The powerful, stealthy panther makes for an impactful tattoo design. With its muscular build, intense gaze and prowling nature, the panther epitomizes strength, focus and determination. As a tattoo, the panther can symbolize embracing one’s inner power or unleashing one’s wild side. Its black coat also represents mystery and the unknown.

An ideal place for a panther tattoo is on the upper arm, back, chest or shoulder. This allows the tattoo artist to depict the panther’s body in motion, such as crouching or leaping. A medium-sized panther tattoo ranging from 5-8 inches long could cost $200-$500 depending on the level of detail. Smaller, simpler panther silhouettes could cost $100 or less. Larger, full panther scenes with background elements may cost up to $1000 or more.

Now let’s look through 30+ amazing panther tattoo ideas, from realistic portraits to tribal panther heads and symbolic designs featuring the stealthy big cat. Find inspiration for your own unique panther tattoo!

1. Fire Panther

This photo can be a perfect example of a tattoo that you can use to express your inner strength. The fire that erupts from his eyes can represent your strength through life.

2. Hearted Panther

Women, if you want to express your inner feminine strength through a tattoo, you can use this photo as inspiration. The position of this panther can represent you in life struggling with your problems, as well as being ready to counterattack and defend. The pink color and hearts on the body of the panther are beautiful ways to express your strength.

3. Heart Panther

If you want to show independence and know how to stand up for yourself and fight for yourself, this tattoo is the right way to do it. The panther example is the right way to express your independence because the panther is an independent animal that rules over all other animals in the wild. The pink panther with hearts is a beautiful way to express your feminine gentle energy, but also to show your independence.

4. Baby Panther

An example of a baby panther tattoo can represent your desire to change for the better or your rebirth in terms of finding yourself as a stronger person who fights for your dreams, for your existence and a person who goes against all your problems. A baby panther is the ideal way to present yourself as a person about to be reborn and changed.

5. Red-lined Panther–I-ju/

Simplicity is beautiful, isn’t it? If you prefer red tattoos, this is the one for you. Red line-style panther renderings are a nice way to express your simplicity.

6. Black Panther

A simple black panther can also be a beautiful detail on your skin. Despite its simplicity, this tattoo can have a strong message that you can convey to the world. A panther scratching with its claws is a good way to show the world how well you can fight back.

7. Blue-eyed Panther

We have interpreted the meaning of the panther so far, while the color blue is often associated with depth and stability. It often symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom and intelligence. If you are a person who is independent and loyal like a panther, this tattoo can be a wonderful example to follow.

8. Panther With Sword

The sword symbolizes strength, power and a sign for fighting. A mix of panther and sword can make a killer combination for your tattoo to show your will to fight and your strength to dominate in today’s world.

9. Lightning Panther

A panther with lightning eyes is a good sign for you to get a tattoo like this, as this is a great way to bring out your inner masculine strength while adding to your masculine look. Black Panther is always a good option. 😉

10. Stabbed Panther

A lot of people practice tattoos with stabbed animals. Some say it’s because it’s a little harder to draw, while some just like the challenge and like a little heavier and more flashy tattoos and colors. This is another creative way to bring out your inner artist and put your imagination on your skin.

11. Panther With Tail Up

Cats with their tails up are said to symbolize good luck and their happiness but can we say the same about a black panther? To me, this panther symbolizes someone who feels danger is near and someone ready to fight. If you find yourself in this type of panther, this tattoo is a great example to follow.

12. Panther With Flowers

A panther symbolizes danger, while flowers can symbolize tenderness and fragility. Maybe those two things don’t go together sonically, but why not combine them and turn them into one beautiful tattoo?

13. Black Panther

If you’re looking for simplicity again, here’s a black panther head for inspiration. From the eyes, you can see some coldness and threatening danger. If you want to express your masculinity through a tattoo, this simple panther can serve as a great background for it.

14.  Panther With Wings

The panther with wings is better known as Bastets. Bastets are panthers that have wings like bats and often represent the phenomenon of monsters that can be found in the place between the world of the dead and the world of the living. This example can serve mystical people.

15. Colorful Panther

This colorful panther can be an ideal example of a tattoo for people who like to mix more colors and for people who do not like simplicity, but colorfulness. A colorful panther is no less dangerous than a black panther, although it cannot be found in the real world.

16. Smiley Panther

If you want to get a black panther tattoo with some detail, this example is great for you. A panther with fluorescent color details is a good way to catch people’s eyes. This is an interesting sample that you can use. A rainbow can represent God’s promise to the people that he will always be there, while smileys can represent your happiness and instant fulfilment.

17. A Beheaded Panther

A headless panther is a departure from boring panther tattoo patterns. Try something like this and you will see a huge change and be happy with your choice.

18. Soul Reaper

A Soul Reaper – a panther can be an old version of you that has changed its life and kicked out many people who didn’t belong in your life. It can mark the end of toxic relationships.

19. Two Panthers

Two panthers – you and your partner. It may mark the beginning of a love affair with your loved one.

20. Trio

This perfect trio of panthers gives the perfect illusion because it looks like there are more of them. Your friends will be delighted with your choice.

21. Another Soul Reaper

Imagine that this skeleton is your old self that you buried and said goodbye to. This tattoo is a reminder of how far you’ve come in life.

22. 3D Panther

If you prefer realistic tattoos that will leave a much stronger impression on people than a simple tattoo, get a 3D tattoo of a snarling panther with visible teeth. It represents a looming danger from the dark.

23. Cartoon Panther

A gentler version of the panther is the pink panther, which is aimed mainly at women. It blends well with other animal tattoos.

24. Strawberry Panther

The shape of your favorite fruit as a panther tattoo, isn’t it a good idea? It doesn’t have to be a strawberry, it can be any other fruit, but a strawberry is always a good example.

25. Pink Panther

Pink Panther – the good old cartoon of our childhood. A good reminder of the old days when everything was carefree and different. There doesn’t necessarily have to be a hidden meaning behind this tattoo, it could simply represent your favorite cartoon when you were little.

26. Cat With Panther

A kitten looking at its reflection in the mirror. You – you are looking at your reflection from the future. You – who will grow from a scared little kitten into a powerful panther who conquers the world. This tattoo can motivate you every day.

27. Panther Snake

The snake has a very complex symbolism considering that it is one of the world’s oldest and most widespread mythological symbols. The snake is evil, while the panther is strong. This panther devours a snake, which can be your victory over evil.

28. Red Panther

A panther between a pair of hearts is a part of your personality that fights against the frequent stereotypes of love. It could be the side of you that has a hard time loving and is struggling with a broken heart.

29. Ice-cream Panther

Sweeten up your panther tattoo. 😉

30. Colorful Panther

The image of the crawling panther has been reimagined countless times over the years, but its original meaning remains strength, power and defiance. Decorate it with rainbow details, and the panther flag can be your life’s race that you win every day.

31. Panther In Love

Panther trapped in the heart – you are in love. You may be afraid of being hurt or betrayed, but let love carry you.

With its commanding presence and symbolic meaning, the panther makes for a powerful and personal tattoo. Hopefully this collection of panther tattoo ideas has provided some inspiration for your own perfect design.

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