Hamsa tattoos are super creative designs that you will enjoy, especially if you are a spiritual person! Looking for your next new tattoo? If that is the case, find your tattoo down below, and let us know of your favorite must-have masterpiece!

What Does A Hamsa Tattoo Symbolize?

Hamsa tattoo is also known as the ”evil eye”. This symbol has been around for ages & centuries. Hamsa tattoos symbolize the well-known concept, the ”Hand of God”, which is overall thought that it can bring happiness, luck, health, and good fortune.

Where To Place Hamsa Tattoos?

The placement which you may find the most appealing & practical might be around your arm, hence the translation ”the hand of God”. You can also place this tattoo over your neck, back & chest. If you’re looking for a larger design, you will enjoy the thigh placement the most.

Who Will Enjoy This Design The Most?

Both genders can go for this print. There are no specific rules, but it would be nice if you were a firm believer of destiny, good & bad luck, as well as protection from evil spirits. As long as you can rock a larger, meaningful & spiritual creative tattoo, you’re going to enjoy this one!

Black & White Hamsa Tattoos

1. Black Ink Arm Hamsa Tattoo


A great tattoo for those who enjoy simple black and white ink!

2. Detailed & Precise Hamsa Tattoo


If you’re all about details you’re going to like this tattoo and its precision.

3. Back Ink Hamsa Tattoo


Back tattoos will work and look good on those who like to look slightly mysterious.

4. Feminine Thigh Hamsa Tattoo


This thigh tattoo will look the best on women who enjoy sexy and sensual pieces.

5. Detailed Hamsa Tattoo Ink


If you have around 4-5 hours to spare you’re going to like this print the most over your leg.

6. Forearm Black Ink Hamsa Tattoo


This tattoo is elegant and well shaded, ideal for women who like cute ideas.

7. Feminine Hamsa Tattoo


Make your Hamsa tattoo even more special by going with this eye print with stunning lashes!

8. Big & Bold Shoulder Hamsa Tattoo


If you’re someone who likes shoulder tattoos and you’re into elegant lines, this is going to suit you.

9. Shoulder Design Hamsa Tattoo


Place this Hamsa tattoo over your shoulder or your chest. Anyone who likes tribal-like prints will enjoy this tattoo.

10. Black Outlines Hamsa Tattoo


Anyone will like this tattoo. Expect to spend around 3 hours at a tattoo shop when getting it done.

Small Hamsa Tattoos

1. Blue Colored Hamsa Tattoo


Men or women who like artsy and elegant prints are going to like this tattoo.

2. Delicate & Small Ankle Hamsa Tattoo


Ankle tattoos are for those who like practical ideas and low-key looks, as well as those who are minimalists.

3. Elegant Hamsa Tattoo


Add some unusual color to your tattoo and rock this print with pure confidence!

4. Small Neck Hamsa Tattoo


Hide your Hamsa tattoo under your hair and place it across your back or neck if you prefer low-key ideas.

5. Forearm Blue Ink Hamsa Tattoo


This is a realistic tattoo that most people will love due to its originality and unique elegance.

6. Detailed Hamsa Tattoo


Place this Hamsa tattoo over your forearm and stick to this beauty of black and white colors.

Big & Colorful Hamsa Tattoos

1. Gorgeous & Big Hamsa Tattoo  Leg


This Hamsa tattoo will look like a true gemstone! If you like a pop of color you’re going to like this outcome as your new go-to.

2. Colorful Forearm Hamsa Tattoo


If you prefer colorful tattoos and you’re someone who enjoys retro spiritual designs, this is perfect for you!

3. Crown Hamsa Tattoo


Place a crown symbol on top of your Hamsa eye design to let everyone know that you’re a leader in your life!

4. Hamsa Tattoo With An Eye Symbol


This tattoo is realistic-looking, a must-have for anyone who likes black tattoos.

5. Dramatic Head Hamsa Tattoo


Head tattoos are for those who like to look brave and bold with their tattoos. If your job allows you to, give it a go!

6. Powerful & Energetic Hamsa Tattoo


Men or women who enjoy colorful and bright designs are going to like this final outcome.

7. Watercolor Art Hamsa Tattoo


Make your tattoo stand out and rock this cute print as well as its watercolor concept.

8. Big Sleeve Hamsa Tattoo


Shoulder tattoos will look great on those who work out, as well as those who prefer noticeable ideas.

9. Colorful Hamsa Tattoo Over Thigh


Pop of color will make you stand out and look so fancy with your chosen Hamsa print.

10. Side Stomach Hamsa Tattoo


This bright blue tattoo is for those who like the color concept and prefer a flashy Hamsa image.

11. Chest Hamsa Tattoo For Men


Chest tattoos are for men who like to look dominant and noticeable.

12. Bright Blue Hamsa Tattoo


Make sure that your tattoo artist has experience when it comes to this or similar designs.

13. Artsy Retro Hamsa Tattoo


Combine all the different colors of the rainbow to make your Hamsa tattoo even more wild and reckless!

14. Giant Thigh Sexy Hamsa Tattoo


Giant thigh tattoos are for women who like to look sexy and attractive.

15. Elephant-Inspired Hamsa Tattoo


Add an elephant print right in the middle of a Hamsa symbol. This way, you will look retro and more open-minded.

16. Under-boob Hamsa Tattoo


Under-boob tattoos are for women who like sleek and elegant ideas. If you like sexy prints you’re going to like this tattoo.

17- Small Hamsa Tattoo


If you want a small but fabulous Hamsa tattoo, this design will suit on you.

18- Realistic Eye 


This realistic eye design in Hamsa looks amazing.

19- Hamsa Tattoo with Lotuses


Brightly colored circle and lotuses will be in harmony on your leg.

20- Blackwork Hamsa Tattoo


These shade lines turn this Hamsa tattoo into a charcoal artwork.

21- Stylish Hamsa Tattoo


A plain but stylish Hamsa tattoo design with small details will take your tattoo to a different level.

22- Outstanding Hamsa Tattoo


If you are fond of colors, this design with colorful inks will be a perfect choice.

23- Hamsa & Deer Tattoo


Except from having just the Hamsa design, you can add another animals like deer to harmonize your tattoo.

24- Hamsa with Green Eye


If you have green eyes, get a green-eyed Hamsa tattoo to harmonize it with your eyes.

25- Colorful Hamsa Tattoo on Calf


Such a vibrant Hamsa tattoo on calf. Yellow and blue are in a great harmony in this tattoo.

26- Lively Hamsa Tattoo


Black ink tattoos may seem to be casual, but this kind of colorful tattoos have a good vibe.

27- Hamsa & Cat Tattoo


Blend the Hamsa with your favorite animal to get a nice-looking tattoo.

28- Mosaic Hamsa Tattoo


This Hamsa Tattoo looks like mosaic. Thanks to the these colors, your body will turn into a mosaic art piece.

29- Hamsa Tattoo on Sleeve


With this tattoo, everyone will know that you have a good taste.

30- Hamsa tattoo on Arm


Here is an another Hamsa tattoo combined with other symbols.

31- Hamsa Tattoo on Back


Get an elegant Hamsa tattoo in the middle of your back and stand out.

32- Isometric Hamsa Tattoo


Meticulously inked Hamsa tattoo, isometric and every part of it is equal.

33- Hamsa Tattoo on Wrist


It can be painful while inking on your wrist but in the end, you will have a nice tattoo.

34- Hamsa & Om Tattoo


This tattoo can be a good choice if you are believe in, or interested in Hinduism.

35- Lotus & Hamsa Tattoo on Neck


It is a hard decision to get a tattoo on neck. But if you make up your mind, give a chance to this tattoo.

36- Vivacious Hamsa Tattoo


Colorful Hamsa and lotus flower tattoo will stand out on your leg. You should go for it.

37- Hamsa & Star of David


Hamsa is one of the most iconic symbols in the world.

38- Blackwork Hamsa Tattoo on Forearm


An another isometric Hamsa tattoo on forearm. Are you ready to rock?

39- Flashy Hamsa Tattoo on Sleeve


This tattoo has a lot of details in every corner. Everyone will check out your arm, for sure.

40- Elegant Hamsa Tattoo


Just a few colors are enough to make this tattoo look amazing.

41- Magnificent Hamsa Tattoo


It’s hard to find a competent tattooist, but if you find a good one, bargain for this beauty to get.

42- Classy Hamsa Tattoo


This is a tricky tattoo for a tattooist. These small lines are pretty hard to ink.

43- Small Hamsa Neck Tattoo


Small but amazing Hamsa tattoo on neck is all you need.

44- Cartoonized Hamsa Tattoo


Here is a great tattoo if you want to get a unique tattoo.

45- Black Isometric Hamsa Tattoo


A precisely designed Hamsa tattoo will stand out on your leg.

46- Outstanding Hamsa Tattoo on Back


An outstanding Hamsa tattoo with vibrant vibes… Get this tattoo if you don’t like black-inked  tattoos.

New Creative Tattoo Time

Are you ready to give it a go with your new tattoo? Let us know which design you can’t wait to rock soon, we would love to know!

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