Sun tattoos sound like something that intrigues you and like something that is right up your alley? Are you a fan of big and bright symbols that also have a positive and “bright” meaning to them? If you want to explore your options and look at some gorgeous designs keep on reading! Here, we’re going to focus on sun tattoos for men and women, ideal for those who like creative pieces.

What Does A Sun Tattoo Symbolize?

Sun tattoos are a popular choice for many people, as they symbolize a variety of things. The sun is often associated with energy and warmth, so it’s no surprise that it’s often used to represent strength and lightness. It can also be used to represent enlightenment, hope, prosperity—and even love!

In Native American culture, the sun has been a symbol of life, healing, and abundance for centuries. The sun’s warmth is said to represent the warmth of family and community, while its brightness represents clarity of mind and purity of spirit. Its movement across the sky can be seen as a metaphor for life itself as well as our ability to move forward with purpose and meaning.

If you’re considering getting a sun tattoo, it’s important to consider what that tattoo means to you personally. Do you want something that represents your personality? Or do you want something that will remind you of an important event or person? Either way, these are all great reasons to get a sun tattoo!

Who Can Go For A Sun Tattoo?

Anyone can go for a sun tattoo. It all comes down to your preference and story to tell. In most cases, a sun tattoo is placed on your forearm, ankle, or thigh. Men prefer bigger and louder designs while women enjoy small and discreet ideas. You will pay around $200 for most sun tattoos, but it all comes down to your tattoo artist and his or her level of experience and expertise.

Colorful Sun Tattoos

1. Artsy Sun Tattoo

Detailed and covered in precise lines and outlines, this tattoo is for anyone who likes true masterpieces and intriguing designs.

2. Cartoon Sun Tattoo

If you like retro and cute tattoos this cartoon print is for you. Make sure that you are still a kid in your heart before you commit to this retro colorful design.

3. Shoulder Sun Tattoo

Different, mystical, and antique-looking, this tattoo with a ton of details will show that you’re someone who likes old-school and flawless art.

4. Back Sun Tattoo

Historic symbols and antique Roman stories sound like something you fancy? Combine this card print along with a sun tattoo for that ultimate historical duo.

5. Bright Yellow Sun Tattoo

A small sun tattoo over your shoulder will show your bright and optimistic character. If you’re someone who likes to stay positive at any given point this tattoo is for you.

6. Sun Print Tattoos

Go for a sun tattoo and this print with several different sun symbols can represent all the different people who are important in your life.

7. Sun & Moon Tattoo

A sun and a moon symbol is a common tattoo to go for. If you like and want the world to know that you believe that opposites attract, give it a go with this mystical and unique symbol.

8. Artsy Sun Tattoo

A shoulder tattoo such as this one will take you 2-3 hours to achieve. Give it a go if you’re a fan of bigger designs.

9. Neck Sun Tattoo

Mysterious and well-done, a tattoo such as this one will show your true colors and your realistic approach towards life, while still having that mysterious vibe to it.

10. Back Sun Tattoo

Neck tattoos can hurt a lot. Heads up before you give them a go.

11. Chest Sun Tattoo

Not a lot of people would dare to try this tattoo out. Do you?

12. Forearm Sun Tattoo

Cute, funny, and small, give this tattoo a go if you’re into retro ideas.

13. Tribal Sun Tattoo

If you’re a fan of mandalas and Celtic tattoos this sun print is for you.

14. Arm Sun Tattoo

This sun tattoo represents and stands for life that’s still continuing around you.

15. Thigh Sun Tattoo

Give this tattoo a go only if you fully trust your tattoo artist.

16. Small Colorful Sun Tattoo

Show that there are two sides to you and that you’re a calm and realistic person with this design.

Black & White Sun Tattoos

1. Black & White Sun And Moon Tattoo

Artsy and symbolic, this sun tattoo is for both genders!

2. Sun Card Tattoo

Retro and mystical, this sun print tattoo card is for anyone who likes to live a real life.

3. Giant Shoulder Sun Tattoo

A giant shoulder tattoo such as this one will look amazing on guys who like fancy and large ideas.

4. Black Sun Tattoo On Chest

This chest tattoo is so artsy and sensual. Heads up since it can hurt quite a lot.

5. Black Outline Sun Tattoo

Large and bold, this sun tattoo will represent your bold and genuine personality.

6. Artsy Black Line Sun Tattoo

Sun design such as this one will take you 2 hours to achieve + it is not as painful or pricey to go for.

7. Giant Sun Tattoo On Shoulders

Men who work out will like this design and its placement.

8. Moon & Sun Tattoos

Show that you’re a realistic person and someone who believes in equality with this design.

9. Thigh Sun Tattoo Design

Thigh tattoos are for women who like big and sexy ideas.

10. Artsy Sun Print

A sun tattoo on a shoulder will represent your dominance and positive approach toward life.

11. Small Sun Tattoo On Shoulder

Women who like elegance and prefer smaller tattoos will enjoy this sun print.

12. Big Shoulder Black Sun Tattoo

Go for that tribal print and show off this tattoo anytime anyplace!

13. Black Neck Sun Tattoo

Small and perfectly hidden, this neck tattoo will suit women who like discreet ideas.

14. Forearm Sun Tattoo Design

Sun tattoo on your arm will take less than an hour to achieve.
In Conclusion: Ready For A New Tattoo?
So, which tattoo is your favorite out of the bunch? You can find a ton of cool looks and options in this article. Let us know if you’re more so a fan of smaller or bigger designs. Also, do you prefer colorful or mono tattoos? Either way it may be we know that you’re going to find your perfect piece here.

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