The best thing about tattoos is how unique the are to the person getting them.  We are use to seeing animal, flower, and more traditional tattoos, but what about those tattoos that go against the grain and are a little different? Playing with shapes can make some insane amazing looking tattoos. These tattoos are vastly unique and amazing to look at. No explanation is needed either.

If you’re looking or a tattoo that is a little different and fun, take a look at these cool shape tattoos that are perfect for something a little more distinct.

1. Abstract Geometric Tattoo

Your tattoo is a work of art.

2. Amplify

Really amplify a cool tattoo with some awesome shapes.

3. Geometric Dots

Dot work can totally change a tattoo.

4. Geometric Lines

The shape can have a special meaning to just you.

5. Flowers Geometric Tattoo

Take your flower tattoo up a level.

6. 3D Geometric Tattoo

Shapes can make a difference in the look of a tattoo.

7. Different

It doesn’t matter the shape; they all look cool.

8. Representative Geometric Tattoo

Let the shapes represent something special to you.

9. Party

You can make your tattoo stunning with unique shapes.

10. Texture

Different shapes can add a lot of texture to your tattoo.

11. Fun Geometric Tattoo

Have fun with your shaped tattoo.

12. Custom Geometric Tattoo

When you choose a shape tattoo it will always be a custom piece.

13. Throwback Geometric Tattoo

A shaped piece can remind you of a throwback era.

14. Animals

Shapes and animals can make for one incredible tattoo.

15. Simple Geometric Tattoo

Your shape tattoo can be simple and easy.

16. Hypno

Let your tattoo have a hypno affect.

17. Variety

A variety of shapes can make for one incredible tattoo.

18. Geometric Design

Geometric shapes and color look beautiful together.

19. Numerous Geometric Tattoo

Numerous tattoos combine make for a cool look.

20. Large Piece Geometric Tattoo

You can use shapes to make larger pieces for a cool sleeve.

21. Wild Geometric Tattoo

Let your animal tattoo go to the next level with a ton of fun shapes.

22. Burst

Your shapes can turn into amazing designs with beautiful colors.

23. Geometric Blocks

Block shapes can represent anything you need them to.

24. Video Games

Shapes from your favorite video games can make for a great tattoo.

25. Minimal Geometric Tattoo

Some shape tattoos can be minimal and small.

26. Sacred Geometric Tattoo

This dimensional tattoo is amazing.

27. Geometric Compass Tattoo

Let shapes help guide your way.

28. Plant

Your shape tattoo can represent the simplest of things.

29. Different

Shapes are a great way to have a different tattoo.

30. Squares

Simple squares are beautiful tattoos.

31. Crumbling Geometric Tattoo

A fun shape tattoo can present many things.

32. Symbols

Your shape tattoo can include what is closet to you.

33. Geometric Wolf Tattoo

With a geometric wolf tattoo, you can look stylish and cool at the same time.

34. Floral Geometric Tattoo

The tattoo itself represents nature at its most beautiful, both in its delicate beauty and in its ability to sustain life on earth.

35. Blackwork Geometric Tattoo

The cubes, spirals and hexagons are all you need to create a unique geometric tattoo design.

36. Waves in Geometric Design

You can go for sea waves tattoo design to show your love of the sea. Plus, if you get it inside of a triangle, you will shine.

37. Geometric Tattoo for Chefs

Are you into cooking? Or maybe you are a chef. Go and get the tattoo above with geometric shapes to rock.

38. Memorial Geometric Tattoo

A memorial tattoo with constellation and heart beats will take your tattoo to a different level.

39. Artistic Geometric Tattoo

This dimensional tattoo shows an architectural design which is so unique.

40. Skulls with Geometric Designs

Two skulls represent the duality of life and death. Give it a shot with some geometric shapes.

41. Triangle Tattoo

The tattoo above represents the triangle of your mind, body, and soul.

42. Geometric Wave Design

Not all tattoos have to have a specific meaning, so let’s go for a colorful abstract tattoo.

43. Geometric Panther Tattoo

Panthers are often associated with ferocity and fearlessness—a powerful combination!

44. Elegant Geometric Tattoo

Bring different geometric shapes together and create a combo for a perfect tattoo!

45. Geometric Dotwork Tattoo

With some cubes and triangles, it is quite easy to look elegant and classy with your tattoo.

46. Geometric Tree Tattoo

Trees are connected to the earth, so if you have a tree tattoo it could mean something about how you feel toward your roots.

47. Geometric Dog Tattoo

Our pets are our companions, so why not getting a tattoo of your pet? Also, geometric design is quite eye-catching.

48. Geometric Keyboard Tattoo

A keyboard tattoo may be a reminder to keep learning and improving your computer skills.

49. Geometric Cat Tattoo

Are you looking for a perfect way to show off your love of cats and your appreciation for geometry? Go for this tattoo.

50. Geometric Arm Band Tattoo

An arm band that covers up your arm looks quite amazing, isn’t it? If you look at it closely, you can see small but great geometric details.

51. Vivid Geometric Tattoo

If you like big size tattoos, go for a colorful geometric tattoo that is inked on the upper leg to shine.

52. Geometric Bird Tattoo

Do you prioritize freedom over anything? If your answer is yes, give it a shot to a bird tattoo with geometric designs.

53. Mandala Tattoo on Hand

Mandala is created with different type of circular geometric designs. Plus, it symbolizes harmony and balance.

54. Geometric Lion Tattoo

If you get a lion tattoo, it might mean that you want to be respected for who you are and what you stand for.

55. Geometric Astronaut Tattoo

Do you have a passion for space? Go and get an astronaut tattoo then.

56. Golden Gate Bridge Geometric Tattoo

Adding famous landmarks in tattoo designs is quite popular. In a circular geometric shape, place the red Golden Gate Bridge.

57. Geometric Rainbow Tattoo

A rainbow means a celebration of life and all its beautiful colors. Let’s combine it with small geometric shapes.

58. Ornamental Geometric Tattoo

You will gain a lot of attention with this ornamental and dotwork tattoo.

59. Classy Geometric Tattoo

Doesn’t it look like a maze? It is amazing how geometric shapes create such a unique effect!

60. Geometric Goat Skull Tattoo

A goat skull can ward off evil spirits, and can also be used as a talisman. Plus, geometric shapes make it stand out.

61. Geometric Tattoo with Ram Skulls

The person who has a rum skull on his body is a warrior, or that he is in some way connected to warriors.

62. Cute Geometric Tattoo

Here are different colorful geometric shapes that will look amazing on your arm.

Shapes might seem weird to incorporate into your tattoo but they will make unique and beautiful pieces that you will fall in love with.

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