Jellyfish tattoos are a popular choice for body art due to their unique and elegant appearance. These marine creatures have been revered for centuries for their beauty and grace, and have long been associated with various meanings and symbols.

One of the primary reasons people choose to get a jellyfish tattoo is for its symbolic meaning. In many cultures, jellyfish are seen as symbols of transformation and rebirth. They are also often associated with spiritual enlightenment and the attainment of higher states of consciousness. Additionally, jellyfish are often viewed as symbols of grace and fluidity, as they move effortlessly through the water.

Other people choose to get a jellyfish tattoo for its aesthetic appeal. These creatures have a mesmerizing and otherworldly appearance, and their flowing tentacles and vibrant colors make for stunning tattoo designs. Jellyfish tattoos can be depicted in a variety of styles, from realistic to abstract, and can be incorporated into a variety of tattoo themes and designs.

Whether for its symbolic meaning or aesthetic appeal, a jellyfish tattoo can be a beautiful and meaningful addition to anyone’s body art collection. Check these 30+ jellyfish tattoo ideas to get inspired for your next tattoo!

Colorful Jellyfish Tattoos

1. Blue Jellyfish Tattoo On Arm

Cool bright blue jellyfish such as this one is going to look so good on those who prefer a pop of color. It is a vibrant design that also has watercolor art pop to it.

2. Creative Jellyfish Tattoo

Creative, super fun, and almost 3-D-like, this tattoo is going to look playful and elegant on all of its wearers. If you like lighter shades and intriguing prints, this is for you

3. Pink Jellyfish Tattoo

This light pink jellyfish is going to suit most women. If you’re a fan of lighter shades and you love creating art, this is going to look so good on you! It symbolizes your creative and fun, as well as caring side.

4. Vibrant Jellyfish Tattoo

Loud, bright, and quite dramatic, this jellyfish is going to look playful and unique. If you want a tattoo that can describe your true colorful and vibrant personality, this is the right pick.

5. Fun Jellyfish Tattoo

Fun and small jellyfish creation such as this one is a piece of cake to go for. It is a small tattoo that will take you less than an hour to do. Combine red and blue shades to get this fun duo.

6. Dark Purple Jellyfish Tattoo

Dark purple jellyfish such as this one is a fun concept to go for. Try it out if you enjoy this shade and if you want to make a statement with your new tattoo.

7. Jellyfish Tattoo Blue Design

Show that your instincts are visible, noticeable, and quite bold with this tattoo. If you’re someone who has a bold personality and you love to go with the flow, this tattoo will suit you.

8. Cool Purple Jellyfish Tattoo

A jellyfish tattoo in this size, shape, and color can suit both genders. Remind yourself that you should let life flow naturally and that you’re ready to enjoy each stage of it as it comes.

9. Funny Jellyfish Tattoo

Creative and a bit quirky, this jellyfish tattoo is for those who enjoy colorful and retro designs. If you’re still a child at heart and you prefer loud and dramatic ink, as well as unique designs, this is for you!

10. Mysterious Jellyfish Tattoo

Show that you have a lot of emotions in you and that you’re a perplexed person who lives in your own way and with your own emotions.

11. Cool Thigh Jellyfish Tattoo

A red thigh tattoo such as this one is going to work and look so well on most guys who work out. It can also look good on women who like lighter prints. Give it a go and show off for the summertime.

12. Chest Jellyfish Tattoo

This cute chest tattoo is for women who enjoy fierce designs. If you want a flashy design that is very sexy and attractive, this will look so good on you. Show it off knowing that it is an elegant and beautiful design.

13. Big Thigh Jellyfish Tattoo

Big and bold, this thigh tattoo is for those who enjoy giant and dominant prints. If you’re a fan of full body ink and you trust your tattoo artist, why not commit to this beauty?

14. Forearm Jellyfish Tattoo

If you love colorful ink and you’re a fan of bright tattoos, this piece will suit you. Show off your love for dramatic and unique designs and just know that it is a bulletproof option to go for.

15. Cool Colorful Jellyfish Tattoo

This piece can get quite pricey to do, which is why not everyone may enjoy it. If your budget is flexible and you enjoy cool tattoos, show this off!

16. Shoulder Jellyfish Tattoo

This cute shoulder tattoo is going to suit most women. If you like colorful ideas and vibrant designs and you want something a tad bit smaller, this is the right pick for you!

17. Teal Jellyfish Tattoo

A blue jellyfish tattoo such as this one symbolizes new beginnings and personal growth. Show that you’re a spontaneous person and rock this glorious tattoo.

18. Blue Jellyfish Tattoo Small Ink

A couple of smaller jellyfish tattoos will suit those with friends or family who deserve recognition. If you want to show your closeness and true emotions with one specific tattoo, this is the right pick for you.

19. Red Jellyfish Tattoo

Small and seamless red jellyfish such as this one is going to look amazing on most women. If you enjoy subtle art and you don’t want something too massive or upfront, this low-key tattoo is for you.

20. Jellyfish Tattoo On Shoulder

A shoulder tattoo such as this one will symbolize a person with a strong character. Combine darker shades to achieve this exact same design and show it off proudly!

Black & White Jellyfish Tattoos

1. Side Stomach Jellyfish Tattoo

If you prefer simplicity a bit more and you enjoy black-and-white ideas, this is for you. Give it a go if you’re someone who likes neat and precise ideas.

2. Black Thigh Jellyfish Tattoo

This gorgeous and sexy thigh piece is going to attract a lot of attention. If you enjoy bigger pieces and you want to try out something new and risky, this is for you. Show it off knowing that it is a stunning and one-of-a-kind tattoo.

3. Black Ink Jellyfish Tattoo

Decorate your jellyfish tattoo along with some flowers. If you’re a fan of cute and feminine art and you want to try out something that goes well with your character, this beauty is the right pick!

4. Forearm Jellyfish Tattoo Idea

A forearm tattoo such as this one will take you 2 hours to get. If you like precise and cute ink and you want something a tad bit smaller and monochrome, this is for you.

5. Black Jellyfish Tattoo On Thighs

Show that you’re always ready for fun and change with this tattoo. Most people will like this design since it is pretty and straightforward at the same time.

6. Creative Jellyfish Tattoo

This is a gorgeous thigh tattoo that will take you some time to get. Make sure that you have time before you fully commit to it. Also, book the best tattoo artist that you know of.

7. Small Minimalistic Jellyfish Tattoo

Show that you’re adaptable and very low maintenance with this cute design. It will take you 1 hour to achieve this design, and it will show your true colors to the world, along with your simplicity.

8. Big Back Jellyfish Tattoo For Guys

A giant back tattoo such as this one will take you a couple of hours to do. Make sure that you’re committed and intrigued by it before you give it a go since it is a time-consuming and pricey piece to try out.

9. Jellyfish Tattoo Idea

A jellyfish tattoo such as this one is for guys who like creative black ink and defined outlines. The end result will look great no matter the body part that you put it on.

10. Jellyfish Tattoo On Chest

Guys who work out will enjoy this chest piece. Give it a go if you wish to show off your masculine chest and your dramatic side.

11. Simple Jellyfish Tattoo

Lastly, and for some people, less is more! If you enjoy smaller tattoos and defined art that is not too hard to recreate, this will suit your tattoo artist.
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And there you have it! Which one out of these beauties is your favorite? Let us know what you’re ready to rock, we can’t wait to see what’s your next cool sea-inspired symbol.

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