Are you a guy looking for a convenient leg tattoo? Not too sure what to go for and what is ideal for you and your style? Luckily for you, we are going to cover a ton of cool options and leg ideas that will suit your beliefs and type. Here are some creative, masculine, fun & sentimental options to consider doing. Keep on reading and book your next tattoo with one of these inspos.

Guys can try out a ton of different and cool symbols. There is not a “one size fits all” type of tattoo, which is why you can always mix and match and customize your tattoo. Usually, guys tend to go for mysterious prints, important dates, events, and name symbols. You can also go for a funny cartoon or your favorite movie, quote, and pet tattoo. In the end, it all varies and you’ll find all of these ideas down below.

Do Leg Tattoos Hurt?

Leg tattoos can hurt, but it varies from one person to the other. You can’t have one specific answer for everyone. If you have a ton of fat or skin/muscle around this area you won’t feel a ton of pain. However, getting a tattoo nest to your bone or close to your sensitive areas may result in pain. Consult beforehand with your tattoo artist to know what you’re in a treat for.

1. Mandala Prints Tattoo

If you enjoy mystical, mesmerizing, and mandala-inspired tattoos this one is for you. It will look bold, creative, and tribal-like.

2. Sunflower Tattoo For Guys

Giant colorful sunflower tattoos such as this one will symbolize your creativity and will always stay optimistic and cheerful.

3. Number Leg Tattoos

Number tattoos are usually an amazing go-to by those who want to dedicate a specific date or year of birth to their loved ones.

4. Turtle Leg Tattoo

Turtles represent color, fun, and your will and wild side to explore! Show how much you love nature and animals with this print.

5. Ghost Leg Tattoo

A purple ghost that we all know and remember from Mario Brothers is a fun and retro design to go for!

6. Dog Leg Tattoo

Guys who are true pet lovers and animal lovers will enjoy this black ink tattoo.

7. Portrait Leg Tattoo

If you like Greek mythology this tattoo will suit and intrigue you.

8. Lion Leg Tattoo

Show the world that you’re tough and dominant as a lion with this giant thigh tattoo.

9. Black Shaded Portrait Idea

Those who enjoy old-school hip hop or rap-inspired tattoos will like this black ink masterpiece.

10. Naruto Leg Tattoo

Are you a Naruto lover? If so, give this colorful orange tattoo a go!

11. Black Outlines Artsy Leg Tattoo

Black outlines can look so flawless when done the right way, don’t you agree?

12. Nature Leg Tattoo

A floral and nature-inspired tattoo across the entire leg will look breathtaking.

13. Black Dog Leg Tattoo

If you have a furry pal in mind and you truly love him or her go for this pet design.

14. Realistic 3D Tattoo

If you’re a horror lover and someone who likes good old classics this tattoo is for you.

15. Giant Leg Tattoo Piece Of Art

Give this tribal tattoo a go if you prefer big and dominant ideas.

16. Movie Leg Tattoo

Seinfeld was a huge series back in the day. Want to give it a go in a form of a tattoo?

17. Tree Leg Tattoo

Show that you believe in the power of life by going for this tree of life design.

18. Bird Tattoo On Leg

Cool calf tattoo that you’ll enjoy if you wish to show your dominance and open-minded side.

19. Bear Leg Tattoo

Bears usually symbolize big power and dominance. Give this tattoo a go if you’re a big cuddle bear yourself who knows how to assert dominance.

20. Dinosaur Leg Tattoo

If you’re still a child at heart and you like quirky colorful ideas this bright print will suit you and your retro personality.

21. Horror Leg Tattoo

Cool black and white horror element tattoo with a pop of red that stands for blood will suit those who like gruesome ideas.

22. Black Butterfly Tattoo On Leg

Black and white butterfly such as this beauty will look lovely on your thighs and on men who work out.

23. Spider Leg Tattoo

Those who aren’t afraid of spiders and think of them as gorgeous beings will enjoy this tattoo.

24. Giant Snake Leg Tattoo

A colorful skull can show that you’re a bold person and someone who likes to have fun and go to parties!

25. Johnny Depp Leg Tattoo

Believe us, the Johnny Depp tattoo is going to be a huge trend and a must-do design these years due to the well-known trial that everyone will remember.

26. 1997 Leg Tattoo

Go for an important year that is close to your heart and place it over your leg.

27. Artsy Tattoo On Leg For Men

Show off this giant black ink cat if you’re a fan of creative tattoos.

28. Tiger Tattoo For Men

Let the world know that you’re ready to roar by placing this tiger design on your thigh.

29. Creative Black Tattoo For Men

If you are a fan of precision and you like geometrical tattoos this is for you!

30. Mask Design Tattoo

You’ll enjoy this mask duo and you’ll show that everyone is two-faced if and when the opportunity presents itself.

31. Funny Baby Cartoon Tattoo

Funny and cute baby tattoos can be both sentimental and funny. What’s it going to be for you?

32. Bull Mystical Leg Design

Bullhead or Taurus tattoos will show that you’re bold and stubborn, always hungry for attention and showing your point.

33. Scary Death Print On Leg

Lastly, give it a go with this death eater tattoo if you’re a true Harry Potter fan, looking for a scary yet relevant tattoo.
Want A New Tattoo?
Are you intrigued by these leg tattoos for guys? If so, which one is your personal favorite and a must-try from our list? Let us know if you’re ready for a bold, big or small tattoo. In the end, we got you all covered!

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