Evil eye tattoos seem like something that you like? If you’re a fan of supernatural concepts and want to get a tattoo or a symbol that dates back 5,000 years back, this is it! It is a religious symbol and something that you can get despite your religion or your beliefs (popular with Muslims, Jews, and Christians). Want to know more about it? Keep on reading and find your inspirations down below.

Evil Eye Meaning and History

The evil eye is a superstitious belief that originated in the Middle East and Mediterranean in which people believe that some people have the power to cause harm to others simply by looking at them. The term “evil eye” comes from the Italian word “malocchio,” which means “to give a bad look.” The evil eye is also referred to as “mal de ojo,” “malhocao,” and “mauvais oeil.”

The evil eye has been around since ancient times. It is mentioned in the Bible and was practiced among many different cultures including the Greeks, Romans, Egyptians and Persians. Many believe that giving someone an evil eye will cause them harm or bring bad luck their way.

While there is no scientific evidence to support this belief, studies show that many people still believe it works!

1. Simple Evil Eye Tattoo


Simple and done in black and white ink, this tattoo will look great on both genders.

2. Evil Eye Tattoo On Arm


If you’re a spiritual person and someone who enjoys black outlines and bigger tattoos, consider this art.

3. Evil Eye Tattoo On Back


Go for this evil eye tattoo over your back and show off your inner calmness and intention.

4. Hand Evil Eye Tattoo


Simple evil eye tattoo on hand that you’re going to enjoy if you’re a girl, looking for something sweet and soft.

5. Shoulder Evil Eye Tattoo


Defined black evil eye concept that you’re going to enjoy if you like scarier ideas.

6. Quirky Evil Eye Tattoo On Forearm


Bring bad luck and protect yourself from others and negative thoughts with this crying evil eye tattoo concept.

7. Artsy Evil Eye Tattoo


If you believe in the constant battle of good and evil and you want something scary and horror-inspired, this is for you.

8. Blue Evil Eye Tattoo


The most common, typical, and practical evil eye tattoo is this one done in all blue and white elements, often linked to Turkey and its traditions.

9. Small Wrist Evil Eye Tattoo


Small and personal, this wrist tattoo can look great on those who prefer smaller tattoos and wrist ideas.

10. Giant Stomach Evil Eye Tattoo


If you’re also an animal lover this third eye will suit you.

11. Leg Evil Eye Tattoo Design


Try out a matching evil eye tattoo that has a story of its own. Place it on both of your legs to show balance, equality, and symmetry.

12. Mystical Evil Eye Tattoo


If you fancy cool and elegant tattoos this one is for you. Show it off and let the world see your traditional side, but with a modern twist!

13. Cool Evil Eye Tattoo Idea


This washed-off and a funky tattoo is for those who want a tattoo that will age well.

14. Minimalism Evil Eye Tattoo


Cool minimalism tattoo that still represents your attempt to battle bad energy, and stay positive and well-led while doing it.

15. Evil Eye Tattoo On Arm


Palm tattoos are for those who prefer noticeable placements and who can rock a visible tattoo.

16. Black Evil Eye Tattoo


This black evil eye tattoo with the Harry Potter take on it will look great on men and women.

17. Retro Evil Eye Tattoo


If you like tribal tattoos and you have something specific in mind this pattern will look amazing on you.

18. Black Lines Evil Eye Tattoo


Creative and small, this black outline tattoo is for those who want something chic and trendy.

19. Funky Artsy Evil Eye Tattoo


Why not have a funny take on your evil eye tattoo? This retro strawberry concept will show that you can deal with anything that comes your way with a positive attitude.

20. Evil Eye Tattoo Idea


Show that you’ve been battling a loss and that you still believe in good luck and being protected from demons.

21. Big & Colorful Evil Eye Tattoo


If you fully trust your tattoo artist give it a go with this giant and cool evil eye colorful idea.

22. Cute Minimalism Evil Eye Tattoo


Women who want something sweet and cool will enjoy this evil eye tattoo. It will look great on those who are afraid of the tattooing process.

23. Bright Blue Evil Eye Tattoo


A blue and giant evil eye tattoo such as this one is a popular and common concept to go for.

24. Typical Evil Eye Tattoo


Go for an evil eye tattoo with a palm print and stay true to yourself while looking tribal and mystical.

25. Black Evil Eye Tattoo Idea


A giant black ink evil eye tattoo with this frame is for those who want a scarier tattoo and something masculine and dominant looking.

26. Evil Eye Tattoo On Shoulder


Women who want half-sleeve tattoos will like this shoulder placement and good charm luck tattooed!

27. Big Evil Eye Tattoo On Shoulder Ink


This evil eye tattoo will take you 4-6 hours to get.

28. Evil Eye Tattoo Concept


You can blend this tattoo in easily with the rest of your other designs.

29. Chest Evil Eye Tattoo For Men


Guys who work out and those who fancy big-chest ideas will like this cool concept.

30. Colorful Evil Eye Tattoo Print


Colorful, chic, and retro, this bohemian style of tattoo is for anyone who believes in good luck.

31. Finger Evil Eye Tattoo


Lastly, this cute and simple mini finger tattoo will suit those who want something mini and simple on their skin, yet something that can fight off evil energy.
Do You Want A New Tattoo?
Are you ready for a new tattoo? If so, which one do you want to wear? All of these options can suit both men and women. Adjust it to your style and preference, we can’t wait to see what you fancy!

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