Butt tattoos sound like a fun experiment, don’t you agree? If you’re a fan of retro designs and you fear nothing or nobody, plus you usually don’t have regrets in life, this article (and this body placement) is for you! Butt tattoos are often worn by guys and girls who love to live their lives to the fullest, as well as by those who enjoy quirky and funny tattoos. Who says that your tattoo has to be too serious and sentimental?! Sometimes, it is all about having fun! This is why we know that you’re going to love the following list. Keep on reading and find your next butt tattoo down below.

1. Strawberry Butt Tattoo


A strawberry butt tattoo such as this one is a fun and funny piece to go for. It shows that you love to joke around, yet that you’re sweet as a strawberry. Both genders can go for this piece.

2. Funny Butt Tattoo


Go for this funny design and place the sentence “bite me” onto your buttocks if you want to appear funny and silly. It is a straightforward way of letting someone know how you are as a person from the get-go.

3. Red Dice Butt Tattoo


This cute dice pair can show the world that you’re all about having fun and gambling a little bit when it comes to your day-to-day life. If you enjoy the adrenaline rush and making risky decisions in your life, this tattoo is going to suit you so well!

4. Kiss Butt Tattoo


Go for a pair of lips and place them on your booty. This tattoo can show that you’re a little daredevil who likes to fool around. If you love to look emo and you have that dark or mysterious side to you, doing this tattoo in black ink is a bulletproof way of showing your true intentions and your true colors.

5. Stay Wild Butt Tattoo


Why not remind yourself that you can and should stay wild?! As long as you’re young, outgoing, and open-minded + you love to have fun, this tattoo is the right pick for you. Anyone who is a little daredevil is going to enjoy this straightforward tattoo.

6. Monkey Butt Tattoo For Guys


A monkey but tattoo is a fun piece to go for. This monkey from Mario Bros and the well-known Donkey Kong is going to symbolize your playful character, as well as your love for cartoons, even to this day!

7. Funny Cat Butt Tattoo


Are you a cat lover? If so, this cute and funny design is going to suit you so well! You can go for a picture of your furry pal and try out this design if you’re into sentimental and cute designs. Guys can also give this tattoo a go.

8. Baby Butt Tattoo


Are you someone’s baby?! Do you love to be spoiled with nice compliments and cute words? If you feel like you’re a little diva and you love the attention, this fun and funny tattoo is going to suit you so well! It is also a sexy piece to consider doing.

9. Fun Scorpio Butt Tattoo


Scorpions are often seen as a sign of power, determination, and bold character. Can you relate to any of these things? If you’re a little warrior and someone who enjoys looking feisty and determined, as well as powerful – this is a print for you to consider doing.

10. Brat Butt Tattoo Design


Do you secretly think or know that you’re a brat? Bratz cartoon used to be everyone’s favorite while we were growing up. Was it yours as well? If you feel connected to Bratz dolls or if you know that you’re a tad bit spoiled, this tattoo is going to suit you and it is going to show off your princess side.

11. Cool Robot Butt Tattoo


Robot tattoos might not be everyone’s cup of tea. However, if you’re a fan of nerdy designs and you like to do creative and one-of-a-kind prints, this is for you! The best part when it comes to tech and gadget tattoos is that both genders can do them!

12. Big Animal Butt Tattoo


Do you love to do big and bold tattoos? Maybe you’re a fan of outgoing prints and larger designs. Those who love to stand out are going to like this wolf pattern! It can look amazing across your entire leg + it is a masterpiece for you to enjoy and commit to. Heads up since it is a pricey tattoo to go for.

13. Simpson Butt Tattoo


Are you a big fan of the Simpsons? If so, why not try out this cute and cool little tattoo? Bart on a skateboard is going to look so intriguing and creative when placed on your buttocks. Show your love for cartoons and your love for good old times by getting this funny and retro print.

14. Cute Butt Tattoo


This is another Simpsons tattoo that you can go for! Do you love creative and funny colorful designs? If this was your favorite cartoon while growing up, or if it is your favorite cartoon even to this day, try out this tattoo and show it off despite the fact that it is on your booty! Everyone is going to love it on you.

15. Peach Butt Tattoo


A peach symbol placed on your peach – how brilliant is this idea? If you’re a fan of quirky and funny tattoos or even fruit, this is for you! Why not give it a go and try out this retro symbol knowing that it is a fun story to tell and show off?

16. Phone Butt Tattoo


If you’re addicted to your phone and you love to joke about it, this design is for you! Show that you’re all about the online tech way of connecting with people and try out this design on your booty. The end result is very quirky and cool.

17. Simple & Small Butt Tattoo


For those who are afraid of the needle and the tattooing process – this is for you. This mini chair tattoo is going to take you less than an hour to achieve. It can mean a lot to some people, or it can be a funny way of showing your quirky persona. The best part about it is that it isn’t too pricey either.

18. Colorful Flowers Butt Tattoo


Women who like to go big and bold – this is for you! Give this artsy piece a go if you’re into cute and colorful creations. Make sure that you invest a couple of hours into the design since achieving it is a time-consuming yet creative project.

19. Big Peach Butt Tattoo


How big and gorgeous is this peach?! If you want a funny tattoo that is cool and creative, this is for you. Show that you enjoy joking around about your behind and that you’re ready to work on getting that perfect peach!

20. Geometrical Butt Tattoo


Some women love to add a ton of details. Do you want to give this a go? If you’re super indecisive and you want to try out a symbol that is different and unique, this is what you should book! It is important that your tattoo makes sense to you, right?

21. Mario Butt Tattoo


Princess Peach on top of your peach! How brilliant is this idea? Those who enjoy game-inspired tattoos and those who want to try out something new will enjoy this symbol. Stick with the pink color combo and you’re going to get a fully feminine and ladylike tattoo.

22. Quote Butt Tattoo


This cool tattoo that says “yes sir” will let everyone know that you’re observant and ready to take action and command. If you’re a fan of creative art that has a subliminal message – book this design for your booty.

23. Cherry Butt Tattoo


Lastly, why not try out these cool and cute cherries on your butt? If you want to look like a dominant and sexy lady, this is what you should explore! The end result is very sexy and creative, as well as perfect for women who love the color red and cherries as their favorite fruit.

Booty Tattoo – Do You Dare?
Are you ready to show off your new design? Although it is quite hidden, it can still be a great conversation starter among new people! Which piece do you fancy the most? Let us know, we can’t wait to see you rocking something new and as funny!

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