Maori tattoos, also known as “ta moko,” are a traditional form of body art in New Zealand that hold deep cultural significance. These tattoos often incorporate bold, intricate designs that symbolize the wearer’s personal history and heritage. The process of receiving a maori tattoo, known as “tohunga-tā-moko,” involves deep spiritual and cultural traditions that have been passed down through generations.

The symbolism and meaning behind maori tattoos are deeply rooted in the culture and history of the Maori people. For example, traditional maori tattoos often feature spirals and curved shapes, which represent the journey of life and the continual growth and evolution of the individual. The placement of the tattoos on the body is also significant, with certain areas reserved for high-ranking individuals or those who have accomplished great deeds. By wearing a maori tattoo, the wearer is not only showcasing their personal history and identity, but also paying homage to their cultural heritage.

In this article, we’ve compiled 20 stunning maori tattoo ideas to inspire and honor this rich cultural tradition.

1. Maori Tattoo Around The Arm

This small forearm tattoo is for those who enjoy quick and easy tattoo ideas. If you fancy cool and detailed art and you enjoy black ink, show this off knowing that it is a unisex solution.

2. Sleeve Maori Tattoo

Women warriors will enjoy this sleeve Māori tattoo design. If you work out and you enjoy big and fierce ideas, as well as dramatic sleeves, this is for you. Heads up since tattoos such as this one can get pretty pricey to do.

3. Black Ink Maori Tattoo

A black calf tattoo such as this one will look amazing in its smaller font. If you can handle the pain and you have bigger calves, this tattoo is for you.

4. Maori Tattoo On Chest

Show your love and connection to nature with this big and bold design. If you enjoy masculine and larger tattoos and you have a big chest, this is for you. The final result is very dominant and tribal, perfect for true warriors.

5. Small & Simple Maori Tattoo

The right connection to nature can be shown with this tattoo. Show your respect for ancestry as well with this simpler and smaller black ink print.

6. Black Line Maori Tattoo

Not a lot of tattoo artists would dare to do this tattoo, which is why it is important to find the best one you know of. This gorgeous black ink tattoo will take you 3 hours to do, and it is a masterpiece worth exploring.

7. Maori Tattoo For Guys

Māori symbols such as this one will look great on most guys. A forearm tattoo and black detailed lines will show that you’re committed and very proud of your heritage.

8. Maori Tattoo On Neck

A neck tattoo such as this one will look mesmerizing on most guys who enjoy showy pieces. If you want something that others will ask about and you enjoy big and dominant art behind your ear, this is the right tattoo for you.

9. Half-Sleeve Maori Tattoo

Half sleeves will always stay in fashion. If you’re someone who enjoys detailed art and you love big tattoos that go all over your arm or arms, why not experiment with this beauty?

10. Red Maori Tattoo

A pop of red to your Māori tattoo will show that you’re dominant and ready to show blood! If you’re a person who has a big heart, this tattoo will show it and you’re going to enjoy its deeper meaning.

11. Black Maori Tattoo On Back

Half split back tattoo such as this one is a creative piece to explore. If you want to place something on one half of your back, this is the right piece! Make sure that you have 3-6 hours to spare just so that you properly commit to the design.

12. Cool Sleeve Maori Tattoo

Sleeve tattoos can take some time to do. Make sure that you’re ready for that type of commitment before you give it a go with this giant and glorious design.

13. Maori Tattoo On Shoulder

A shoulder tattoo such as this one will take you 2-3 hours to do (at least). It symbolizes a true warrior who is not afraid of showing his or her true colors and is perfect for those who know their true worth.

14. Maori Tattoo Black Idea

If you’re all about cool and cute ideas, as well as simplicity, this will suit you. Show off this tattoo knowing that it is a practical and elegant piece to go for, no matter your age or gender.

15. Big Leg Maori Tattoo

A big and gorgeous leg tattoo such as this one will take you some time to get. The final result shows a person who is willing to embrace change.

16. Cool Calf Maori Tattoo

Calf tattoos can be a bit tricky to do and go for. If you have nice calves and you want to show off your new design, this is how you can do it! Everyone will have a question or two about it, trust us.

17. Tribal Maori Tattoo

A tribal Māori tattoo such as this one is a sign of full and dominant power, as well as a fierce and vibrant personality. Does this sound like you?

18. Turtle Maori Tattoo

Turtles are seen as gentle and peaceful animals. If you’re a warrior who is peaceful and inspired by your own energy and inner bright light, this is for you.

19. Masculine Maori Tattoo

If you love to show off your masculine side, this tattoo is for you! Show that you’re dominant and ready to commit to the full design itself, as well as your energetic and driven side.

20. Small Calf Maori Tattoo

A tattoo such as this one is a piece of cake to do. If you want something smaller which is perfectly hidden and you’re a fan of designs that can have all sorts of meanings and interpretations, this is for you! The end result will suit both genders.

21. Thigh Maori Tattoo For Women

A thigh tattoo such as this one just goes to show you that even women can rock big and bold ideas. Show that you’re a powerful little lady who is proud of her heritage with this design.
Warrior Tattoo Time
And there you have it, folks! Here are some gorgeous and cool options for you to explore and try out. Which one is your favorite, and what do you want to rock in the future? Let us know, we can’t wait to see something new on you that represents your blood and your heritage.

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