Looking for a fun and creative way to celebrate your love? A couple tattoo is a fun way to show the special bond you share with your partner. With our list of trending couple tattoo ideas, you can select a design that perfectly represents both of you. From cups of coffee and bunches of bananas to anchor symbols and infinity symbols, discover meaningful patterns that will bring you closer together.

Couples can be so picky when it comes to couple tattoo ideas and concepts. Are you in a relationship? If so, why not suggest a couple tattoo concept to your loved one? Some of the most popular ideas are:

  • Half heart symbols
  • Quotes & dates
  • Matching puzzle pieces
  • Key pieces
  • Cartoon characters

In the end, this is a personal experience, so go for something that is sentimental for both of you.

1. Matching Leg Tattoos


If you and your loved one are goofballs and you like to stay quirky and fun, this is the right tattoo to go for!

2. Butterfly Couple Tattoos


Matching butterfly tattoos can be elegant and sentimental. Show how close you are and that the two of you are truly close pals who like to do everything together.

3. Sun & Moon Couple Tattoos


The sun and the moon can look amazing as matching couple tattoos. If you believe in equality you’re going to like these planet tattoos.

4. Koi Fish Couple Tattoos


Koi fish is used to describe your energetic and curious personality, along with the bond that is very deep for the two of you.

5. Couple Tattoos Matching Design


Another sun and the moon concept that you can try out over your legs or your calf. Perfect and big, a must if you fancy showy ideas.

6. Heart Couple Tattoos


You and your loved one can show appreciation and closeness with one simple heart print, yet it can be perfect for your true relationship.

7. Small Ring Couple Tattoos


This pinky tattoo and the red circle is perfect for those who want to stay true to themselves and show their love through a pinky promise.

8. Funny Avocado Couple Tattoos


Cool avocado tattoo that is funny and different, perfect for quirky and outgoing couples.

9. Arrow Couple Tattoos


Arrows pointing to one another and pointing in one direction and telling the world that you have found your “the one” will look phenomenal on most couples.

10. Funny Math Couple Tattoos


If you and your loved one are nerds who like to joke around in your own way, why not try out this matching tattoo?

11. King & Queen Couple Tattoos


One life one love matching tattoo is for those who are really close to one another.

12. Wrist Matching Couple Tattoos


Small wrist tattoo that you’re going to like if you’re a fan of minimalism.

13. Galaxy Couple Tattoos


Galaxy couple tattoo and this wrist design are for those who are into celestial concepts.

14. Cartoon Couple Tattoos


If you and your loved one are super into cartoons this matching tattoo will suit you.

15. K & Q Couple Tattoos


Show that you’re a king and that she is your queen with this K and Q symbol tattoo.

16. Matching Couple Tattoos On Legs


If you’re a fan of geometry and abstract art this calf tattoo is for you.

17. Rabbit Couple Tattoos


The rabbit couple tattoo is cute, simple, and colorful, perfect for those who really like Looney Tunes.

18. Nature Couple Tattoo


Couples who are outdoor types will enjoy this wrist mountain nature concept.

19. Fun Cartoon Couple Tattoos


Funny and cute, this Tom and Jerry tattoo is for those who are still kids at heart.

20. Red Rose Couple Tattoos


A red rose along with your name tag will look romantic.

21. Feather Couple Tattoos


Feathers stand for light and airy times that are good and behind you.

22. XO Couple Tattoos


Go for the word XO and show how much you really love your significant other.

23. Key Couple Tattoos


Lock your love in place and show that you’re here for a long ride.

24. Loving Quote Couple Tattoos


You can go for a quote that suits you and that describes your closeness in one unique way and through a song or a movie that is truly yours.

25. Butterfly Leg Couple Tattoos


Fun and colorful, this butterfly tattoo placed on the leg will suit men and women who prefer subtle and pastel colors.

26. Arm Couple Tattoo Design


If you’re a creative person and someone who likes to show off your favorite hobbies together this tattoo is the right pick for you two.

27. Blue Bunny Couple Tattoos


Cute little bunny tattoo that you’re going to like if you and your loved one are animal lovers.

28. Cool Portrait Couple Tattoos


Moon and sun along with some abstract artsy elements will look mesmerizing when done the right way! It will also add character to your tattoo.

29. Matching Chest Couple Tattoos


Those who love bedtime stories will like this black outline tattoo idea.

30. Puzzle Couple Tattoos


Show that you two are each other’s fits that make the perfect puzzle with this matching tattoo.

31. Magical Couple Tattoos


If you believe in magic this black ink matching concept will suit you two the best.
Want A Matching Tattoo?
Whether you’re starting a new relationship or have been married for years, there’s always an opportunity to get inked together. From the classic heart-shaped infinity symbol to more unique designs that are sure to draw attention, there are endless possibilities when it comes to couple tattoos.

A tattoo artist can help guide you through the process of designing your own unique couple tattoo, or if you prefer, they can create something special just for you.

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