The Ichthys, or Jesus Fish, isn’t just a cool design; it’s packed with history and meaning. Back in the day, Christians used it as a secret sign to spot each other when times were tough. Now, it’s a popular symbol for faith and connection to Christian beliefs. It’s like wearing a piece of history and showing off what you believe in, all with a simple fish design.

Picking where to put this tattoo is pretty flexible. You can go small and subtle with it on your wrist or ankle, or even sneak it behind your ear. Want something bigger? Your shoulder, forearm, or ribs could be the perfect canvas. As for cost, a small, basic Ichthys might set you back about 50 to 100 bucks. If you’re after something bigger or more detailed, you’ll be looking at a higher price tag.

And hey, if you’re thinking about making this symbol a part of your tattoo collection, I’ve got something cool for you. I’ve put together 30 awesome Ichthys tattoo designs. There’s a bit of everything, from simple to fancy, so you can find the perfect one that speaks to you. Take a scroll through and see what catches your eye; maybe you’ll find your next tattoo inspiration right here.

1. Fish

If we translate the word Ichthys from the Greek language, we will get Jesus Christ. That word is derived from a couple of letters or syllables in the Greek language and means the son of God. The fish is also associated with Jesus Christ in Greek belief and that is why this tattoo is most often made in the shape of a fish.

2. Jesus

This photo is similar to the one above, except that instead of the Greek word, there is a word translated into English. The principle of photography is the same.

3. Colorful Fish

If this black line tattoo is boring to you or you want to improve it, here is a suggestion. You can add colors to that tattoo to make it more interesting and attract more attention.

4. Small Fish

If you are looking for a small tattoo that you can place anywhere, and at most, it should be somewhere on the arm, you have just found it. This small tattoo is done in black color only and small circles are added which can represent water bubbles.

5. Cross & Fish

Another way you can show your religion or belief through a tattoo is with a fish and a cross in it. This tattoo is simple and you can choose its size as well as the place where you will do it.

6. Waves

Here is an interesting photo where you can see part of the process of making this tattoo and the result. This tattoo has an interesting design because it features sea waves, fish and the Greek word for Jesus. This tattoo found a place on the left shoulder of this man and is ideal for the back.

7. Simple Black Line Tattoo

Of course, you can always find a wrist tattoo. This tattoo is simple and classic, it is done with a thick black line and cannot go unnoticed.

8. Red Bird

When we were looking for the meaning of the fish and the bird, we came across a story that has a lesson. Long story short, it’s about love that blossomed and grew, but suddenly fell apart and disappeared due to mismatching parts, as some of you may have experienced and can relate to. This tattoo is the ideal way to show it.

9. Cross

Another fish tattoo with a cross inside, like from one of the previous photos. This tattoo is very common and can be seen in many people from Greece. If you like it, feel free to do it.

10. Classic Fish

Classic tattoo again with thicker black lines. This tattoo is placed above the elbow and is impossible to go unnoticed. The dimension of the tattoo fits perfectly with the elbow.

11. Jesus

The tattoo that will get noticed is right in front of you on the screen. Jesus’ name inside the fish is written in bold black letters. This tattoo is a good way to attract curious eyes, if, of course, you place it in a visible place.

12. Small Wrist Tattoo

A very small and cute wrist tattoo that is ideal for the fairer and gentler sex. This tattoo is done with a thin black line and gives off a certain ignorance, although it does not differ much from the previous tattoos that were done similarly.

13. Back Neck Tattoo

For all of you who want to tattoo the back of your neck, we have found a tattoo that might suit you. Whether you get that tattoo with Greek writing inside or without is up to you.

14. Red Tail

An interesting design that is original and creative. It contains all the same elements as the previous tattoos, from the name of Jesus to the fish. The fish is made in a slightly more realistic design because it has a long, striking red tail that is easy to spot. This tattoo stands out from all the others for its design and its colors.

15. Black

This tattoo looks like it was done with black ink for an art object, doesn’t it? If you had drawn with black ink in school, you would know what it is about. The principle and design are the same as the previous tattoos.

16. Colors

We assume that this tattoo is one of the first tattoos that we added to this list because it is the same, only it is not photographed close up here. Overall, this tattoo also stands out from the others because it has colors around it in different shades.

17. Medium Tattoo

Always choose the dimensions of your tattoos carefully, because you never know how many more you will get, so if you pay attention, there will always be room for more. This tattoo is a medium-sized tattoo and other tattoos can fit perfectly with it.

18. Sword Fish

This fish is made in a slightly different way and on it, you can see the tail which is made from the end of two swords. This venture is interesting because the tattoo is different from others, yet it is simple and can stand alone without additional details.

19. Arm Tattoo

Ichthys is a Greek word that is composed of the initials of the words I ēsous Ch ristos th eou hy ios s ōtēr meaning Jesus Christ Son of God Savior. Beautiful, isn’t it?

20. Biceps Tattoo

This kind of tattoo can easily find its place on your arm, or bicep. This kind of tattoo is strong and striking because it is done in black, which always remains noticeable.

21. Black Cross

Cross and fish, but in a slightly different format and design. This tattoo differs from the previous ones because the cross is not in the fish, but is located below it in a larger dimension and is completely black, so these tattoos take up most of your arm and thus become the main target where the eyes go astray.

22. Neck Tattoo

If you like to keep your tattoos in a noticeable place, the neck will always be a suitable place for it and you will never go wrong there. You can do more small tattoos on the neck and you will have more space to combine tattoos and fit them with each other.

23. Greek Letters

Such strong tattoos can also be done by the fairer gender, if that’s what they prefer. These tattoos will always be suitable for everyone who loves them, and you can choose the color yourself. Whether it will be black like in the photo or not, it’s up to you to decide.

24. Chest Tattoo

A chest tattoo, because we can’t skip it without putting it on our list. The tattoo is no different from others, only the place has been changed, as we mentioned you can tattoo it anywhere.

25. Minimalist Tattoo

A small and cute fish tattoo that can be classified as a minimalistic tattoo due to its appearance. This tattoo is done with a very thin black line and can be minimalistic because it takes up very little space on your arm.

26. Bigger Minimalist

Similar to the one from the previous photo, this tattoo can also be classified as a minimalist tattoo, only this one is a little thicker and bigger than the previous one.

27. Shark

This tattoo stands out for its colors and design. We believe that it took a lot of time to make because the tattoo is larger and has more details. Here, instead of an ordinary fish, there is a shark and you can see the head of Jesus Christ, as the original name Ichthys represents.

28. Matching Tattoos

An irresistible way to make a matching tattoo with your partner. They say that true love is love that has God in its midst. Instead of the name of Jesus, here you can see the names of the partners and the cross next to it, all of which are in the fish. These tattoos are small and vary in color.

30. X Eye

This fish looks like those cartoon fish that are de%d and have an X instead of an eye, but if you look a little closer you will see that it is a cross that has been done instead of an eye, so we can consider this a little optical trick. Interesting, isn’t it?

31. Another Fish

Another fish tattoo on the bicep, with the fact that this fish is turned in a different direction, towards the man, while on others it is turned towards the palm and fingers. We don’t know what distinguishes it, but we certainly know that this is a very simple tattoo and that it doesn’t need any special effort because there aren’t many details.

As you check out these 30 Ichthys tattoo ideas, think of each as a little piece of your story. Whether you’re all about keeping it simple or going big and detailed, your tattoo will shout out what you stand for. So, take a chill moment, pick the one that hits right, and get ready to ink something that’s not just cool but means a whole lot too. Enjoy finding the perfect one!

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