The crown is a symbol of royalty and power, which is why it makes sense that it’s one of the most common tattoos out there. The crown tattoo can be used in many different ways. It can be simple or complex in design, depending on the wearer’s preference.

For men, a crown tattoo is often about making a statement about the wearer’s masculinity. They can be worn with pride, or they can be worn as a challenge to others. Men often place the crown tattoo on their biceps or chest area. These areas are typically large enough to hold the details of a large crown tattoo design.

For women, crown tattoos are usually meant to show that the wearer is royalty—someone who’s above average in some way. Crown tattoos also can be used by women as a way of showing their power and strength, especially when they’re going through something difficult in their lives. Women typically place their crown tattoos on smaller areas such as their arms or ankles. Women may also choose to place their crown tattoos on their shoulder blades or behind their ears for a more discreet look.

Colorful Crown Tattoos

1. Gold Crown Tattoo

Go for a pop of gold to your crown and you’re going to enjoy its elegance and stylish presence while feeling like an actual king or queen!

2. Green Crown Tattoo

Quirky and retro, adding a pop of color and these neon elements will suit most men or women. Show that you’re up for fun and that you are still a child at heart who knows how to love and be respected.

3. Purple Crown Tattoo On Arm

This is a cool arm tattoo but heads up since getting it will hurt. If you prefer showy ideas this is for you and your glamour attention-seeking side.

4. Crown & Diamond Tattoo

Cool pink diamond and this crown symbol on top will show your elegance and femininity. Girls who feel like literal queens or gemstones will enjoy this tattoo the best.

5. Crown Tattoo On Arm

Arm tattoos are usually worn by those who prefer showy tattoos and by those who want something visible and gorgeous. This crown tattoo will represent your energetic yet positive character.

6. Colorful Tattoo Design

Go for a couple of flowers to make the design girly and personal. Women who have a literal queen in their life will enjoy this beauty.

7. Red Crown Tattoo

Wear your crown proudly and show that you’re someone who is all about elegance and glory, as well as royalty.

8. Crown Tattoo For Men

Cool bright red crown tattoo that you’re going to enjoy if you’re a guy who works out. Men who are in their twenties might fancy this creation the most.

9. Funky Crown Tattoo

A small retro dinosaur with a crown on his head will suit guys or girls who are still kids in their hearts! Funky and cool, don’t you agree?

10. Giant Back Crown Tattoo

Giant and powerful back tattoo that will show your power and dominance. Will look the best on guys who work out.

11. Crown Tattoo & A Key Design

Show that you have a crown that has to be locked in place and kept safe from the rest of the world.

12. Unique Crown Tattoo Idea

Small and minimalistic yet paired with the right colors, this is for anyone who is a fan of art and wants to show elegance and dominance in their own way.

13. Crown Tattoo & Skull

Death is your enemy? How about you crown it with the right headpiece and you’re going to enjoy its deeper meaning and your persona who can fight off bad thoughts and make them your own strength?!

Black & White Crown Tattoos

1. Elegant Crown Tattoo

Small, minimalistic, and simple, this tattoo won’t take you more than one hour to achieve. It is perfect for those who can’t stand the needle.

2. Black Shaded Crown Tattoo

A black crown that is properly shaded and this design will look intriguing and mystical, great for both genders.

3. Sentimental Crown Tattoo

Go for a crown design and place it on your shoulder, along with an important date or important year that is personal and meaningful to you.

4. Lion Crown Tattoo

A lion wearing a crown symbolizes great strength and dominance, as well as your inner power to rule the world and be remembered.

5. Giant Crown & Lion Tattoo

If you fully trust your tattoo artist give it a go with this tattoo. It is a masterpiece worth exploring, but it will take some time to do.

6. Wrist Crown Tattoo

A small wrist tattoo is for those who enjoy petite ideas. If you can’t handle the pain factor and you enjoy mini art consider booking this option.

7. Gorgeous Outline Crown Tattoo

Show that you sparkle and that you know how to attract looks and stay remembered while wearing your crown.

8. Wings & Crown Tattoo

A small neck tattoo and this crown design will symbolize you as a true warrior and someone who can overcome any obstacles.

9. Crown Tattoo On Chest

Guys who prefer chest tattoos will naturally gravitate toward this design.

10. Black Crown Design

A small black line tattoo such as this one will take you less than two hours to do. If you prefer black outlines and like chic work, this is for you.

11. Crown Tattoo For Guys

Add a name tattoo and pair it along with a crown. This way, you will show that you’re someone who has full respect and love for the other person.

12. Crown Tattoo Behind Ears

Cool neck tattoo that most men will enjoy. If you fancy black lines and dominance you will show it all with this artwork.

13. Back Crown Tattoo

Feminine and small, this back tattoo will look lovely on women who enjoy smaller ideas and tattoos that symbolize inner feminine power.

14. Black Crown On Back

A lion symbolizes power and dominance. If you’re a natural warrior and someone who has overcome a ton of obstacles this tattoo is for you.

15. Minimalistic Crown Tattoo

Simple, quick, and “clean”, this tattoo is for those who like cute ideas and tattoos that are easy to do, as well as affordable.

16. Small Crown Tattoo

Cool, simple and so small, this crown tattoo is for those who like mini tattoos and dislike the tattooing process. If you are on a budget this is for you.

17. Crown Design On Arm

Show someone that you think of them as your king or queen by getting their name and a crown tattoo.

18. Sentimental Crown Tattoo

If you like sentimental tattoos this one is for you! Show the other person how much you love and value them.

Want A New Tattoo?

Wear your crown proudly, and let us know which one out of these tattoos is your favorite?! All of these options can look gorgeous on men and women, just rock your tattoo with full confidence and embrace the look.

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