Waves are always a reminder of the fun and new beginnings. Waves are also a popular tattoo concept for those who like to travel, as well as those who love nature, especially the summertime and beaches. If you’re looking for a design that is fun, colorful, and can calm your soul just by being looked at, this is what will interest you! Keep on reading and find your next wave symbol down below.

What Does A Wave Tattoo Symbolize?
A wave tattoo is often a symbol of our life and how it is always in constant motion. It is always moving at a certain pace and is headed in the right direction. You are an unstoppable force that can withstand everything, just remember that by taking a look at your tattoo. The color blue symbolizes peace and new beginnings, along with serenity. In the end, the combination of the color and your chosen image will have its own unique representation.

1. Black Small Wave Tattoo


Mini black waves such as this one will show your simpler and calm approach toward life. If you’re not worried about what’s about to come, show it with this cute design.

2. Cool Forearm Wave Tattoo


A wave on your forearm will symbolize gratitude and constant trials and errors. If you’re not worried about your journey and you know what you want in life, this wave will show it.

3. Blue Wave Tattoo


This shoulder tattoo is sweet and small. Guys and girls can go for it. Show your true intentions with this shade of blue to others around you.

4. Artsy Colorful Wave Tattoo


If you’re an artsy soul chances are that you’re going to enjoy and love this splash of color on your arm. It is such a unique wave pattern, don’t you agree?

5. Wave Tattoo For Women


This type of tattoo of a wave and sun symbol stands for renewal and new change that is coming your way.

6. Small Black Wave Tattoo


Those who dislike the tattooing process will want this tattoo. It is quick and easy to do and go for + it isn’t a time-consuming or pricey print to try out.

7. Colorful Big Wave Tattoo


Show that you’re a big and bold person, as well as someone who wants to set dominance wherever you go. You’ll enjoy this pop of blue on your forearm the most, great for both men and women.

8. Bright Blue Wave Tattoo


This blue wave tattoo with a whale symbol is commonly a must-do by those who like Mother Nature and true positivity. If you’re a cheerful person who wants to feel the true love and feelings that this planet has to offer, this will suit you.

9. Bicep Wave Tattoo


Men who work out will enjoy this design the most. Place this tattoo on your bicep and let the world see your optimistic approach toward life and all beauties surrounding it.

10. Finger Wave Tattoo


This small finger tattoo is for women who like minimalism and cute art. If you’re into stylish details and you want to appear like a creative soul, this will suit you.

11. Black Rib Wave Tattoo


This type of rib tattoo is for women who like cute and sexy ideas. If you can handle rib pain and you fancy stunning and showy tattoos, this beauty is the one for you.

12. Cool Wave Tattoo Idea


Guys who are obsessed with shapes and precision will enjoy this geometrical wave pattern. Show it off and consider placing it on your arm or your bicep.

13. Cool Wave Tattoo For Guys


Blue wave with a pop of white will truly look realistic. If you want a cool tattoo and something that is not too hard to do + is very affordable, this beauty will suit you.

14. Cool Wave Tattoo Print


Go for a wave symbol and place it in this little square window. Make sure that you pay close attention to its edges and color combo being used since this design can be tricky to do and achieve.

15. Surfer Wave Tattoo


If you’re someone who enjoys surfing and you’re a sporty person yourself this tattoo will suit you. Let the world see your true adventures side and let everyone see that you’re a fan of beaches and chilling.

16. Bright Blue Wave Tattoo


Try out this wave pattern tattoo and add the word love right in it. If you love outdoor and beach activities and you’re someone who likes to enjoy your summer moments, this chest creation will suit you.

17. Behind Ear Wave Tattoo


Place a tattoo behind your ear if you dare! Most people think of this spot as a painful one, so heads up since you’ve been warned. The design will show someone who likes staying quiet, peaceful, and relaxed.

18. Cool Colorful Wave Tattoo


If you like ankle tattoos and designs that are somewhat hidden and mysterious, this will suit you. Not everyone has to know where their heart stands when it comes to Mother Nature, the sea, or even a bright blue color!

19. Artsy Black Wave Tattoo


This type of black and white tattoo is very cool and mysterious looking. For those who like experimenting with their chosen prints and like trying out something new and personal to them – this is it.

20. Big Blue Wave Tattoo


Japanese-inspired bright blue wave such as this one is used to symbolize your inner renewal and peace that you are embracing. People who like big and colorful tattoos will also enjoy this creation.

21. Small Minimalism Wave Tattoo Idea


Try out this small black-and-white wave pattern if you’re someone who likes smaller ideas. This tattoo will represent your calm and cool, as well as collected personality. It is not too pricey to go for either.

22. Wrist Wave Tattoo Ink


A wrist tattoo such as this one is for those who want to show their design to everyone around them. If you fancy cute ideas and you’re willing to share your story, try this out!

23. Square Wave Tattoo


Make sure that you’re open to trying out something new. Those who like black and white tattoos, as well as both genders can try this one out. It is a gorgeous and time-consuming tattoo after all.

24. Arm Wave Tattoo Design


This arm tattoo has some tribal elements to it. If you’re someone who enjoys creativity and black and white ink that can tell amusing stories (yet personal stories) book this wave pattern.

25. Heart Wave Tattoo


If your heart belongs with waves and is deeply connected to Mother Nature and the sea, this will look gorgeous on you. Give it a go if you’re someone who likes feminine art.

26. Whale Wave Tattoo


Whales are used to symbolize our love for nature and peace. Try out this duo if you’re someone who likes being very straight to point with your chosen tattoo and the story you want it to tell.

27. Oval Wave Tattoo


The oval blue wave on your calf can look creative and artsy. If you’re someone who works out and you love showing off your legs quite often, this will suit you and will look so good on you.

28. Small Blue Wave Tattoo Design


For those who dislike needles, this blue wave is the right tattoo! It will take you less than an hour to get it on your arm or forearm.

29. Colorful Wild Wave Tattoo


Bright and colorful, most guys who enjoy pops of color will like this design. Decorate it with a bright sun detail which will symbolize new renewals and opportunities, great for those who like nature itself.

30. Super Small Wave Tattoo


Lastly, just try out this small blue wave if you’re a minimalist yourself. It is super affordable to go for as well, ideal for those who enjoy cute and artsy tattoos.

Water Ahead!
Which wave do you like the most, and which tattoo you can’t wait to “catch” and try out?! All of these options will look lovely on both genders. So, what do you plan on doing soon?

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