to enjoy this back tattoo! Perfect for women who like feminine artsy pieces.

2. Spine Tattoo For Ladies


Go for this unusual piece and show your creative side with this black ink tattoo.

3. Mystical Spine Tattoo


Consider this lotus flower tattoo if you’re someone who likes floral ideas and bigger centerpieces.

4. Book Print Spine Tattoo


Women who like black and white tattoos and who are spiritual will like this tattoo. You can also show your knowledge with this print.

5. Floral Spine Tattoo 


This flower tattoo will take you 2-4 hours to achieve. Perfect for any age group.

6. Lotus Changing Flower Spine Tattoo 


Show personal growth and how time has changed you with this lotus tattoo. You will also show personal change with this design.

7. Snake Spine Tattoo


Combine two unique elements, a snake print, and some flowers. This big back tattoo will look amazing and creative, perfect for those who want to assert dominance and look innocent with this tattoo.

8. Spine Tattoo For Women


If you’re into creative tattoos consider this design. It is often worn by those who enjoy symmetry. Make sure that you trust your tattoo artist and commit to the process.

9. Simple Outline Spine Tattoo 


Dedicate this tattoo to your closest person. You can go for their name across your back, ideal for sentimental souls.

10. Pink Flower Spine Tattoo 


Add just one pink detail to your tattoo and it will become so feminine. This design will suit sensual girls the best.

11. Black Ink Spine Tattoo


How cool and cute is this butterfly? It has its unique black washed ink details, often worn by creative girls. If you’re a fan of art this will intrigue you.

12. Dragon Spine Tattoo


Dragon tattoos will suit playful women and those who want to assert dominance. If you’re a brave and outgoing soul this will suit you.

13. Stunning Spine Tattoo For Ladies


Cute and straightforward, this spine tattoo will take you 2-3 hours to do. Heads up since it can be painful to go for.

14. Name Spine Tattoo 


Only some women can rock bright red ink. Are you one of them? Consider this giant spine print and show it off while making it personal and sentimental for your closest one.

15. Back Spine Tattoo 


A pop of color and this splash of color will look so attractive and cool. Go for this spine tattoo if you’re into details and cool art.

16. Lion Spine Tattoo


Super gorgeous and outgoing, this big black ink back tattoo is for women who like the attention. The lion print will show that you’re always aiming for fun and respect.

17. Black & Red Spine Tattoo


A giant dragon tattoo with a pop of red is sensual. This tattoo is often worn by women who like bigger and louder prints.

18. Budha Spine Tattoo 


If you’re a spiritual person this tattoo will suit you. Show that you’re always calm and collected with this Buddha design.

19. Floral Black Ink Spine Tattoo


A black ink spine tattoo such as this one will look lovely and bold. Show that you’re always ready for a new challenge and adventure that comes your way.

20. Quote Spine Tattoo 


Go for your favorite saying across the entire back. If you’re inspired by something specific this will suit you.

21. Black Dragon Spine Tattoo 


Women who like bigger and bolder tattoos will like this one. Make sure that you have 5 hours to spare when it comes to this design.

22. Unique Spine Tattoo For Ladies


Colorful, artsy, and different from the rest. Who could resist it? Give it a go if you’re into bold and sensual art.

23. Moon Spine Tattoo 


Women who like the moon and spiritual tattoos will like this design. Show that you’re ready for your next path and journey with these gradual moon changes tattoos.

24. Spine Tattoo Quote Design


Get inspired with your favorite quote, saying, or song, and consider this spine tattoo.

25. Black Ink Spine Tattoo 


Black and white ink is easy to get and go for. This spine tattoo will take you 3-4 hours to do. Express your feelings with this snake and rose design.

26. Sentimental Spine Tattoo 


If you have a kid or if you’re a family person this design will intrigue you. Show your true colors and enjoy this print across your spine.

27. Chinese Letter Spine Tattoo 


Go for Chinese lettering if you want something unique and that no one else can understand! Perfect for those who like to be secretive.

28. Important Spine Tattoo


This spine tattoo will take you 3 hours to achieve. Aim for symmetry and precision when it comes to this tattoo.

29. Compass Spine Tattoo


Women who like bigger tattoos will enjoy this spine print. Go for a compass tattoo if you’re a fan of precision and larger ideas.

30. Rose Flower Spine Tattoo 


This black ink tattoo with a rose print will suit feminine women. Give it a go if you fancy somewhat bigger ink. Consider a name print to it also.

31. Personal Spine Tattoo 


This rose tattoo with a pop of blue is a cool design. Who says that one has to stick to plain black and white or rosy tattoos? This is a great inspiration for those who enjoy outgoing ideas.

32. Small Minimalistic Spine Tattoo


Give it a go with this spine tattoo if you like flowers and symmetrical pieces. You’re going to adore the outcome since it is sensual, romantic, and soft!

Want To Commit?

Which one of these spine tattoos do you like the best and most out of the bunch? Are you more so into smaller or bigger options? Do you like monochrome ideas or colorful artsy prints? Luckily for you, we have covered it all! Let us know what you fancy and what you can’t wait to wear or try out from the list.

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