Are you someone who likes to travel? Have you ever thought about a lighthouse tattoo, its deeper meaning, and its symbolism? In some cases, this symbol can help you express like a travel lover, or truth seeker. One way for people to express their colorful and vibrant personalities is through a lighthouse tattoo. Keep on reading as we list different cute and cool concepts down below.

1. What Does A Lighthouse Tattoo Symbolize?

Lighthouse tattoos can show your path and guide in the right direction. Some lighthouse tattoos also show your protection and safety. The brighter the lighthouse, the brighter your path, and your future, as well as your adventurous spirit.

2. Who Can Go For This Tattoo?

Men and women can get this tattoo. There are no specific or strict rules when it comes to wearing lighthouse prints. As long as if you’re someone who enjoys to “shine bright” and you want your personality to come through, just know that you can show it all with this design.

3. How Pricey Is This Design?

Prices will vary depending on the colors and size that you choose. Simpler, smaller & black & white tattoos will go for around $100. Expect to pay around $300 for something bigger and more colorful.

1. Black Ink Lighthouse Tattoo

This small black lighthouse tattoo in a circle shape will suit true perfectionists. It is cute and geometrical, perfect for men and women.

2. Sea Inspired Lighthouse Tattoo

Giant thigh tattoo that has a lot of character! Wear this design if you prefer outrageous & modern tattoos.

3. Artsy Lighthouse Tattoo

This realistic lighthouse tattoo will show your will to create new fun things while staying focused on your goals.

4. Lighthouse Tattoo On Forearm

Lighthouse tattoo in black ink will take you around 3-4 hours to achieve. Add a yellow pop to the lighthouse to show off your positive persona.

5. Bright Red Lighthouse Tattoos

Red is not a common go-to. If you wish to stand out and look quirky you’re going to enjoy this powerful print.

6. Storm Lighthouse Tattoo

Show off your inner emotions with this storm & lighthouse duo. Show that you’re not afraid of new challenges and that you can withstand everything.

7. Lighthouse Tattoo Shoulder Print

Shoulder tattoos such as this one will look the best on guys who work out. Show your creativity and your favorite colors through this design.

8. Lighthouse Tattoo Blue Ink

Add a pop of blue since this color represents fresh starts and new fun waves that are ahead!

9. Minimalistic & Small Lighthouse Tattoo

You can be pretty blunt and straightforward with your tattoo and go with this cool black ink concept.

10. Sleeve Lighthouse Tattoo

Some people enjoy sleeve tattoos a bit more than some simpler or smaller options. If you like bigger extravagant designs, go with this idea!

11. Small Palm Lighthouse Tattoo

Palm tattoos are not for everyone. Do you fancy something small yet flashy? Make sure that your job allows you to wear such visible designs before you give it a go with this idea.

12. Cute Artsy Lighthouse Tattoo For Women

Some women like to wear cute and artsy tattoos. Go with this circle-shaped lighthouse outcome and make your design even more cohesive and elegant.

13. Cool Map Tattoo

If you truly love to travel and you are an explorer yourself you’re going to like this map tattoo.

14. Horror Movie Inspired Lighthouse Tattoo

Have you watched a lot of horror movies? If you are someone who likes to show off and you enjoy quirky tattoos give it a go with this scary duo.

15. Giant Stomach Lighthouse Tattoo Design

Stomach tattoos can be quite painful. Heads up before you commit to this giant lighthouse tattoo.

16. Lighthouse Tattoo On Shoulders

This shoulder tattoo will make you look like a power-driven and energetic individual. Men who like bigger tattoos will naturally gravitate toward this design.

17. Colorful & Retro Lighthouse Tattoo

Show that you’re creative and that you love nature with this print.

18. Red & Black Color Combo Lighthouse Tattoo

You can add an important quote next to your lighthouse tattoo. It will make it look more personal.

19. Big Shoulder Tattoo Lighthouse Design

Vibrant & giant shoulder tattoos are for those who don’t mind the looks. Is that you?

20. Blue Leg Lighthouse Tattoo

If blue is your favorite color why not pair it along with this lighthouse?

21. Lighthouse Tattoo With Important Dates

You can make your tattoo showy and personal by choosing some important and special dates to go along with it.

22. Minimalism Lighthouse Tattoo

If you are a minimalist and an artsy soul we recommend choosing this tattoo.

23. Sleeve Shoulder Lighthouse Tattoo

Bright purple and blue will seek attention and looks. Make sure that you have 6-9 hours to spare when it comes to this lighthouse.

24. Black Minimalism Ink Lighthouse Tattoo

Get the tattooing process done quickly with this tattoo!

25. Watersplash Lighthouse Tattoo

Show off your colorful and cheerful side with this lighthouse tattoo.

26. Lighthouse Tattoo Design With Birds

Men or women who enjoy realism and simpler tattoos will like this print.

27. Lighthouse Tattoo With Flowers

Make your lighthouse tattoo more feminine & artsy by adding these vibrant elements to it.

28. Leg & Calf Lighthouse Tattoo

Calf tattoos are so gorgeous. This bright tattoo is for those who like flashy & unique cool concepts.

29. Mysterious Lighthouse Tattoo

Let the world see you as a mystery through this red & blue color combo.

30. Piece Of Art Arm Lighthouse Tattoo

Romantic and so magical! This vibrant tattoo looks so realistic, perfect for perfectionists.

31. Bright Lighthouse Tattoo Design

Show your cheerful side and your love for small details. This lighthouse tattoo is for playful & younger generations.

32. Black & Yellow Lighthouse Tattoo

If you want to look mystical and emotional, give it a go with this lighthouse print.

33. Leg Lighthouse Tattoo Ink

Leg tattoos are a masterpiece! This one with a pop of blue will suit men a lot more.

34. Bright Orange Lighthouse Tattoo

Go for this bright & loud lighthouse tattoo if you like vibrant colors.

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Which lighthouse print was your favorite out of the bunch? Are you someone who likes small or large prints? Let us know what you fancy when it comes to these cool lighthouse ideas, we can’t wait to see you rocking something fun from our list.

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