Was Bleach one of your favorite anime ever? If so, this tattoo article and our recommended lists will suit you! Do you like to rock cool and bold tattoos? Are you looking for something new and unique? The truth is that we’re going to present you with some cool and bold ideas that will suit true lovers and anime fanatics. Keep on reading to find the best one for yourself and to get inspired.

What is Bleach about?

Bleach is an anime that follows the story of Ichigo Kurosaki, a high school student who one day finds himself in the midst of a battle with a Hollow—a soul-devouring monster. He is saved by Rukia Kuchiki, a Soul Reaper who guides lost souls to the afterlife and has the ability to transform into a Shinigami (Death God) herself.

Ichigo soon discovers he also has this power, and as he begins to train as a Soul Reaper, he meets many new friends—including his own Zanpakutō (Spirits), known as Zangetsu. They will all work together to protect humans from Hollows and find ways for Hollows to pass on peacefully.

This series covers Ichigo’s adventures as he learns how to control his powers and fight off enemies from both the world of spirits and from within his own home.

It is not surprising, since the characters of Bleach are very attractive and the series itself is very interesting. People who like the anime often want to express their feelings by having a tattoo with a character from Bleach.

Bleach tattoos can be made in various ways: on the back of the hand or wrist, on the shoulder blade, ankle or foot; on any part of your body that you want to bring attention to.

There are many different types of Bleach tattoos for men and women alike. You can choose a design based on your favorite character or simply choose one that looks good to you.

1. Colorful Mayuri Kurotsuchi Tattoo


This tattoo has some retro elements to it and is also so cool and colorful. Do you like pop art and anime looks? If you’re into loud ideas and you want to show them off everywhere you go, this will suit you. Make sure that you stick to loud and colorful vibrant colors to get the best outcome.

2. Forearm Grimmjaw Tattoo


This forearm tattoo is cool and edgy. It looks amazing and is so good on the forearm, which is why it is a must-do for those who prefer black straightforward ink. You’ll also enjoy it if you’re into minimalism, and you fancy scary forearm ideas that others will be able to tell apart and spot on you.

3. Ichigo Hollow Form Back Tattoo


A true masterpiece! This type of tattoo is so big and bold, perfect for those who enjoy larger ideas and outgoing concepts. The truth is that you don’t have to go for an insane amount of color. You can stick to cool black outlines and give it a go with this Ichigo Hollow form, a must-try if you like mean-looking tattoos. It can be a time-consuming piece, but it is well worth it in the end.

4. Big Arm Ichigo Hollow Form


This half-and-half split print is so cool and edgy. Guys who enjoy scary black tattoos and those who can’t make up their minds when it comes to one design, in particular, will enjoy this duo. You can show off your love for this anime, knowing well that not a lot of people will have something similar.

5. Calf Ichigo Hollow Form


Some guys can also give it a go with a calf design. Do you want to try this out? If you’re a fan of details and Ichigo is your favorite character still to this, why not try this out? You can opt for some cool black ink, but also give it a pop of orange to freshen up and spice up the design. It will attract a lot of looks when done the right way.

6. Nel Tu Bleach Anime Tattoo


Shoulder tattoo such as this one is for creative souls. Do you trust your tattoo artist? If you want to experiment with some colorful ideas and this anime is one of your favorite ones out there, please, be our guest! The end result is cool and almost cartoon-like, great for those who like bigger ideas.

7. Black Ink Ichigo Hollow Form Tattoo


A forearm tattoo such as this one is so masculine and bold. Guys who like bigger ideas and those who like to try different yet straightforward concepts will like this design. Ichigo in his hollow form is a typical and common tattoo that most men tend to go for, plus it is such a straightforward design that can suit true fans.

8. Cool Bleach Anime Toshiro Hitsugaya Tattoo


Anime tattoo such as this one is for guys who like a pop of color to their design. If you enjoy fancy neon ideas and you know of a skilled tattoo artist, why not book this design? When done right it is going to look so fierce and will show off your love for unique tattoos, but also your love for anime. It is big and bold, why not book it right now and let your creativity run wild?

9. Black Arm Ichigo Hollow Form Bleach Anime Tattoo


A hollow form on your shoulder can look masculine, but also tribal-like. Guys who wish to look fierce and those who work out will enjoy this tattoo. It will showcase your big and bold personality, but also your love for straightforward black tattoos.

10. Ichigo Hollow Form + Grimmjaw Tattoo Duo


Combine both of these main characters and place them on your shoulder or thigh. Men who enjoy colorful and bigger ideas will also fancy this outcome. Heads up since it is a pricey tattoo to go for, not many guys would dare to book it and try it out.

11. Ichigo Hollow Form Black Tattoo Design


Ichigo in his hollow mask is the strongest and most powerful character in the anime. If you enjoyed his strength and his wild personality during the anime series, why not show off this tattoo? It will look great when done in black ink and is also a popular forearm piece to go for.

12. Ichigo Hollow Form And Grimmjaw Tattoo Design


This half-half mask tattoo is for those who can’t make up their minds as easily. Do you enjoy bigger tattoo ideas? Are you someone who likes scary and horror-like tattoos? If you can’t make up your mind as easily, this will suit you. It will look amazing on guys who are quite picky when it comes to their tattoos.

13. Nel Tu Bleach Anime Tattoo


Why not try out a girl anime tattoo on your thigh? This giant and bold design are for those who like colorful ideas, as well as female characters within the saga. If you’re someone who loved Nel Tu, why not give her a chance? Guys who enjoy big and wild tattoos will also like this colorful option.

14. Colorful Ichigo Hollow Form Tattoo


Ichigo Hollow form is done in scary red and orange ink is very fun and wild-looking. Usually, the color red is a color of love and passion, often worn by those who are very sensitive and close to the movie itself. If you fancy big and outgoing looks and you want everyone to ask about your tattoo, why not try this one out?

15. Zaraki Kempachi Anime Tattoo


Zaraki is the captain of the 11th Division within the Gotei 13. He is not that common of a character within the saga, which is what makes him a unique choice and a fun option to go for. Place your tattoo on your forearm and give it a go if you enjoy somewhat hidden places. Who says that people have to know all about your preference?

16. Ichigo Hollow Form Bleach Anime Tattoo


This tattoo will look so good as time goes on and as it fades out. The truth is that black and white tattoos can look great and fierce, as well as good as they age. If you like somewhat smaller and more secretive places, this will suit you. Commit to the all-black concept and also know that it won’t cost as much money to get this design.

17. Ichigo Hollow Form + Grimmjaw Bleach Tattoo


Why not go for an all-black tattoo, but only stick to a pop of color with the mask? If you enjoy attention-seeking tattoos and you only want to give them a go with something fun and bold, this is it. Show off the mask in red, knowing well that it will tell a fun story on its own.

18. Grimmjaw Bleach Tattoo


This is a giant and bold tattoo that is colored with all the fun and right colors! Red and blue are quite attention-seeking, colors that often look great on most age groups. If you fancy bigger ideas and you’re always in the mood to talk about your love for anime, this tattoo will do it! It is an amazing conversation starter, after all.

19. Sosuke Aizen Bleach Anime Tattoo


Sosuke is another character that often gets left out of the story. He is not as popular in anime, but people love him! If you like this old-school way of tattooing and you’re a fan of black and white outlines for your next tattoo, book this design. It will tell a story in its own way and will look amazing on most guys who are into simplicity.

20. Zaraki Kempachi Bleach Anime Tattoo


One more Zeraki tattoo that you’re going to like if you enjoy bigger ideas. Guys who love some characters more than others can commit to a specific tattoo. Does this sound like your next go-to print? Stick to a pop of red to add vibrancy and they realistic-like feel to your mean-looking tattoo.

Are you ready to get your next best tattoo? If so, which villain or superhero do you like the most out of the bunch? We know that you’re going to enjoy any of these ideas, as long as you’re a true Bleach Anime fan. So, are you?

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