How close are you as a mother to your daughter? On the other end, how close are you as a daughter to your mother? This question can be asked back and forth and vice versa, which is why anyone close to their family member will appreciate this article. If you want to show your affection and closeness, plus, if you are caring to the point that you want the world to see your pure love, why not show it off with the right tattoo? In this article, we’re going to list a ton of different and cute designs for both of you. Keep on reading and find your favorite down below.

1. Mother Daughter Tattoo On Arm

You and your mother or you and your daughter might enjoy this black ink-shaded tattoo. Go for the outline design of the two of you and rock it and enjoy it for the rest of your life. This final result will suit both of you, perfect for most age groups.

2. Matching Heart Mother Daughter Tattoo

You and your child can go for a matching tattoo and should consider doing a heart print along with your initials. Place the tattoo somewhere you enjoy it the most and where both of you can put it. You will look like you truly love one another, which is a must-do tattoo for close parents and kids.

3. Portrait Mother Daughter Tattoo

Go for your favorite picture ever and put it on your forearm. This black outline and shaded tattoo will symbolize your deep emotions. Just pick out a picture that the two of you really live and go for a picture that shows your closeness and deep honest emotions.

4. Mother Daughter Tattoo Mom Holding A Baby

A mom holding her newborn baby is such a personal and deep tattoo that you can go for. If you’re deeply connected to your little one and you’re all about showing your love 24/7, and having it on your body forever, this will suit you! Make sure that you put it somewhere visible since it is a fun tattoo that will gather a lot of recognition and love.

5. Colorful Mother Daughter Tattoo

You might enjoy this colorful tattoo a tad bit more than the old-school black-and-white combo. The portrait of you and your daughter can represent you in real-life time. Going for a colorful tattoo will represent your true inner emotions, while the colors will say that you’re bright and positive regarding anything that may come your way.

6. Small & Sentimental Mother Daughter Tattoo

Small, cute, and personalized, this black outline tattoo is for moms with kids who are naturally really connected with their little ones, yet they don’t want to show it off in the most visible (or loud) way. Who says that your love has to be just like everyone else’s?

7. Lion Mother Daughter Tattoo

If you’re a fan of unique and artsy tattoos we recommend giving this one a go. A lion print tattoo of you and your little cub will show your personal and deep connection, as well as the love that is unique within the two of you.

8. Matching Rose Mother Daughter Tattoo

This small and cute rose duo will suit moms and daughters who are connected in their pure and feminine way. If you’re ready to commit to it and you’re looking for a meaningful design, we recommend this one.

9. Mother Daughter Tattoo With A Date

Try out an important date and add it to your tattoo. This black ink outline is for moms and daughters who have an eye for cute and cool ideas, as well as sentimental options.

10. Elephant Mother Daughter Tattoo

Cute and petite, this little elephant tattoo is for those who love animals and wildlife, yet want to showcase their love in their own little way. Why not be original, right?

11. Black Ink Portrait Mother Daughter Tattoo

If you fully trust your tattoo artist and if you’re a fan of portraits we know that this tattoo is going to look good on you. Make sure that you have 4-5 hours to spare before you begin tattooing this print.

12. Mother Daughter Tattoo Design

Small, feminine, and truly something, this little piece of art is for women who are into subtle pops of color. The red flowers will symbolize your deep and inner emotions, as well as all the love that you have for one another.

13. Caring Loving Mother Daughter Tattoo

Cute and caring, this cat tattoo with a heart symbol will show the connection that you girls have, but in its own way. If you’re someone who likes colorful and cartoon-inspired creations we recommend that you give this one a go.

14. Sunflower Matching Mother Daughter Tattoo

The two of you can be each other’s sunflowers. Each flower can represent emotion and the way that you love to be loved and understood. If you’re flower lovers and if you’re always trying to bond over different topics, yet you’re proud of your connection, show it with this art.

15. Cute Heart Mother Daughter Tattoo

These two cute little hearts can represent the two of you. Go for your favorite colors and show that you’re always looking for ways how to express yourself and your deep inner feelings.

16. Date Mother Daughter Tattoo

Go for the date of your birth or the birth of your little one to show how much that day means to you. This black outline creative little tattoo with a heart symbol will show the world that you’re close and very loving towards one another. Does this sound like the two of you?

17. Black Ink Mother Daughter Tattoo

Lastly, this gorgeous black ink detailed tattoo shows affection & connection. If you’re someone who likes creative ideas and the two of you love to hug and hold one another – this is for you!

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