Thinking of your new and extravagant tattoo? Not too sure what to go for? If you’re open to suggestions and you’re intrigued by some cool ideas and concepts, keep on reading! We will talk about the ouroboros down below, which is an intriguing element and a concept that will suit men and women.

1. What Does Ouroboros Symbolize?

Ouroboros is a symbol of a serpent that was popular in ancient Egypt and Greece. This tattoo represents a snake that has its tail in its mouth, continually devouring itself and being reborn. This tattoo just shows that you can adapt to any new situation and that you can come out as a winner from it while being spiritually reborn!

2. Who Can Go For This Design?

Both men and women can go for this tattoo and its unique concept. If you’re interested in rocking a unique snake-like pattern that has a deeper meaning, as well as that warrior or tribal vibe to the design, you’re going to like this concept and this unique tattoo.

3. What Is The Best Placement For This Tattoo?

Placements can vary based on your preference and your unique personality. Some people prefer to place this tattoo over their wrist or their leg. You can also go for this snake pattern across your back or your chest if you like bigger tattoos. The final design and outcome is entirely based on you and your liking.

4. How Much Are Ouroboros Tattoos?

The price can vary depending on your chosen size and the color of your tattoo. Most tattoo artists will charge around $150 for a smaller black and white tattoo. Bigger designs, as well as colorful tattoos, can go for up to $500. Make sure that you find a tattoo artist who is within your preferred budget.

1. Small Wrist Ouroboros Tattoo

The best placement for this type of tattoo! It won’t hurt a lot either.

2. Snake Ouroboros Tattoo

Show off an actual snake print and wear this tattoo over your forearm. Stick to the black and white concept if you’re a fan of simplicity.

3. Big Shoulder Black & White Ouroboros Tattoo

If you have broad shoulders and you’re a fan of larger tattoos, go with this design. Decorate it per your liking with some side symbols.

4. Colorful & Artsy Ouroboros Tattoo

You can also add a soft and feminine touch to this serious design.

5. Black & Red Faded Ouroboros Tattoo

This snake print over your shoulder will look elegant and extravagant at the same time.

6. Black Ink Ouroboros Tattoo

If you’re looking for a tattoo that has that tribal print to it, this is ideal!

7. Chest Design Ouroboros Tattoo

Consider placing this tattoo across your chest if you’re a fan of masculine looks and dominant symbols.

8. Small Neck Ouroboros Tattoo

Small neck tattoo and this cute concept will suit women who like to stay low-key and true to their character.

9. Red Fist Ouroboros Tattoo

Fist or palm tattoos are not as common or popular. However, if you wish to stand out and you’re a fan of unique elements, give this one a go!

10. Small Red Ouroboros Tattoo

Spice up your tattoo with this red vibrant snake print vibe.

11. Black Ink Neck Ouroboros Tattoo

Neck tattoos are only for those who dare to wear flashy and noticeable tattoos.

12. Forearm Bracelet Ouroboros Tattoo

This forearm tattoo will work as well as a concept of the snake that’s eating its tail!

13. Black Ink Design Ouroboros Tattoo

Stick to black and white ink if you’re a fan of simplicity, as well as more affordable tattoos.

14. Circle Ouroboros Tattoo

Men or women who like the minimalism approach are going to enjoy this tattoo.

15. Small Delicate Belly Ouroboros Tattoo

This belly tattoo is quite unusual. If you’re someone who likes artsy ideas and you don’t mind the pain factor, consider this tattoo.

16. Big Back Ouroboros Tattoo

This back tattoo can look good on women as well.

17. Infinity Ouroboros Tattoo

If you prefer black and white ink you’re going to enjoy this tattoo. It shows your infinite personality, as well as your will to adapt to this modern world.

18. Ouroboros Tattoo With An Eye Symbol

This unique Illuminati-inspired tattoo is for those who like unusual and bold ideas. If the concept suits you, consider placing it over your arm.

19. Dominant Back Ouroboros Tattoo

Make your tattoo bold and dominant by sticking to this gorgeous back placement.

20. Chest Tattoo For Females Ouroboros Tattoo

Chest tattoos such as this one will suit women who want to add a bit of femininity and elegance to their sassy design.

21. Big Thigh Ouroboros Tattoo

You can make your snake tattoo more intriguing with this tribal concept.

22. Detailed Ouroboros Tattoo With An Eye Print

You can also dedicate your ouroboros tattoo to someone special in your life.

23. Wrist Ouroboros Tattoo Black Ink

Place the ouroboros symbol over your wrist if you’re into visible placements and cool concepts.

24. Ouroboros Tattoo Design

This snake tattoo will take you around 2 hours to achieve.

25. Black Outline Ouroboros Tattoo

If you’re into simplicity or minimalism you’re going to like this black and white print.

26. Big Back Ouroboros Tattoo With An Owl

Go with this back tattoo and show off your appreciation for animals in general with this ouroboros symbol.

27. Side Stomach Ouroboros Tattoo

Side stomach tattoos might hurt, so heads up before you give it a go with this one.

28. Black Ink Ouroboros Tattoo Forearm Design

You can also add that yin and yang vibe to your ouroboros tattoo. Make it more intriguing and personal with this approach.

29. Shoulder Ouroboros Tattoo

If your tattoo artist is skilled when it comes to snake symbols or animals you can trust him or her with this design.

30. Green Print Ouroboros Tattoo

Add a pop of color to your snake and make this design more colorful and vibrant.

31. Big Shoulder Colorful Ouroboros Tattoo

This shoulder tattoo is bold, attractive, as well as attention-seeking. If you are a dominant male you’re going to like this concept.

32. Precise Ouroboros Tattoo

Simplicity and black and white ink will make this tattoo unique in its own way.

33. Cartoon Inspired Ouroboros Tattoo

If you like cartoons and you’re a quirky person yourself you’re going to enjoy this design.

34. Big Tattoo Over Back Ouroboros Tattoo

Your ouroboros tattoo can have that unique feel. This design will show your interest in Illuminati as well.

35. Calf Ouroboros Tattoo

Lastly, consider placing this tattoo over your leg or your calf. If you like mystical masculine symbols you’re going to enjoy this design.

Experiment With Your Tattoo!

All of these tattoos can be a fun concept and an amazing print for you to go for. Let us know which design is your favorite from the list, as well as where you plan on placing it – we can’t wait to see you rocking it!

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