Samoan tattoos are thought to be some great and gorgeous tattoos that are often done by those interested in tribal ink. It is a gorgeous and appealing design, often done across the entire body of men and women. There are some specific rules and guidelines when it comes to doing this type of tattoo. It is not for everyone or everyone’s personal preference, that’s for sure. If you want to experience a tattoo like never before and you’re intrigued by finding some cool ink ideas, keep on reading! Here, we might leave you feeling overwhelmed with a top-notch high-quality list for both men and women.

What Are Samoan Tattoos?

Samoan Tattoos are also known and called tatau in the Samoan language. They have a long history and are known as a type of Polynesian tattoo since Polynesias people usually go for them. A celebrity that has made them super famous and widely known worldwide is the Rock. The point of these tattoos and the tattooing process is to experience excruciating pain that leads to accepting that person as a mature individual.

Where To Place A Samoan Tattoo?

The best placement for a Samoan tattoo depends and varies. The truth is that a lot of people may fancy a chest or shoulder design (men especially), while girls tend to do it over their arms and collarbones. In most cases for Samoan culture and tradition, the best placement would be across the entire body! This included the chest, arms, shoulders, and legs. However, the entire design and choice are left per your preference and personal style or liking.

How Pricey Are Samoan Tattoos?

Prices can also vary when it comes to this specific style and kind of tattoo. This is because they are all done in such a unique, artsy, and even way with a lot of attention being paid to black detailed lines. For a lot of tattoo artists, this tattoo can be seen as a challenge. You will end up paying anywhere from $100 for something really small and discreet and up to $2000 for your entire body tattoo designs and proper cover-ups.

1. Samoan Tattoo Forearm

One of the most painful tattoos that you will ever go through so heads up in advance.

2. Samoan Tattoo On Back

Manta rays are a popular tattoo due to their symbolism for Polynesian people.

3. Samoan Tattoo Chest

This chest tattoo will look fierce on most men.

4. Samoan Tattoo Shark

Sharks are also a popular go-to when it comes to Samoan tattoos.

5. Samoan Tattoo Designs Simple

This cute little foot tattoo will take you 2-3 hours to get.

6. Samoan Tattoo Calf

Show your dominance with this cool calf tattoo.

7. Samoan Thigh Tattoo

If you want an entire body cover-up consider this design.

8. Samoan Tattoo Symbols On Shoulder

This shoulder tattoo will look amazing once executed.

9. Samoan Tattoo For Women

Women who dare and want to stand out will enjoy this print.

10. Samoan Tattoo On Shoulder Colorful

Your tattoo doesn’t have to be done in all-black ink, why not add a pop of color?!

11. Underboob Samoan Tattoo

This underboob tattoo will take 1-2 hours to get. Perfect for sensual women.

12. Orange Samoan Tattoo

If you dislike simple black tattoos consider this pop of color.

13. Samoan Sleeve Tattoo

Show your true interest with this giant tribal sleeve tattoo.

14. Black Samoan Tattoo

Make sure that your pain tolerance level is high when it comes to this design.

15. Samoan Tattoo Pattern Over Arm

It will take you 3-4 hours to get this tattoo.

16. Small Samoan Tattoo

This Samoan tattoo is small and simple, perfect for those who dislike pain and the tattooing process.

17. Black Calf Samoan Tattoo

Book the best tattoo artist when it comes to this type of tattoo.

18. Manta-Ray Samoan Tattoo

Combine manta rays and turtles to achieve this gorgeous duo.

19. Warrior Chest Samoan Tattoo

This chest tattoo will look amazing on men who work out.

20. Black Tattoo Over Arm

If you like simplicity consider this small tattoo.

21. Lizard Samoan Tattoo

Lizards are also quite popular as a tattoo concept for Polynesian people.

22. Shoulder Black Samoan Tattoo

This shoulder tattoo will take you 4-5 hours to get.

23. Tribal Chest Samoan Tattoo

Show your dominant side with this unique outcome.

24. Owl Samoan Tattoo

Owls will represent your wisdom, as well as your appreciation for Samoan culture.

25. Samoan Tattoo With A Flower

This Hawaiian flower is an often addition to Samoan tattoos.

26. Detailed Samoan Tattoo

If you are a detail-oriented person this will intrigue you.

27. Thigh Design Samoan Tattoo

Thigh tattoos will take 3-4 hours to master.

28. Bird Totem Samoan Tattoo

Different and unusual, this tattoo is for those who want to stand out.

29. Back Samoan Tattoo For Women

Gorgeous back tattoo for women who dare to go big.

30. Wing Samoan Tattoo

This wing pattern is elegant and mysterious, perfect for both genders.
Want This Print?
Are you brave enough to get or consider any of these tattoos? If so, which one is it going to be? Let us know what you fancy the most from this list, we can’t wait to see you trying out something so fun and cool when it comes to these tribal ideas.

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