Thigh tattoos are a popular choice for women who want a sexy and eye-catching tattoo. The thigh offers a large canvas that allows for intricate and detailed designs. It’s also an area that can be easily shown off or covered up, depending on your mood or occasion.

When considering a thigh tattoo, placement is an important factor. Tattoos on the outer thigh are more visible and make a bolder statement. Inner thigh tattoos are more discreet but can still peek out at times for a tantalizing tease. Front thigh pieces draw the eye and highlight your best assets. Back thigh tattoos are hidden most of the time but a great option if you want something just for you. No matter the placement, thigh tattoos are versatile, feminine and fun.

Prices can vary widely based on the tattoo shop, artist skill level, design size and use of color. Expect to pay at least $200 for a smaller, simple tattoo up to $1000 or more for a large, custom thigh piece with color. It’s worth investing more for clean lines, quality work and an artist you trust.

Now let’s take a look at 30 beautiful thigh tattoo ideas for women…

Black Thigh Tattoos

1. Side Thigh Tattoo

Go for a cheetah print since it will describe your fast, eager and determined personality. Decorate it with flower prints to make it more intriguing.

2. Floral Thigh Tattoo

Orchid flowers are a common tattoo print for women who like feminine and sensual tattoos. This one will take you 3-5 hours to complete and do seamlessly.

3. Badass Female Thigh Tattoos

If you’re an abstract person this tattoo will suit you. It shows a person who is a dreamer and someone who loves and lives for nature and its elements.

4. Octopus Thigh Tattoo

How about this scary octopus tattoo? It will look the best once done in a larger font and print. Go for these black detailed elements to emphasize its beauty and glory.

5. Small Thigh Tattoo Idea

This line artwork looks so gorgeous! It even resembles a little bit to a snake, don’t you think so? This tattoo will take you less than two hours to get.

6. Black Rose Thigh Tattoo

Roses are used for describing your pure feminine soul and honest intentions. You can also dedicate a rose tattoo to someone special in your life and show how much you value their presence.

7. Flower Thigh Tattoos For Ladies

This geometrical tattoo and print of a rose along with some mandala or geometrical shapes will look so cute! Women who are in their twenties usually go for this type of tattoo.

8. Elephant Thigh Tattoo

Elephants are common tattoos that are often done by women. They represent your pure soul and will to achieve pure joy in your own way.

9. Feminine Flower Thigh Tattoo Idea

This rose tattoo done in black and white ink will take 3-5 hours to do. Make sure that you pick out the best tattoo artist to fully capture this beauty.

10. Mandala Flower Thigh Tattoo Design

Go for this tattoo and write underneath a meaningful or important saying. Remind yourself that “peace will come”, and stay positive no matter what comes your way.

11. Cute Butterfly Thigh Tattoo For Women

Butterfly tattoos are often done by women who like elegant and playful prints. A butterfly will symbolize your calm personality and your will to explore everything that comes your way.

12. Giant Flowers On The Side

These flowers will suit women so well and they are a common tattoo done on thighs. It is a print that will take you 5 hours to achieve.

13. Artwork Thigh Tattoo For Women

Go for a ton of mandala prints if you’re naturally interested in exploring new ways in life. Mandalas and flowers symbolize a person who is always giving his or her all, as well as someone who is a perfectionist.

14. Black Ink Thigh Tattoo

Go for just one giant rose tattoo in the middle. It will suit calm girls the best + it will show that you’re always up for fun!

15. Scary Skull Thigh Tattoo Design

This tattoo is a bit creepy, but that is what makes it so wonderful! Show off its dramatic side and know that you will be one of the rare people having something similar.

16. Big Lion Thigh Tattoo For Women

A lot of women like to think that they are literal queens. Show that you’re very dominant and bold with this giant lion tattoo over your thigh.

17. Minimalistic Flower Thigh Tattoos

This small black and white flower tattoo will show that you’re always leaning toward a simplistic lifestyle and pure joy.

18. Front Thigh Tattoos For Women Big Black Flower Design

Thigh tattoos for women are gaining popularity as a trendy and artistic choice for body art. Want to give them a go?

19. Badass Female Thigh Tattoos

The thigh provides a relatively large and flat canvas for tattoo artists, allowing for intricate and detailed designs.

20. Side Thigh Tattoo Idea

Many women choose thigh tattoos as a way to express their personal style and individuality. Would you like to do the same?

21. Thigh Tattoo On Both Thighs For Women

Thigh tattoos are versatile and can be easily concealed or displayed, depending on your preference. Do you like these cool ideas?

22. Bird Tattoo Thigh Placement

The inner thigh is a popular spot for tattoos, but the outer thigh offers more visibility and can be a great choice for those who want to show off their ink.

23. Faded Thigh Tattoo

Tattoo placement on the thigh can vary from the hip to just above the knee, allowing for a range of design options. Heads up as they start to fade.

24. Floral Thigh Tattoo Sexy Design

Some women opt for floral designs on their thighs, featuring delicate and colorful flowers that symbolize beauty and growth.

25. Mandala Thigh Tattoo Creation

Mandalas and geometric patterns are also trendy thigh tattoo choices, often symbolizing balance and harmony.

Colorful Thigh Tattoos

1. Bright Mystical Creature Thigh Tattoo

This flying zebra tattoo is so abstract! It also has a cheetah print that will show that you know how to stay dominant and persistent in every way.

2. Thigh Tattoo Fox Idea

Not a lot of women enjoy fox tattoos, but this one is so unique and pretty different. Go for watercolor art and you will enjoy this outcome on your thighs.

3. Watercolor Wave Thigh Tattoo

How about this bright and colorful wave tattoo? It is a gorgeous splash of color that will show your willingness to change through time and have fun in your own quirky way.

4. Illusion Thigh Tattoo Idea

Black and blue can look so good when paired together! This tattoo is a masterpiece that will look lovely on women who work out and love to show off their thighs.

5. Big Blue Butterfly Thigh Print

Go for this bright blue butterfly and add a meaningful date somewhere next to it. That way, you will show your love and loyalty to one specific person.

6. Mice Thigh Tattoo

A lot of women are scared of mice. However, this might be your perfect time to show that you can overcome your fears and create a unique tattoo! Go for a ton of color to round up the image in your own way.

7. Colorful Bright Thigh Tattoo

This giant thigh tattoo is for women who like a lot of colors. The end result will also show your party personality and free wild spirit!

8. Magical Thigh Tattoo For Ladies

This tattoo is a masterpiece! Giant colorful thigh tattoos for women can look this good and magnificent. Show that you’re driven by energy and colorful vivid moments.

9. Red Rose Thigh Tattoo

A ton of colorful roses will show that you’re deeply connected to your nature and your loved ones. If you’re in the mood for something very girly and colorful this will suit you.

10. Bonsai Japanese Cherry Print

How about this giant bonsai Japanese cherry tree duo? This tattoo shows your will to grow and your love for colorful details.

11. Colorful Flower Print On Thighs

The more the merrier rule does apply when it comes to thigh tattoos. This one will suit every girl who likes bouquets and sees the beauty in colorful flowers.

12. Big Side Thigh Tattoo

A masterpiece such as this one is tricky to do, so book the best tattoo artist that you know of!

13. Green & Yellow Thigh Tattoo

These two floral patterns can show your personality and your closeness to your sibling. It is also an amazing matching tattoo idea.

14. Pink Roses & Jewelry Thigh Tattoo

Roses and jewelry, both are the most desired things from women.

15. Lantern Thigh Tattoo

A lantern tattoo would be an interesting idea if you’re looking for a different style.

16. Peacock Thigh Tattoo

The brightly colored peacock looks amazing on that thigh.

17. Bright Phoenix Tattoo

This brightly colored phoenix looks amazing, I bet it will be great on your thigh too.

18. Colorful Lobster Thigh Tattoo

These kinds of colorful tattoos need maintenance periodically but they look amazing.

19. Tiger Tattoo on Thigh

A meticulous work, detailed with red roses. Without a doubt, it will stand out on your thigh.

20. Pink Floral & Butterfly Tattoo on Thigh

These bright colors look fantastic on that thigh.

21. Grim Reaper at Home Thigh Tattoo

Very interesting tattoo for the seekers of marginal tattoos.

22. Colorful Flower Tattoo on Thigh

It is a good tattoo design with different colorful flowers. The thigh would be the best part of the body to ink this.

23. Cute Panther Tattoo on Thigh

Even a brutal panther can be turned into a cute tattoo in a competent tattooist’s hand.

24. Cute Cloud with Umbrella Thigh Tattoo

This adorable tattoo will cheer your thigh up.

25. Detailed Thigh Tattoo

A detailed tattoo with colorful inks.

26. Butterfly Tattoo on Thigh

Butterflys and red roses are great companions in the world of tattoos.

27. Cute Couple Thigh Tattoo

These squirrels will look very cute on your thigh.

28. Cute Cat Tattoo on Thigh

This green mohawk-hair cat will suit your thigh.

29. Witch Tattoo on Thigh

Witches are one of the most iconic figures of history, get this tattoo if you like these esoteric ladies.

30. Nurse Tattoo on Thigh

Life-saver nurses will be impressed a lot by this tattoo. This tattoo will represent your profession surely.

31.  Colorful Flowers Thigh Tattoo

Your thigh is the best place for the colorful flowers.

32. Cartoon Thigh Tattoo

A cute cartoon tattoo with a shuriken looks very adorable.

33. Elegant Girl Thigh Tattoo

If “See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” is the motto of your life, you will love this well-done design.

34. Branch Tattoo on Thigh

Are you not interested in large-size tattoos on the thigh? This will be a great choice if you want to go with a small but good-looking tattoo.

35. Asian Female Warrior Tattoo on Thigh

This warrior lady is ready the get inked on ladies’ thighs who have the same characteristics as her.

36. Rainbow Thigh Tattoo

Small but very cute rainbow tattoo. It looks very adorable.

37. Pink Tiger Tattoo on Thigh

Ask tattooist for a pink ink and get a feminine tiger on your thigh.

38. Cute Lizard Thigh Tattoo

Many people may loathe seeing a lizard, but this colorful lizard will look it affectionately.

39. Turtle Tattoo on Thigh

Having a tiny turtle on your thigh isn’t a big deal.

40. Avengers Tattoo on Thigh

If you’re fond of Avengers this design will be a perfect choice for you.

41. Owl Tattoo on Thigh

Amazing line work here. This blue-eyed owl looks amazing on that leg.

42. Floral Fox Tattoo on Thigh

A gentle fox and daisies are in great coherence in this design.

43. Detailed Thigh Tattoo

These colors, lines, and details make this tattoo pure art for the ones who are looking for an aesthetic tattoo.

44. Funny Bird Thigh Tattoo

Watercolor-style tattoos are becoming increasingly popular for thigh tattoos, with their vibrant and fluid designs.

45. Cool Purple Bird Thigh Tattoo For Ladies

Regardless of the design or style, thigh tattoos can be a unique and beautiful way for women to express themselves and commemorate meaningful moments in their lives, such as this bright purple bird beauty.

Want To Try This Design?
Which thigh tattoo design was your favorite among these options? Let us know if you’re ready to wear any of these sleek and modern options. We can’t wait to see what you end up picking.

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