Back tattoos are the new hot trend for those who love tattoos and want to make a bold statement. Think of your back as a broad canvas, perfect for all kinds of intricate, detailed tattoos that really catch the eye. And the best part? If you need to, you can easily hide them with your clothes.

Back tattoos can tell a story, show off cool images like dragons or warriors, or represent things like strength, bravery, change, and growth. If you’re thinking of getting a full back piece, remember that it will take several sessions to finish and could cost a bit, depending on how big it is, how detailed, and how much color you want. Even smaller back tattoos can take a bit of time and add to your bill.

When it comes to where to put your tattoo, the middle of the back is a popular spot for big, symmetrical designs. If you’re thinking of a smaller tattoo, between the shoulder blades and along the shoulders are great choices. Your tattoo artist can help you figure out the best size and location, and how much it’s likely to cost.

Keep reading for some awesome back tattoo ideas to get your imagination going. From tough-looking dragons to bright, beautiful flowers, from manly to dainty, and everything in between, there’s no limit to what you can do with a back tattoo.

1. Big Back Tattoo

This big and bold back tattoo is for guys who love precise elements and detailed artwork. If you are a fan of gorgeous tattoos and you want to stand out with your chosen print – we recommend giving this a go. It will take you 4-6 hours to complete this beautiful story.

2. Minimalism Back Tattoo

Small and minimalistic tattoo such as this one is for those who dislike the tattooing process. In fact, you can show that you’re a free-spirited person and someone who enjoys nature and the beauty of life with this cool concept.

3. Nature Back Tattoo

Nature lovers and people who enjoy detailed artwork will fall in love with this piece. It shows your love for connecting with deeper symbols and meanings in life, as well as your calm approach and state of mind.

4. Artsy Back Tattoo For Guys

Artsy and creative, this back tattoo symbolizes a warrior or a samurai that is within you. Show that you’re committed and ready to fight for anything that may come your way and in your life. The end result is fierce and trendy, a must-do by those who love big tattoos.

5. Devil Back Tattoo

Are you afraid of the devil, or bad energy? How about ghosts or spirits? If you want to conquer your demons and you’re a fan of big and creative back artwork – give this a go. The end result is going to look amazing on guys with masculine backs.

6. Yin & Yang Back Tattoo

Yin and Yang symbolize your inner character and the battles that you’ve been fighting on your own and in your life. We all tend to have bad moments and tough experiences, right? If you have come out as a true warrior and you believe in the beauty of equality in life – this is for you!

7. Angel Back Tattoo

An angel tattoo symbolizes your new life path and the journey that you’re willing to take. A gorgeous symmetrical tattoo with these defined details will show that you’re ready for positive and impactful moves in your life.

8. Giant Back Tattoo For Men

This giant piece will take quite some time to do and achieve. If you trust your tattoo artist and you believe in the process – this is for you! Show that you value other religions and that you’re open to understanding other paths in life.

9. Religious Back Tattoo

If you have a certain religion in mind you can go for it across your entire back. Hindu people are going to appreciate this design the most. It is very scary, big, and bold – often worn by those who enjoy dominant artwork and scary-looking prints.

10. Fish Back Tattoo

Fish is a symbol of new life paths and the circle and beauty of life. It also stands for your love for wildlife and all water creatures. If you’re a fan of black ink and you have a couple of hours to spare, why not spare it by getting this design?

11. Eagle Back Tattoo

An eagle tattoo is often worn by Americans and guys who love their country. If you’re a patriot and you love everything about your background, why not place it on your back?! This black ink tattoo will look great in smaller or bigger forms. Spread your wings out and show just how ambitious you are!

12. Small Bird Back Tattoo

If you’re someone who loves to travel and you enjoy your journey and your life path – show it with this tattoo. It is going to look good and it will say quite a lot even in this smaller form. It is not too painful to go for either, so why not commit to it?

13. Big & Colorful Back Tattoo

Big, dramatic, wild, and colorful – this back tattoo has it all! It is a gorgeous piece that requires determination, skill, and knowledge. It will take you a couple of hours to get this design. Make sure that you can commit to it before you give it a go.

14. Red Phoenix Back Tattoo For Guys

Red Phoenix is a sign of renewal and new life. If you’re intrigued by what’s next to happen and you’re ready for something new that will bring you luck and positivity, consider this tattoo! The end result is very mysterious and perfect for guys who love red bright art.

15. Back Tattoo Colorful Idea

A big back tattoo like this one is a masterpiece. It is a gorgeous print and a unique design that can take you10+ hours to complete. If you are not afraid of color and you fancy big and colorful art, this is for you! Heads up since this warrior lady is a pricey tattoo to go for.

16. Colorful Dragon Back Tattoo

A colorful dragon tattoo can stand for your dominance and your ability to overcome anything in your life. If you’re ready for the journey of your life and you trust the process + you want something that is vibrant – this is definitely for you.

17. Black Ink Back Tattoo

Show that you have a unique story to tell with this tattoo. Guys who enjoy big black tattoo ideas will also fancy this print. If you have had a tough childhood or a messy history, you can always fix your life and go up! If you believe that a higher power can determine your future, give it a go with this tattoo.

18. Cool Skull Back Tattoo

This cool skull tattoo has a deeper meaning, allowing you to interpret it however you like. If you have someone special in mind and if the situation hasn’t worked between the two of you – this is going to suit you. Skulls can be a sign of something lost or something dead, but it is up to you to define this print however you want.

19. Wing Back Tattoo

A big black wing across your back is for guys who are trying to overcome a fear of some sort. You can show that you’re ready to spread your wings and try out something new. Although it may look scary, your life path is worth exploring and investing in. Are you ready for something new and deep across your back?

20. Small Bird Back Tattoo For Men

Small bird tattoo such as this one symbolizes your new opportunities and the life that is happening around you. Show that you’re ready to spread your wings and find a new path that suits you with this tattoo. The end result is perfect for those who like smaller tattoo ink.

21. Zeus Back Tattoo

Do you love Greek mythology? If you’re a fan of big and bold tattoos and you want to show your dominance with your new tattoo, this is for you. It is a sign of power and new masculine energy. If you love historical tattoos, this is truly for you.

22. Demonic Back Tattoo

A big and showy tattoo like this one shows an angel or a demon, depending on how you look at it. It is a big and bold piece that stands for your true self and how you perceive things around you. If you’re fearless and ready to commit – give this a try and watch how everyone asks you about this cool concept.

23. Cool Skull Back Tattoo

You might feel like a prisoner in your own thoughts, right? If you’re a fan of big and scary tattoos and you want to get a design that symbolizes your past and your future – this duo shows it all. If you like precise art and tattoos that can make you think twice, this is for you.

24. Two Snakes Back Tattoo

These two snakes intertwining together stand for your lost presence. If you want a tattoo that can symbolize your bold character your current life path and how it’s going (or how lost you may feel), this print is for you. Shades red and black are the most common colors that one can go for, so why not explore them furthermore?

25. Big Lion Back Tattoo

Lion tattoos are tattoos that are a sign of power and strength. You can show that you’re ready to overcome any challenge that may be thrown your way. If you want a design that is dominant and that is very masculine, a lion will cut it!

26. Angelic Back Tattoo

Lastly, if you think that you have a guardian angel and you want to let the world know it – get this tattoo. It is big and gorgeous and shows just how close you are to your loved one who has passed away.

27. Full Back Tattoos For Men

Back tattoos for men are a popular choice for self-expression and art. These large and intricate designs often hold personal significance and symbolize strength, making a powerful statement, no matter who is rocking it.

28. Black Ink Tattoo For Men On Back

Tree and dragon tattoos are a unique fusion of nature and mythology. The combination of a majestic tree with a fierce dragon can symbolize the harmonious balance of opposing forces, such as strength and tranquility, in one’s life. These tattoos often hold deep spiritual or cultural meanings and make for captivating body art that exudes both power and natural beauty.

29. Subtle And Small Back Tattoo For Guys

Back tattoos for guys are like visual stories etched into their skin, revealing tales of strength, identity, and artistry with every intricate design. Do you like this design and its golden hue?

30. Giant Black Ink Back Tattoos For Guys

Detailed back tattoos are a stunning art form, displaying intricate designs that cover the entire back and serve as both a testament to the tattoo artist’s skill and a canvas for personal stories and intricate imagery. What is your back tattoo telling and revealing about you?

31. Red Ink Back Tattoo

Red back tattoos command attention with their vibrant hues, adding a fiery and bold dimension to body art. How bold, dominant, or fiery are you?

32. Big And Colorful Back Tattoo For Guys

A USA-inspired back tattoo is a patriotic symbol, often featuring the American flag or iconic imagery such as the Navy symbols, serving as a bold and permanent declaration of love for the United States.

33. Mystical Black Tattoo For Men

Greek mythology tattoos transform your skin into an ancient epic, where gods, heroes, and monsters come to life with each stroke of ink. This tattoo will define and show off your masculine side.

34. Cool Tattoo With A Story For Men

Did you know that back tattoos are one of the oldest forms of body art, with evidence of tattoos on mummies dating back over 2,000 years? They’ve been a timeless choice for self-expression throughout human history. Would you be interested in giving them a go?

35. Zodiac Inspired Back Tattoo For Guys

Capricorn tattoos frequently feature the sea-goat symbol, a blend of a goat and fish, representing the adaptability and determination of Capricorn individuals. This one has a bit of that demonic feel to it, often worn only by men who want to stand out.

36. Bird Back Tattoo Idea For Men

Stork tattoos often symbolize birth, new beginnings, and the nurturing qualities of parenthood. If you enjoy bigger designs and you have a story to tell about your beginnings, this is perfect for you.

Get Inked!
Which tattoo was your favorite? Are you a fan of big and flashy or small and simple ink? Either way it may be, we know that everyone is going to enjoy this article and our suggested options. What are you going to get? Let us know!

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