The kitsune — a legendary trickster fox spirit that can be either good or evil, and often takes the form of a fox—is a common motif in Japanese culture. According to legend, they can shape-shift into humans, though they often change into beautiful women who seduce men to steal their souls.

Kitsune tattoos are a way for people to express their connection with this spirit and its many meanings. They are also believed to grant wishes when worn as a talisman, so some people get kitsune tattoos to help them achieve goals or overcome obstacles in their lives.

What Does A Kitsune Symbolize?

The kitsune is a mythical fox spirit in many Asian cultures, and obviously it’s also the inspiration for most tattoo artists. With its symbolism of good fortune and clever cunning, the kitsune tattoo is one of the most popular designs you’ll see on people’s skin.

The history of the kitsune tattoo goes back thousands of years, to a time when people believed that foxes could shapeshift into human form and possess supernatural powers. In Japan, they’re considered guardians that protect rice fields from pests and danger. In Korea, they’re associated with springtime and fertility. And in China, they’re known for their ability to possess humans—which is why you’ll often see them depicted with additional tails as a way to represent their age and wisdom (the oldest kitsunes have nine tails).

But no matter the culture, the kitsune is always seen as a positive force for good—one that will help those who are kind to them and punish those who are cruel. So it’s not really surprising that this symbol has become such a popular tattoo design!

Who Should Go For A Kitsune Tattoo?

Anyone who is an animal lover, or someone who enjoys the beauty of Japanese culture. You can also go for a Kitsune tattoo if you’re a funny individual, and a trickster yourself.

What Is The Best Placement For Kitsune Tattoos?

Most people tend to place this tattoo over their arm or fist. You can also go for a giant back tattoo since it will look attention-seeking & creative this way.

1. Black & White Kitsune Tattoo

Black and white ink that will look perfect once executed the right way!

2. Cartoon Inspired Kitsune Tattoo

Go for this bright pink tattoo if you’re someone who likes feminine art.

3. Artsy & Cute Kitsune Tattoo

Kitsune tattoo such as this one will look lovely on both genders.

4. Hot Pink Anime Inspired Kitsune Tattoo

If you’re a fan of anime you’re going to like this tattoo as your new go-to.

5. Red Kitsune Tattoo

Stick to red bright ink if you’re someone who likes flashy ideas and memorable tattoos.

6. Shoulder Art Kitsune Tattoo

The perfect Kitsune tattoo for those who like bigger ideas and who want a shoulder tattoo.

7. Small & Realistic Kitsune Tattoo

This small forearm tattoo is playful and artsy.

8. Giant Back Kitsune Tattoo

Make a whole story and a unique concept out of your Kitsune character across your back!

9. Black Ink Detailed Leg Kitsune Tattoo

This design will suit those who prefer simplicity and cute black and white ink.

10. Fist Kitsune Tattoo

Fist or arm tattoos are for those who like a pop of color yet brave placement ideas.

11. Black Ink Small Forearm Kitsune Tattoo

This small black and white tattoo will look stunning on those who enjoy simplicity.

12. Bright Red & Blue Kitsune Tattoo

Go for this creative yin and yang symbol if you’re a fan of spiritual designs.

13. Unique Artsy Watercolor Kitsune Tattoo

Watercolor tattoos are perfect for those who enjoy unique and abstract art.

14. Black & Red Kitsune Tattoo

Mystical Kitsune will look so cool on you!

15. Japanese-inspired Kitsune Tattoo

This is the perfect tattoo for those who like elegance with their ideas.

16. Mask Kitsune Tattoo

Go for a pop of red to your tattoo to make it more intriguing.

17. Red Ankle Kitsune Tattoo

Add a bit of Japanese vibe to your tattoo if you’re someone who likes unique pieces.

18. Colorful Shoulder Big Kitsune Tattoo

This flashy tattoo will look cute and perfect on those who like watercolor art.

19. Colorful Back Kitsune Tattoo

Heads up since this tattoo is quite complex to go for. Make sure that you have a good tattoo artist.

20. Half-Sleeve Kitsune Tattoo

Anyone who likes anime tattoos will also see the beauty in this tattoo.

21. Bright Pink Cartoon-Inspo Kitsune Tattoo

Creative and artsy without being too overpowering, this tattoo is just perfect!

22. Giant Shoulder Kitsune Tattoo Art

Go for a sleeve if you dare and rock this Kitsune design with full confidence.

23. Side Stomach Kitsune Tattoo

This design will look lovely on those who prefer larger and more dominant ideas.

24. Arm & Fist Kitsune Tattoo

If you’re someone who likes color and you’re into cute ideas this Kitsune will suit you.

25. Colorful Sleeve Kitsune Tattoos

Anyone who likes shoulder tattoos will also enjoy this print.

26. Cute Black Art Kitsune Tattoo

Go for this mini black tattoo and make your Kitsune image creative.

27. Pink & Purple Kitsune Tattoo

Women will enjoy and adore this hot pink or purple tattoo will want this image.

28. Powerful Anime Kitsune Tattoo

Go for bright and loud colors to make your Kitsune come to life!

29. Energetic Kitsune Tattoo

This design will suit and look a lot better on women.

30. Big Thigh Red Kitsune Tattoo

This giant thigh tattoo is so fierce and powerful, ideal for dramatic individuals.

31. Black Ink Neck Kitsune Tattoo

Go for this neck tattoo only if you dare, and if your job allows you to wear something like this.

32. Small & Cute Kitsune Tattoo

Anyone who likes cute and smaller tattoos is going to like this Kitsune concept.

33. Realistic Masculine Neck Kitsune Tattoo

Neck tattoos are for brave souls. Are you someone who wants to get noticed?

34. Retro Ink Kitsune Tattoo

This black and white ink is simple and truly a must for minimalism lovers.

35. Pink Shoulder Kitsune Tattoo

Hot pink ink will look the best on women who enjoy artsy ideas and beautiful feminine tattoos.

36. Under-boob Kitsune Tattoo

This sexy under-boob tattoo is for those who like to look sexy and noticed.

37. Giant Piece Of Art Kitsune Tattoo

A giant tattoo across your back will look detailed and pretty on women who like elegance.

38. Colorful Pink Kitsune Tattoo Back Design

If you’re into color and dramatic symbols you’re going to like this design.

39. Feminine Sleeve Kitsune Tattoo

A must-have Kitsune tattoo for those who like larger sleeve ideas.

40. Colorful Art Kitsune Tattoo

If you’re into colorful tattoos you’re going to like this cute Kitsune image.

41. Bright & Colorful Side Stomach Kitsune Tattoo

Stomach tattoos will look sexy and cute on women who like to look flashy and noticeable with their new tattoo.

42. Small Outline Ink Kitsune Tattoo

Wear this Kitsune and enjoy its simple vibe and elegance.

43. Japan-inspired Kitsune Tattoo

If you’re someone who likes color and you’re into elegance you’re going to like this outcome.

New Tattoo = New You

Which design was your favorite? Let us know if you’re ready to rock one of these gorgeous Kitsune prints, we can’t wait to see them on you!

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