Owl tattoos are a great choice for those who want to show their affinity for the night world. The owl is a creature of the night, and it’s also known for its wisdom and insight. They have been used throughout history in literature, art and folklore around the world; they’ve appeared in everything from Greek mythology to Harry Potter books to Disney films.

The owl was the symbol of Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom. In addition to being wise, this bird was also associated with death and rebirth. The owl was sometimes associated with witchcraft, as it hooted at night when people were sleeping.

In Native American folklore, owls are considered to be spiritual messengers from the other world. The Inuit people believe that owls are messengers from their gods and that they help humans in times of trouble.

In some cultures, such as China and Japan, owls are associated with good luck because they bring prosperity to those who see them.

Owl tattoos come in many styles, so there’s something out there for everyone. If you’re looking for an artistic choice, consider an abstract depiction of an owl in flight or perched on a branch. Whatever type of tattoo you choose, keep in mind that this design is flexible enough to work on any part of your body or as part of another design—such as a tribal piece or geometric pattern.

Colorful Owl Tattoos

1. Pink Owl Tattoo


A colorful bright owl tattoo such as this one has color splash patterns. Give it a go if you want to look like an artsy and creative person who is all about bold designs.

2. Colorful Owl Tattoo


Red and blue are great and fun contrast colors to consider. If you enjoy splashy art and you like cartoon-inspired prints this is for you.

3. Owl Tattoo On Leg


This giant leg thigh tattoo is a time-consuming print. If you have 3+ hours to spare give it a go. It will look the best on women who enjoy bold and somewhat feminine tattoos.

4. Artsy Unique Owl Tattoo


The realistic owl eye is a design that will symbolize the way you see and capture everything that happens around you. If you like drama and 3D, give this a go.

5. Thigh Owl Tattoo


Book this tattoo only if you fully trust your tattoo artist! It is a giant and gorgeous masterpiece that will symbolize your curious yet wise personality.

6. Mandala Owl Tattoo


Loud colors and colorful prints such as these will look amazing on both genders. If you want a tattoo that is universally seen and thought of as being fun and positive, as well as energetic this you will fancy.

7. Creative Owl Tattoo


If you can invest 3-4 hours into your new tattoo, book this design. Loud, colorful, and used to symbolize your realistic side, this owl is a true piece of art.

8. Funny Owl Tattoo Design


Bright purple tattoos and this owl combo are super fun and retro! It stands for your humble and childish personality, as well as your energetic character who is always ready to have fun.

9. Owl Tattoo On Neck


Neck tattoos are bold and unique. Do you dare to wear them? If so, they will say that you’re someone who is all about your outgoing personality. Show that you’re dominant and always aware of what you bring to the table with this character.

10. Red Owl Tattoo


If red is your favorite color why not rock this owl design? It is often worn by those with a feisty and fiery personality, as well as by those who are bold and determined. Give this a try if you prefer bold and powerful tattoos.

11. Mysterious Owl Tattoo On Shoulder


Guys who enjoy bigger tattoos and those who are crazy about mystical symbols or magical tattoos will adore this hipster magic owl! Time-wise you’re looking at a tattoo period of 5 hours or so.

12. Big Owl Tattoo On Back


Big tattoos with open and spread wings can mean great and big things! If you want to symbolize your new beginnings and if you’re ready to make a drastic change in your life this tattoo will suit you the best.

13. Artsy Owl Tattoo Design


You will look like such a mysterious and mystical person if you commit to this design. Show that you’re brave and creative by spreading your wings and rocking this owl tattoo.

14. Yellow Owl Tattoo


Your bird tattoo or owl tattoo can have that innocent-looking vibe. If you like Digimon or Pokémon-like old-school tattoos give this beauty a go.

15. Small Blue Owl Tattoo


Men or women who enjoy smaller tattoos and a pop of blue will like this mysterious owl. It reminds and looks a lot like your childhood, doesn’t it?

Black & White Owl Tattoos

1. Black Owl Tattoo


Go for a black and white silhouette and add a pop of color only to the eye area. If you like scary tattoos and those which can make a statement, this is for you!

2. Shaded Owl Tattoo


When shaded the right way and done with these outlines this black and white owl tattoo can look divine! If you like old-school types of tattoos this is for you.

3. Owl Tatoo On Chest


Giant chest tattoos will look the best on men who work out or guys who prefer bold ideas. This is a gorgeous tattoo yet one that is a true commitment, so heads up in advance.

4. Dramatic Owl Tattoo On Neck


Neck tattoos are feisty and bold. If your job allows you to wear something as big and bold, try this beauty out and wear it with confidence!

5. Cool Own Design On Back


This shaded black owl tattoo is for men and women who like artsy ideas. If you’re a fan of owls and birds in general why not show it and scream it to the world?

6. Owl Tattoo On Leg


This calf tattoo can be painful to go for. Heads up since it is pretty, yet not the best solution to go for if your pain tolerance is not as high.

7. Cartoon Outline Owl Tattoo


If you like tribal art and a ton of cool and defined lines consider this idea. It will take you 4 hours to do this masterpiece.

8. Owl Tattoo On Neck Design


Heads up with this tattoo since it can be painful to go for. It will look amazing and mesmerizing on most bold and dominant men.

9. Mysterious Owl Tattoo


A cool retro owl tattoo with these black outlines is for those who enjoy mystical ideas. Show your depth, courage and honesty with this outcome.

10. Black Owl Tattoo On Chest


A giant tattoo with a pop of red will symbolize your energetic side and power. If you’re a natural leader consider this tattoo.

11. Owl & Skull Tattoo


Men who fancy something big and scary might enjoy this skull & owl duo the most.

12. Black Outline Owl Tattoo


Cute and straight to point, this owl is an affordable tattoo to go for (less than $200 at most tattoo shops).

13. Cool Owl Design


If you can spare only around 1-2 hours when getting a tattoo consider this little beauty.

14. Owl Tattoo On Arm


Most guys will enjoy this design since it has that intriguing and bold element to it.

15. Stunning Owl Tattoo


The cute little blue owl will show your calm and sensitive, yet friendly personality.

16. Owl Tattoo For Men


Guys who like to stand out and want to try out half-sleeve designs will fancy this giant print.

Owls are used to symbolize your mysterious, wise, and open-minded side. Show the world that you like the attention, that you love to travel, and that you’re always trying to find yourself in this fast-paced world.

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