Hunter x Hunter is a wildly popular anime series that follows the adventures of Gon Freecs, a boy who travels to become a hunter. The show is known for its deep characters, compelling story lines, and stunning animation. It’s no surprise that people are getting tattoos inspired by the series!

The show takes place in a world where people have special abilities, which are used in combat tournaments called hunter exams. And our main character Gon Freecss is trying to find his father and become a hunter so he can get stronger and travel the world.

From Killua to Gon and Kurapika, there are many characters in the show and most of them are even tattoo-worthy! This post will help you decide what kind of design you want to get on your body with these awesome Hunter x Hunter tattoo ideas!

1.  Hunter x Hunter Main Character Tattoo

If you can’t make up your mind when it comes to your next tattoo, why not go for all of your favorite characters? This Hunter x Hunter design will suit those who wish to show off their love for this anime. Just a simple pair of eyes can be bold, fun, straightforward, and ideal for those who like all of the characters equally as much. In the end, this tattoo will look amazing on your arm and these square spaces.

2. Gon And Killua Duo Tattoo

Gon and Killua are such good and close pals in the anime. Do you like their story? Maybe you have something fun to tell with your tattoo? If you want, you can also dedicate this black ink arm tattoo to your closest one. Both of you can go for a matching tattoo that will showcase your closeness.

3. Gon Black Outline Tattoo

Try out just one character tattoo and stick to this black outline concept. Guys who prefer smaller tattoos or those who want something simple and straightforward will like this outline. Your tattoo can say a lot about you, so who says that you have to go for something dramatic, loud, and colorful? True fans will get this tattoo.

4. Killiua Small Tattoo

Killua done on a skateboard and this colorful small character tattoo will look great on your legs (thighs especially). If you enjoy somewhat hidden and secretive spots and if you’re a fan of creative art, this will suit you. Killua is often a bulletproof solution to go for, as well as a fan favorite. Is he yours too?

5. Hisoka Black Arm Tattoo

People often say that Hisoka has that Joker-like vibe and appearance. Do you see it as well? Hisoka is a fun character to go for, and he is one of the strongest Hunter characters from the Phantom Troupe. If you like his devilish character and if you’re a fan of cool villains, this is it!

6. Gon And Killua Hunter X Hunter Tattoo

True anime fans and cartoon lovers will love this arm tattoo. Who says that you have to stop after getting just one design done? The truth is that you can always slowly yet surely build on top, and try out different ideas. Guys who love movies or cartoons may have a tough time picking out just one design. If you’re a picky person yourself just know that this will suit you and that this duo will look great on you as it fades out and as time goes on, allowing you to tell a fun story!

7. Killua Young Small Tattoo

If you’re a fan of Killua and especially his character, you can book just his design. Go for a black and white outline and place this design on your arm. A smaller or childhood-inspired character such as this one will suit those who like cute ideas, as well as those that are somewhat personal and sweet, yet innocent-looking.

8. Forearm Killua Tattoo Design

Go for this cool forearm tattoo and let just one pair of eyes show through! Guys who love the color purple will like this type of tattoo. The truth is that a little black square with a pop of color will attract a lot of attention, and can be a fun tattoo to go for by those who like minimalism.

9. Black Ink Gon Tattoo Design

Gon tattoo that is done this way and in this color format is outgoing and outstanding. The truth is that you can experiment with your design. If you fancy this print and you want to try out the black and white shaded art + you fully trust your tattoo artist, this is for you! In the end, this tattoo will look great as it ages and as it fades.

10. Gon And Killua Tattoo Design

This little magical duo is fun and bold, ideal for guys and girls who wish to showcase their closeness and friendship through a tattoo. Do you have someone important on your mind? Do you want to dedicate a tattoo to him or her? This little black ink magical duo will talk about true friendship closeness, but also your love for the anime.

11. Gon Ultimate Tattoo Hunter X Hunter

This is Gon’s ultimate form, and this tattoo is a show-stopper! Guys who like colorful and bigger tattoos will also enjoy this concept. Make sure that you’ve watched the entire series through, and that you know of all the characters, as well as their transformations. Once done in this big way, the design will get a lot of compliments.

12. Colorful Gon And Killua Tattoo

Those who fancy color will enjoy this duo. If you want to try out a fun, loud, and bright tattoo, this is for you. Heads up, however, since these giant and loud tattoos take some time to do. The truth is that you will spend 6-8 hours at the tattoo shop + the concept itself is pretty pricey to go for, yet worth it for true fans.

13. Black Arm Killua Tattoo

Cute, cool, and straightforward, this black ink forearm tattoo is on the simpler side, which is what also makes it affordable and easy to do. Do you enjoy minimalism? If so, this design will suit you. Make sure that you have enough space and that you have a clear vision of what you wish to achieve when it comes to this design.

14. Unique Colorful Killua Tattoo

Not everyone would dare to try out this colorful Killua tattoo. Would you? If so, why not book it asap?! It is a giant, loud and vibrant tattoo, that also has some neon elements to it. If you want to look dominant and you’re all about experimenting when it comes to your new tattoos, why not book this one?

15. Pop Of Color Gon Tattoo

This Gon tattoo is very fun and colorful, a must-try if you are someone who likes quirky ideas. Give it a go with this green element, and show off the headpiece if you enjoy artsy ideas. For most guys, this is a must-do especially if their favorite color is green. Does this apply to you?

16. Shoulder Gon And Killua Tattoo

A shoulder tattoo such as this one that has both characters in place is for those fans that have had a hard time making up their minds on which tattoo to go for. If you’re a picky person, this may meet your expectations.

17. Angry Colorful Gon Tattoo

How about this scary, mad & angry-looking Gon tattoo? This is a gorgeous and well-done design that will look so bold and fun when done in red and green ink. You will look dominant with it as well. Place it on your leg and show off at most times.

18. Hunter X Hunter Small Gon Tattoo

A small Gon such as this one looks fun and honest, representing your inner child that used to love watching cartoons. Do you fancy cute ideas, and you’re all about your honest emotions? This tattoo will show who you are, perfect for both men and women who are close to their real identity and inner playful self.

19. Cool Killua Arm Tattoo

Killua being bored or uninterested sounds just like your typical tattoo, don’t you agree? If you’re into smaller ideas and you prefer minimalism, why not book this design? In the end, it shows a person who is well aware of his actions, as well as an open approach toward life.

20. Giant Thigh Killua Tattoo

Cool red tattoo that has that holographic side to it. Do you enjoy intriguing and different prints? Are you all about wild designs? Those who want can try out this thigh design, knowing well that others won’t have something as cool and similar. Heads up since it is a pricey print to go for.

21. Cool Artsy Gon And Killua Tattoo

This Gon and Killua tattoo shows your friendship and their friendship as well. If you have someone important in your life and you want to dedicate them a design, consider this print. It will show your closeness and how you can relate to these two characters in real life.

22. Killua Black Arm Tattoo

The black tattoo on your arm of these eye prints will suit those who are picky. You can go for any character you fancy. This design and these eyes done in black ink can be easily read and seen however you like it. The beauty and interpretation are left to the owner or the person who is watching this design.

23. Black And Red Hisoka Tattoo

Black and red are some of the most attention-seeking colors. If you enjoy louder tattoo ideas and you’re often betting on either black or red, this will also remind you of those times. Hisoka print and this louder idea are also for those who enjoy villains, and want to book a tattoo where the bad guy looks fun, wild, and wins!

24. Hisoka Artsy Black Ink Tattoo

Hisoka is so cute and cool in this image. Guys who enjoy fancy detailed art will like paying as much attention to details. If he was or still is your favorite character to this day, book this tattoo! Once done the right way it will show your love for precision, anime, and cool art.

25. Hunter X Hunter Hisoka Tattoo

This Hunter print and character done in bright and wild colors will look amazing on anyone! If you know that Hunter is a magician and you like his quirky persona, why not book this tattoo? Make sure that you give it a go in this square print so it resembles a card, perfect for those who are natural gamblers or magicians in real life.

26. Hunter X Hunter Hisoka Tattoo Red Design

This Hisoka tattoo is a piece of art! If you fancy big and dominant sleeve ideas, this is for you. Heads up since these giant tattoos can be pricey and time-consuming to go for. If you’re someone who likes to stand out and you enjoy this black and red color combo, this will look amazing on you.

27. Phantom Troupe Design Tattoo

Lastly, why not go for the well-known spider and symbol of Phantom Troupes? This black ink design and a number four are for those who wish to be a bit more subtle with their chosen tattoo. This image is creative and not too pricey to go for either, why not book it?

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And there you have it guys! A ton of cool, modern, and bold concepts will look just right and will intrigue you. Which design do you fancy the most, and are you ready to convert to the right anime? Let us know what you end up picking from the bunch, we can’t wait to see it on you.

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