Skeleton hand tattoos are a great way to express your love of the macabre. This tattoo design is often associated with death and decay, but it can also be used to represent a more positive meaning, such as the passing of one stage of life into another.

Skeleton hands can be used as a design element in many different ways, and they can be incorporated into a tattoo in a number of different ways. The most common way that skeleton hands are used in tattoos is as an outline around an image, such as a rose or another flower. The hand itself may also be used as an image on its own, with the bones showing through the skin. Some people go further and choose to incorporate their entire arm or leg into their tattoo design, making it look like the body part is made up entirely of bones.

Another popular use for skeleton hands is to create a layered effect where multiple hands are placed over one another so that they look like they’re reaching out from under the skin or coming out from underneath it. This type of layered design has become especially popular among those who have had their entire arms or legs covered with ink but still want something unique and eye-catching on those areas of their body.

There are countless ideas with skeleton hand designs, if you’re thinking about getting one of these tattoos, make sure to check out our gallery below. We’ve got lots of different styles here, so there’s something for everyone.

1. Black Ink Skeleton Hand Tattoo

Go for a fingerprint of a skeleton and place it on your shoulders. This way, you’re going to show that someone has made an important mark in your life.

2. Small Skeleton Hand Tattoo

A small skeleton showing a middle finger to others indicates that you’re a rebel, as well as someone who likes to live life per your own rules.

3. Floral Skeleton Hand Tattoo

Floral skeleton tattoos such as this one will look good on women who enjoy sexy and intriguing pieces. It is also a popular tattoo by those who like creative designs.

4. Snake & Skeleton Hand Tattoo

A snake combined with a skeleton hand signifies and shows how close you got to dying, but have managed to pull through and out of that situation. If you’ve ever been in a rough situation and now you feel like you’ve survived and have managed to pull out of it, show it with this tattoo!

5. Artsy Skeleton Hand Tattoo

This tattoo is an artsy piece, symbolizing the importance of enjoying every moment in life. Beauty is in the eyes of a beholder, which is exactly what the rose can symbolize.

6. Cool Palm Skeleton Hand Tattoo

A cool palm skeleton tattoo such as this one is for those who enjoy creative and outgoing designs. If you want a tattoo that can show your “true colors”, as well as your bold personality, book this design!

7. Stomach Skeleton Hand Tattoo

Stomach tattoos can hurt quite a lot, which is why you may want to think twice before giving them a go. The end result will show that you’re always questioning your inner choices and making smart decisions.

8. Vibrant Skeleton Hand Tattoo

A skeleton hand-holding flowers can represent different emotions that you’ve been holding within you, or things that you’ve been struggling to show.

9. Red Skeleton Hand Tattoo

A skeleton hand holding a heart can symbolize the love of your life that you have had, and have lost.

10. Cool & Colorful Skeleton Hand Tattoo

Show that you know that life continues and that all beauty comes from within. Life is a big and important circle that never stops, right?

11. Shoulder Skeleton Hand Tattoo

If you have broad shoulders and you work out quite often, this tattoo is for you. Give it a go to symbolize your inner strength and power, as well as positive changes that may come your way.

12. Big Black Skeleton Hand Tattoo

Quite artsy and very different from the rest, this tattoo symbolizes the power you hold in your own fists and hands. It can also be interpreted differently, based on the person rocking the design.

13. Minimalistic Skeleton Hand Tattoo

Minimalistic and super seamless, this tattoo shows a person who owns that feminine energy and isn’t afraid of anything or anyone that might come their way.

14. Flowers Skeleton Hand Tattoo

Show that you own the key to life with this floral and bee duo. If you’re an optimist in life, this tattoo will show it.

15. Red & Black Skeleton Hand Tattoo

The red color symbolizes love & romance. If someone you love has passed away recently, show your respect & love with this design.

16. Skeleton Hand Tattoo On Calf

A skeleton hand lifted high in the air and reaching for something can symbolize your way of aiming for greatness, even when you’re on the ground.

17. Red Rose Skeleton Hand Tattoo

Red roses are a sign of pure love & honest emotion, as well as a deep connection. The best thing about this tattoo is that it will look so good over years, even as it fades.

18. Skeleton Hand Tattoo On Chest

Guys who work out and those who love their masculine chest will also love this black ink creation.

19. Side Boob Skeleton Hand Tattoo

Side boob tattoos are quite sexy, sweet & hot. Women who want all the attention and those who enjoy feminine creations should book this design.

20. Cool & Artsy Skeleton Hand Tattoo

With this skeleton hand tattoo, you will say that you believe that there’s always hope since you’re an optimist, no matter what may come your way.

21. Rose Skeleton Hand Tattoo

This tattoo is quite popular yet very minimalistic, often worn by those who enjoy black and simpler tattoos.

22. Red Rose Skeleton Hand Tattoo

This is a must-do black skeleton hand tattoo if you want something unique, vibrant, as well as creative. Show that you believe in a bright and optimistic approach with this cool design.

23. Purple Side Stomach Skeleton Hand Tattoo

Purple skeleton fingers or a purple skeleton hand is a fun (different) tattoo concept that one can go for.

24. Fun & Colorful Skeleton Hand Tattoo

If you are a creative soul, someone who loves to travel quite a lot and you enjoy exploring the earth – this is for you!

25. Skeleton Hand Tattoo On Forearm

Small & quite fun (as well as easy to do), this tattoo can suit both men and women just as well.

26. Rubrics Cube Skeleton Hand Tattoo

Creative people or people who are naturally gifted will enjoy this concept. Show just how smart you are with this type of tattoo.

27. Colorful Shoulder Skeleton Hand Tattoo

A colorful floral tattoo such as this one is for women who love pretty and artsy (bold) prints. The end result shows the beauty of nature and all things surrounding us.

28. Red Skeleton Hand Tattoo Ink

If you’ve ever been heartbroken or hurt because of love, this tattoo will show it. However, remind yourself that it is never too late to love again & again.

29. Big Thigh Skeleton Hand Tattoo

Thigh tattoos can be tricky to go for since they are so big. Make sure that you have enough time to spare before committing to this tattoo.

30. Skeleton Hand Tattoo For Women

Lastly, if you want a quick solution that is not too pricey, this tattoo is the right one! Give it a go if you enjoy smaller seamless art.

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