Looking for a grim reaper tattoo? Most people find them to be scary and frightening, as well as bold and reminiscent of death. However, the truth is that your chosen tattoo can represent a lot more things and can have a meaningful and important impact on your life story. If you’re looking for a design that can be spiritual and personal, keep on reading! Here, you’re going to find a lot of cool tattoos that will show your true intentions and will tell your story, without you even having to open your mouth.

What Does A Grim Reaper Symbolize?
A Grim Reaper symbol can show a person who is enjoying and living his or her circle of life. This tattoo will show that you understand that life happens, comes & goes, yet you’re ready to live it to its fullest. Although it might look like a ‘dark’ tattoo, this concept works well for most inspiring and deeper stories. Simply color your reaper in your preferred shade and go for a placement that you like the most for ultimate results.

1. Grim Reaper Tattoo On Thighs


This giant thigh tattoo is for those who like bigger and bolder ideas. If you’re a guy and you fancy black ink this outline form will truly suit you.

2. Sexy Grim Reaper Tattoo


Who says that death has to look scary?! Just take a look at this giant thigh print! It is a skeleton image done on the side of the leg that looks truly fierce and sexy. Women who are freaky and naturally outgoing will enjoy this gorgeous larger masterpiece.

3. Black Outline Grim Reaper Tattoo


This grim reaper tattoo placed on your forearm will look bold and brave. If you’re someone who enjoys defined tattoos and you like black ink, this will suit you. The tattoo says that you’ve seen a lot as a person, yet you’re ready to continue your life in your own way.

4. Grim Reaper Tattoo On Arm


This black outline and a properly shaded tattoo are for those who enjoy detailed tattoos. Make sure that you book a tattoo artist with experience when giving this design a go.

5. Grim Reaper Tattoo On Stomach


Stomach tattoos are quite painful and tricky to go for. If your pain tolerance level is high and you enjoy hidden tattoos that demand little to no explanation, this will do the trick.

6. Cute And Small Grim Reaper Tattoo


Some women really dislike needles. If you’re a fan of smaller ideas and you like cartoons, this little black and white character will suit you + it will tell that you’re still a child at heart, longing to play along.

7. Artsy Cartoon Grim Reaper Tattoo


This skull and skeleton tattoo will symbolize a person with big goals and a dominant approach. Although you may look petite, this tattoo will describe your true intentions and your character.

8. Grim Reaper Tattoo On Leg


Thigh tattoos are often worn by men who like to keep it simple. Try out this grim reaper and add a pair of hearts to it. The final result shows a person who is madly in love and is forever searching. Even in death, you will still believe in the power of love.

9. Forearm Grim Reaper Tattoo Idea


This forearm grim reaper tattoo done in black outlines shows a funky spirit who loves to create. If you’re naturally intrigued by the beauties of life and you’re always searching for something new, this marvelous print will show it!

10. Black Grim Reaper Tattoo On Stomach


Another stomach tattoo that is a cool and brave choice. If you can handle the pain and you want to let your smaller inner circle know that you believe that life goes on, this image will suit you.

11. Arm Grim Reaper Tattoo


Most guys who work out will enjoy this black grim reaper. This tattoo will show that you understand what life has to offer and that you’re very aware of how each new beginning must come to an end.

12. Cool Grim Reaper Tattoo Idea


Cool and done in detailed art and perfectly shaded black outlines, this grim reaper tattoo shows a person who is always evolving and searching for his or her place on earth. Let the world know that nothing will stop you and that you will search for “you” till the end of time (or life).

Colorful Grim Reaper Tattoos

1. Fun & Artsy Grim Reaper Tattoo


How about you try out this funky permanent vacation grim reaper tattoo? Those who like colorful and vibrant ideas will enjoy this design. Make sure that you are naturally an optimist and someone who believes that life is truly worth living to its full potential before you give it a go with this tattoo.

2. Red Grim Reaper Tattoo


The red color is used to symbolize lust, romance, and grief. If you stand anywhere when it comes to these three emotions, you can get this tattoo. It will look the best when placed on your chest and will symbolize deep and true feelings for you or for your loved one.

3. Big & Scary Grim Reaper Tattoo


Big and scary, this blue grim reaper tattoo is a cool design that shows true strength and creativity. Blue is a color of new beginnings. So, if you have an idea of what your life should look like, why not show it with this skeleton?!

4. Death Inspired Grim Reaper Tattoo


This calf tattoo that is super colorful and bright is for those who are naturally creative and inspired by life itself. If you have a strong-minded and open spirit – this will look amazing on you!

5. Unique Grim Reaper Tattoo


Unique and truly artsy, this tattoo is decorated in loads of different elements and colors. If you know of a good tattoo artist who you fully trust, book this design! It will look gorgeous when done in this way.

6. Fun Grim Reaper Tattoo Idea


How about a pop of purple to your tattoo?! Although quite unusual and bold, most people will fancy this tattoo. If you wish to stand out give it a go with this marvelous and artsy style.

7. Colorful Bright Grim Reaper Tattoo


Orange is a color of fun and optimism. It is not a common shade, yet it is a shade that works for those who wish to show their true intentions and their positive approach. Your skeleton tattoo can showcase your will and strong-minded approach to a positive and bright future.

8. Grim Reaper Tattoo On Shoulder


Popping and bright, this grim reaper tattoo that is done in bright and loud ink is a symbol of constant fun! Show that death doesn’t scare you and that you’re always up for having fun.

9. Grim Reaper Tattoo On Neck


The grim reaper tattoo that is done on your neck is a symbol of bravery and new life paths that you’re ready to take. It is also a risky placement, so make sure that your job allows you to wear something as flashy and showy as this.

10. Grim Reaper Tattoo Design On Forearm


This forearm tattoo is easy to achieve and most tattoo artists will easily do the design. If you like creative tattoos and you’re not afraid of the life path that is ahead (you fear no death), try this one out.

11. Funky Grim Reaper Tattoo


If you’re ready to travel the world and see everything surrounding you, this tattoo will suit you. No reason to stay or feel scared, you got everything under control, don’t you?

12. Bright Blue Grim Reaper Tattoo


A bright blue grim reaper such as this one is a symbol of someone who doesn’t want to give up. If you’ve been through a lot and you’re still positive about it and you have nothing to fear, this blue skeleton will show it.

13. Red Grim Reaper Tattoo On Chest


Red is a color of passion and deep feelings. If you’re someone who likes to look dominant and you fancy middle-sized tattoos, this grim reaper will tell you’re open for new adventures and that nothing that comes your way will scare you.

14. Grim Reaper Tattoo Design On Leg


A masterpiece such as this one will take 4-6 hours to do. It is a gorgeous and giant leg tattoo that you’re going to like on your calf the most. Give it a go with this color combo if you’re someone who likes scary and dominant ideas.

15. Grim Reaper Head Tattoo


Lastly, this small grim reaper symbolizes your ability to adapt to life and its wonders. If you’re someone who likes a pop of color to your chosen art, this is an artsy solution to consider.
Want To Look Bold?
And there you have it guys and girls! A list of some of the coolest grim reaper and skull tattoos that you’re going to enjoy placing anywhere from head to toe. Which one of these tattoos do you like the most? Are you ready for something big and bold or something small and creative? Let us know which one of these grim reapers is your next top pick.

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