Hand tattoos are for those who want to place a larger and more noticeable print on their skin. If you like quirky tattoos or you prefer more-so noticeable ideas this placement will suit you. Everyone will spot and admire your choice and your concept of showing bigger tattoos. Keep on reading and discover some hand tattoo ideas that guys will fancy.

What Can A Hand Tattoo Be?

Guys can go for anything that intrigues them and that they find fancy. If you’re someone who wants to get a sleek and cool tattoo that represents your masculine energy and that you can show to the world, consider this placement. Arm tattoos can be anything that you imagine, starting with tribal prints and going all the way up to meaningful quotes or special dates. Find your inspo down below!

How Pricey Are Hand Tattoos?

Bigger arm tattoos and half-sleeves will cost a lot more. This is what most guys gravitate to. Expect to pay around $200 for something in a bigger and colorful style. Smaller arm tattoos can go for $100. Everyone will find something that suits their style, but the final price tag will vary based on the experience level of a tattoo artist himself.

Black And White Tattoos

1. Black Bee Hand Tattoo For Men


If you like bees and animals in general you’re going to like this little insect over your arm.

2. Geometrical Hand Tattoo For Men


Geometry and aesthetically pleasing prints will look so elegant over your arm or your hand!

3. Hindu Tattoo Over Arm


If you like Hindu religion, elements, or characters from this religion, give it a go with this print over your palm in black and white.

4. Black Eye Tattoo


Place an eye symbol over your arm and let the world see you as someone who’s open for change and new challenges, as well as revealing the truth.

5. Black Hawk Hand Tattoo For Men


A lot of men like to wear masculine tattoos. This eagle print will suit you if you are a free-spirited soul.

6. Gorilla Hand Tattoo For Men


Go for this gorilla tattoo over your hand or your arm if you want to show off your dominance with a tattoo.

7. Wolf Hand Tattoo For Men


Wolves are such a unique and bold character to go for over your arm.

8. Black Wing Feather Tattoo


Go for a pair of wings and know that they’re going to look so excellent even when done in black color.

9. Rose Hand Tattoo For Men


A lot of guys like to wear and dedicate flower tattoos to their other half’s. Do you?

10. Devil Inspired Tattoo


This design will look good on you if you’re someone who believes in the other world creatures and demonic power.

11. Black Egyptian Inspired Tattoo


Anubis is an amazing tattoo that will suit men who like Egyptology, as well as those who like history.

12. Eye Print Hand Tattoo For Men


Go for an eye tattoo of someone who’s super important in your life.

13. Detailed Realistic Eye Print


This black and white tattoo with a subtle pop of blue will look so good when done by a proper tattoo artist.

14. Sparta Inspired Hand Tattoo For Men


Start working on a half a sleeve tattoo and enjoy its pure beauty without overdoing it with a lot of colors.

15. Black Ink Mandala Hand Tattoo For Men


A black mandala over your arm will look attractive and will seek looks.

16. Mystical Greek God Tattoo


Those who believe in Greek mythology and find it to be fascinating will enjoy this tattoo.

17. Black Ink Two Birds Tattoo


Two birds over your arm will represent your connection to your closest ones.

18. Scary Black Ink


Those who like sexy women characters and scary-looking prints will enjoy this latex-like tattoo.

Colorful Hand Tattoos For Men

1. Bright Red Hand Tattoo For Men


A rose print can symbolize your love for someone close in your life.

2. Gamer Inspired Hand Tattoo For Men


If you like to play video games you’re going to like this bright tattoo.

3. Scary Skull Tattoo


This bright red skull symbolizes new and old life choices, all mixed into one.

4. Colorful Wolf Hand Tattoo For Men


Try out this wolf tattoo if you’re an animal lover and someone who wants to look dominant. Also check fenrir tattoos.

5. Snake Print Hand Tattoo For Men


Show your elegant side and your deep connection to one special woman in your life.

6. Anime Hand Tattoo For Men


Guys who like to watch anime movies will like this tattoo and its unique color combo.

7. Orange Tiger Hand Tattoo For Men


Go for an actual and realistic tiger tattoo to fully show its glory.

8. Cartoon Devil Tattoo


If you dare to wear bright and retro color ideas this will suit you.

9. Colorful Concept Hand Tattoo For Men


Make sure that you have 2-3 hours to spare when getting this tattoo.

10. Starwars Hand Tattoo For Men


If you are a true fan of Star Wars this tattoo will look great on you!

11. Fisherman Hand Tattoo For Men


If you love to fish and you’re someone who likes vibrant tattoos, this is it!

12. Cat Hand Tattoo For Men


Guys who are deeply connected to their pets and furry pals will like this tattoo.

13. Colorful Wolf Hand Tattoo For Men


Show that you are unique & rare and that your personality can be dominant, just like the wolf himself!

14. Blue Devil Hand Tattoo For Men


Consider this bright blue devil hand tattoo if you like scary and noticeable, yet different pieces.

Ready To Give It A ”Hand”?

Let us know which one of these tattoos was your favorite?! Everyone will easily find their next best thing with this article. Let us know your preference and if you’re ready for something new!

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