Fu dogs, also known as lion dogs, have been iconic symbols in Chinese culture for centuries, embodying strength, protection, and courage. Originally, these mythical creatures were depicted in ancient Chinese sculptures and were stationed outside temples, palaces, and homes as guardians against negative energy. Their ferocious and intricate designs make them visually captivating, drawing attention to their detailed features, which often include bulging eyes, curly manes, and an intimidating stance.

In the tattoo world, fu dogs have surged in popularity as people from various backgrounds embrace their symbolism. Those who get inked with these guardian lions often seek to channel the protective energies and courage they represent. They’re not just about the look; for many, the fu dog tattoo is deeply personal, a mark of resilience, a protective charm, or a sign of respect for one’s heritage.

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As you venture into the world of fu dog tattoos, you’re in for a visual treat. From the subtle and delicate to the bold and fierce, there’s a style to resonate with everyone. Now, without further ado, dive into our curated collection and let yourself be inspired by 30+ fu dog tattoo ideas that await you in this blog post.

1. Lovely Fu Dog Shoulder Tattoo 


Are you ready to make a statement? Then, place a fu dog on your shoulder. This fantastic dog has a blue head and to add some extra zest, its hair and furs are colored in a striking shade of yellow. Plus, the saturation is awesome, right?

2. Blackwork Fu Dog Chest Tattoo 


Here is a fierce and scary-looking fu dog beautifully inked in blackwork style right on the left chest. The design looks quite masculine and there are some extra details on top of the dog. Yes, I am talking about the leaves. Maybe the combo represents the changing seasons, growth, and a connection to the earth, creating a nice balance between fierceness and natural beauty.

3. Female Fu Dog Forearm Tattoo


Oww, this is heartwarming! There’s a sweet scene of a mother fu dog sitting down, being all nurturing and loving. Right in front of her, there’s a cute little baby du dog. They are placed on the forearm and they are quite adorable.

4. Neo Traditional Art Fu Dog Tattoo


This mythical creature is beautifully inked with striking colors that pop out. The fu dog covers most of your thigh and it looks like a determined hunter with its red face. Done by using traditional art, this tattoo rocks.

5. Aesthetic Blackwork Fu Dog Tattoo


With its fierce expression and mighty posture, this dog will keep you safe. A solid black ink is used to outline the fu dog’s features, creating a depth and dimension to the tattoo. Give it a try.

6. Fu Dog and Ramen Tattoo


This dog’s gonna be rockin’ some really cool colors on its head – turquoise, red, and yellow! It is placed on the shoulder and the saturation is fantastic. And here’s the fun part: this fu dog is a real foodie! It loves slurping on delicious ramen noodles!

7. Sweet Fu Dog Calf Tattoo Design 


Here’s a cute fu dog on the calf, looking all fierce and protective, like “Rawr! I got your back, bro!”. The background is like a dreamy night sky with an orange sun and five black stars twinkling away. We also can’t forget the cool swirls around the dog’s tail.

8. Fu Dog and Pagoda Tower Back Tattoo


This back tattoo is all about some fascinating Asian elements. There are fu dogs on the left and right, standing tall and proud! Then, right above them, there are majestic dragons, soaring high. Also, right in the center of it all, there’s a stunning pagoda tower, standing tall like a symbol of tranquility and balance!

9. Red Fu Dog Old School Tattoo 


This tattoo is a super hip and classic, like those old-school tattoos you see on vintage posters. It is red and it has traditional art techniques. Rock that ancient power and style on your arm!

10. Simple Fu Dog Tattoo Head Tattoo


If you want to try something new, go for this head tattoo. Having a fu dog on your head can be like having your own little guardian angel up there. The design is not intricate but simple, so you can give it a shot. We gotta tell you that you’ll feel pain a little bit!

11. Samurai & Fu Dog Tattoo Idea


You’re gonna feel the Japanese culture vibes to the fullest with this tattoo! It’s like mixing two awesome things together! On one side, there is a tough samurai face, all brave and determined, ready to take on the world! And on the other side, there is a friendly and protective fu dog face, but it’s blue!

12. New School Fu Dog Thigh Tattoo


Apart from old school ones, new school tattoos are on fire! Look at these vibrant and bold colors that really pop! The fu dog is holding a green round thing with a mandala pattern on it. This tattoo is all about lively vibes.

13. Golden Fu Dog Back Arm Tattoo


It’s time to make your back of arm shine out with this amazing fu dog design. The face of the dog is inked and shiny gold color is used to give it that extra fancy touch. Rock on!

14. Cute Traditional Art Fu Dog Tattoo


You’ll love this traditional art tattoo! This friendly pup has a black head with red-framed eyes that pop. Also, it’s got swirls of yellow fur that looks so cute. Get this cute piece of art right on your shoulder.

15. Fu Dog Couple Leg Tattoo 


This fu dog couple is drawn using fine lines, like really detailed art. These two doggies are looking at each other, kinda like they’re having a chat! The lines are super thin, and no other colorful ink is used, just the black and gray shades.

16. Vibrant Fu Dog Leg Tattoo 


What about getting a huge, majestic blue fu dog tattoo on your lower leg? This tattoo is seriously detailed, like it jumped right out of a comic book! Thus, it’s like you’ve got a piece of epic art on your leg, telling a legendary story.

17. Full Back Fu Dogs and Leaves Tattoo 


This fabulous design covers your whole back! It’s got all these awesome Japanese elements, like dragons and fu dogs that make it totally rad. For this black and grey tattoo, bright orange leaves are placed and they fall in certain spots. Give it a shot.

18. Fu Dogs with Mandela Back Tattoo 


Who doesn’t want a tattoo done in a sketch style? In the center of this back tattoo, there’s this big round mandala design that’s just super eye-catching. Right on top of that, there’s a word written in Japanese characters. As a final touch, on the left and right sides, there are these cute fu dogs.

19. Floral Fu Dog Hand Tattoo 


This colorful tattoo’s got shades of red, blue, and yellow, making it pop. Also, the best part is the flowers on the dog’s head. Isn’t that adorable? But that’s not all. As the design goes towards the arm, there are delicate lines and more of those lovely pink flowers.

20. Eye Catching Fu Dog Tattoo on the Neck 


Go for a super cool green-faced fu dog right on your neck for your next tattoo. Its fur is a mix of dark yellow and brown swirls, giving it a unique and eye-catching look. It’s basically a fusion of vibrant green, cozy brown, and warm yellow fur, all in one awesome design!

21. Fu Dog Design with Flames


A red Daruma doll with a cute fu dog placed inside it is an adorable combo! To make it even more awesome, orange and yellow fiery flames dancing around the doll are placed. Sounds like a total visual masterpiece!

22. Line Art Fu Dog Tattoo


In this line art tattoo on the inner arm, the  fu dog is sitting down and holding something that looks like a red ball. And guess what? It’s got a red crescent moon shape on its forehead! Super unique and artsy, right?

23. Shoulder to Elbow Black Fu Dog Tattoo


Here is a a cool tattoo that goes from your shoulder all the way down to your elbow. It’s done in black ink and features a super fierce and scary-looking fu dog. Plus, there are awesome lines on the left side that add a really nice effect. It definitely gives off a strong and masculine vibe!

24. Cartoon Art Fu Dog Tattoo


Are you fond of cartoon tattoo designs? If your answer is yes, this one is for you. It’s full of colors and totally vibrant! The body of the fu dog is this lively green shade, and on the sides, there are pink fiery lines like flames! Try this back arm tattoo now.

25. Artistic Fu Dog Half Back Tattoo Design 


We’re stunned by these colors! Right in the middle, there is a fierce-looking fu dog, like a guardian lion! And on either side of the dog, there is Sun Wukong, the legendary Monkey King! Go for this mix of awesomeness that covers half of the back.

26. Blackwork Fu Dog Thigh Tattoo 


Those who like blackwork and shadowy tattoo style will love this design! Placed on the thigh, the tattoo is like having a mini sculpture on your skin. So, whenever you look at it, you’ll see this powerful dog guardian ready to rock and roll!

27. Savage Fu Dog Tattoo Design


Wanna get a super cool and scary-looking wild fu dog tattooo? It is inked in black and gray shades. And guess what? It’s got a twist! The dog’s eyes and some parts of its body are letting out red smoky vibes, kinda like it’s got a secret power brewing inside!

28. Pink Baby Fu Dog Tattoo


The tattoo is in a lovely pink color, and the little fu dog has its tongue playfully sticking out. It’s holding a wooden object with a heart on top. Get this tattoo on your shoulder and shine out.

29. Dotwork Fu Dog Tattoo


Simplicity over intricacy! On the lower leg, there is a fu dog which is made with thin and clean lines. And guess what? The inside of the dog’s body is shaded with shadows and dots, adding some depth and style to it!

30. Fu Dog Tattoo with Cherry Flowers


This fu dog has a stylish twist! It’s got a red mane that stands out! And to make it even more charming, there are cute pink cherry blossoms surrounding the dog. You will feel the Asian vibe to the fullest with this design!

31. Side Rib Fu Dog Tattoo Idea


Placed on the side rib, this traditional fu dog looks like it’s coming down from above. The body of the dog is black with cute white spots all over it. Plus, the hair and tail is vibrant yellow!

32. Small Fine Line Fu Dog Tattoo 


Let’s talk about this cool tattoo! The dog is small in this tattoo and placed on the elbow. Its head is rocking a sweet pastel blue color. To make it even more rad, there are some vibrant orange and yellow spirals in the background.

33. Fu Dog Tattoo Design with Waves


Here is a great combo of black and gray inks. The horns and tongue of the fu dog are in red, making it stand out. The design is rather complex but it gives the dog a unique look. Around the dog’s head, there are these wave-like patterns that kinda resemble the ocean’s waves.

As you’ve journeyed through this compilation of fu dog tattoos, we hope you’ve found inspiration or even that perfect design you’ve been seeking. Tattoos tell a story, hold power, and echo personal journeys. Perhaps the fu dog’s blend of history, symbolism, and artistic flair speaks to yours. Whatever you decide, may your ink bring you strength, protection, and a lifetime of stories to tell.

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