Anubis tattoos are incredibly cool but also have a beautiful meaning and representation. Anubis is a dog-headed God that watches over the souls as they pass into the afterlife and are extremely popular in Egyptian culture. You usually see Anubis placed around a variety of different structures but mainly in pyramids. In mythology, Anubis was one of the most enigmatic and mysterious Gods in Egypt, but the God’s main job was to watch over those who were already dead.

Anubis is a popular tattoo to get and looks stunning whatever way you get it. The tattoo can be done alone but you can also spruce it up with details and turn it into a work of art. If you’re interested in getting your own Anubis tattoo, here are a few of our favorites you can take some inspiration from.

1. Guardian
This Anubis show the true representation of the God.

2. Combination
Combine your Anubis tattoo with another death figure for one sick tattoo.

3. Black and White
You don’t need color to have a beautiful piece.

4. Simple
A simple Anubis is all you need for a gorgeous work of art.

5. Touch of Color
Adding a little of color to your tattoo will make it stand out.

6. Egyptian
This Anubis has different Egyptian representation to make an outstanding tattoo.

7. Scales
Throwing scales into your Anubis tattoo makes for a deeper meaning.

8. Dog
Really let the dog part of your tattoo shine.

9. Blackwork
This blackwork piece is incredible.

10. Lines
You can do line work for your Anubis piece.

11. Realistic
Add a realistic element to your tattoo.

12. Watchful
You can put a few more watchful elements into your tattoo.

13. God
Let your Anubis tattoo show the God it is.

14. Representation
Your tattoo can show the true representation of Anubis.

15. Old School
Go for an old school Anubis design for your tattoo.

16. Half Sleeve
Show your love for Anubis with a half sleeve piece.

17. Stunning
Find an artist that will understand exactly what you want your piece to look like.

18. Masterpiece
Your Anubis tattoo can turn into a stunning masterpiece of a tattoo.

19. Afterlife
Let your tattoo show the afterlife where Anubis roams.

20. Geometric
Add in some geometric details to your tattoo.

21. Pop of Color
You don’t need a lot of color to let your tattoo shine.

22. Thigh Piece
Putting your Anubis on your thigh gives you more then enough room for details.

23. Double Trouble
Combine your Anubis with a wolf for once amazing tattoo.

24. Fire
Add a fire element to your Anubis piece for a sick element.

25. Small Details
Even the smallest details can make your tattoo amazing.

26. Mandala
Let a mandala be the backdrop of your tattoo.

27. Dot Work
Dot work adds a cool element and texture to your tattoo.

28. Protector
Show Anubis as the protector the God is.

29. Lettering
Place Egyptian lettering with your Anubis tattoo.

30. Minimal
Take the minimalist approach to your tattoo for something a little different.

31. Background
The background can be an important factor with your tattoo.

32. Red
Some small red details is all you need.

33. Overwatch
Anubis looking over Egypt sets the perfect tattoo up.

34. Interruption
You can interpret Anubis however you want.

35. Beastly
Have Anubis look more beastly.

36. Protector
If you want a sweeter looking tattoo, here it is.

37. Neck
With Anubis on your neck, the God is always close by.

38. Artwork
Add the smallest of details into your Anubis piece.

39. Watercolor
You can make a watercolor design with your Anubis piece.

40. Rainbow
If black and white isn’t your thing, use all the colors then.

41. Forearm
Your Anubis piece doesn’t have to be big to be powerful.

42. Puppy
Show Anubis in its younger years.

43. Animals
Anubis and an Egyptian cat make for a great piece together.

44. Eye
Adding an eye helps represent the watchfulness of Anubis.

45. Death Guardian
Anubis with skulls truly shows what his job is.

46. Classic
Get a tattoo of what Anubis looked like back in the day.

47. Feminine
Anubis doesn’t have to be this beastly character, make it more feminine.

48. Afterworld
Having the God of the afterworld isn’t a bad tattoo.

49. Unique
Your Anubis tattoo can look however you want.

50. Modern
Take a more modern approach to your Anubis tattoo.

Anubis is a great tattoo to get and has a lot of mean and representation in mythology. As you can see, there is a variety of ways you can have the God tattoo on you as well.

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