The vegvisir, also known as the viking compass or runic compass, is a powerful Icelandic symbol that has become a popular tattoo design in recent years. This magical stave meaning ‘wayfinder’ was used as a protective symbol by Vikings to ensure they always found their way through storms and difficult waters.

Getting a vegvisir tattoo shows a close connection to your inner compass and personal path in life. It represents never losing your way through hard times or confusion. This meaningful symbol also connects to Norse mythology, making it a great choice for those who feel aligned with Viking and Old Norse culture.

When deciding where to get your vegvisir tattoo, common placements are on the upper arm, forearm, chest, back or calves. This allows for both small and large designs. Due to the intricate details of this Norse symbol, a medium to large tattoo would work best, ranging from 4-6 inches across. Expect to pay $150 – $300 for a quality vegvisir tattoo from a professional artist.

Now let’s explore 30 unique vegvisir tattoo designs to spark inspiration for your own Norse compass ink:

1. Raven & Vegvisir Shoulder Tattoo

There are three important things in this majestic tattoo: a Vegvisir, a raven, and a sword. All three are super significant for Vikings, right? It’s a really manly tattoo, you see, since it’s big and filled with those bold, dark shades.

2. Nordic Half Sleeve Vegvisir Tattoo

It’s like having a magical combo of time, direction and nature all in one epic tattoo. This tattoo covers half of the arm and the main part of the tattoo is a big round shape that looks like a clock, but instead of numbers, it has a Vegvisir symbol. Plus, around this clock, there’s a tree trunk design.

3. Black Ink Vegvisir Arm Tattoo

How about diving into the timeless world of bold ink lines with the awesome tattoo? This version in classic black ink is super cool. Especially if you like basic designs, go for it.

4. Colorful Vegvisir and Smaug Tattoo

Smaug and The Lonely Mountain, with the Nordic compass create a great tattoo design. Inspired by Lord of the Rings, this leg tattoo shows a big Vegvisir on a giant mountain and the dragon below. It’s quite epic!

5. Dragon & Vegvisir Arm Tattoo

In this awesome tattoo done on the inner arm, there seems to be this cool round frame. Inside that frame, there’s a dragon wrapping around it, looking all wild and fierce. There’s more! Inside the frame, there is our famous Vegvisir symbol.

6. Yggdrasil and Vegvisir Back Tattoo

You know that super important Yggdrasil tree from Norse myths? In this back tattoo, the artist mashed it up with the Vegvisir! It’s all about finding those roots and connections. We also have to say that the snake surrounding the tree is fabulous.

7. Colorful Splash and Vegvisir Tattoo

A line art Vegvisir is placed on the arm and the rest of the tattoos stretches to forearm. The details on the arm seem like symbols representing the world’s math. Plus, the added touches of purple, pink, and yellow behind the lines are just awesome.

8. Head/Face Vegvisir Tattoo

We know that this Vegvisir tattoo is quite daring to get. In this head/face tattoo, the Vegvisir is drawn around the ear, so instead of drawing the regular circle in this symbol, the round area of the ear and the head is used.

9. Valkyrie & Vegvisir Thigh Tattoo

How about a stunning thigh tattoo? It’s a large portrait of Valkyrie, drawn using a sketch technique. The real eye-catcher is the Vegvisir symbol inked on the Valkyrie’s neck and vivid red droplets resembling blood around her.

10. Phoenix & Vegvisir Tattoo on the Forearm

Placed on the inner part of your arm, this tattoo is as fiery as a flame! On the upper part, there’s a circle created by a red dragon, and inside it, you’ll find a Vegvisir symbol. Below that, there are two phoenix birds that are burning a small black tree.

11. Viking Ship & Vegvisir Forearm Tattoo

Covering the lower part of your forearm, this tattoo shows fierce waves below and on top, there’s a Viking ship with a dragon head. Inside the ship, there are warriors ready for battle. And right above, there’s a big Vegvisir symbol, guiding the way.

12. Detailed Vegvisir Chest Tattoo

The focus of this tattoo is the large circle of bindrunes around the Vegvisir on the chest. Some bindrunes are green at the center, while the ones around them are red. These bindrunes make the Vegvisir even more special, and if you look closely, you’ll notice similar lines.

13. Yggdrasil and Vegvisir Tattoo

Here is an amazing blackwork tattoo on the shoulder. There’s a majestic Yggdrasil tree without its leaves, looking magnificent! There are a couple of crows perched on its branches. Right beneath the tree, there’s a Vegvisir, and the roots of the tree are wrapping around the symbol.

14. Jormungadr and Vegvisir Wrist Tattoo

Let’s merge the power of the Vegvisir symbol with the ancient Norse serpent, Jormungandr. The symbol was intertwined with the serpent and it is placed on the inner arm. Representing the balance between order and chaos, this tattoo rocks.

15. Full Back Vegvisir Tattoo

How a big this Vegvisir symbol is! It is drawn on the back, covering it with thick and pitch-black lines. Are you feeling brave enough to get this awesome tattoo?

16. Vegvisir Tattoo with Raven and Wolf

Are you ready to shine out with a magnificent tattoo? Here is an awesome combo of symbols. There is a Vegvisir symbol on top, drawn with delicate lines, and underneath, there’s a big wolf with a shaded effect. On the left and right sides, there are two pine trees, and beneath them, there’s a majestic raven with its wings spread wide.

17. Vegvisir and Wings Tattoo Design

Here is a small Vegvisir tattoo on the calf. The center point is in red, and what makes this gorgeous is its wings. These wings are made up of red and black colors. Give it a try.

18. Celtic Sleeve Vegvisir Tattoo

There’s a bunch of wolves, a deer, and a Vegvisir all together. The Vegvisir symbol is drawn with delicate lines. The deer is giving it a friendly hug with its antlers! The antlers kinda look like a tree because they have leaves on top.

19. Nordic Theme Vegvisir Tattoo with Raven

How about black warrior braids with some blue braids added at certain spots? In the center of the tattoo, there’s a side profile portrait of a raven, and just to the left of that, there is a small Vegvisir symbol, which represents guidance and protection.

20. Dotwork Vegvisir Tattoo

Getting this tattoo is like owning a piece of art! It covers the lower part of the arm and is decorated with various symbols and shapes alongside the Vegvisir symbol. There are also some red lines within it.

21. Blue Splash Vegvisir Arm Tattoo

Imagine a Vegvisir symbol drawn using sketch technique, placed on the arm. To make this symbol stand out, the artist added a splatter effect to create a blue background. 🎨 The color resembles watercolor.

22. Sea Horses and Vegvisir Ornamental Tattoo

Let’s combine the Vegvisir, which is like a magical compass, with seahorses to stand out. Together, they create a deep and meaningful design! This masterpiece totally deserves a prime spot on your body!

23. Vegvisir Tattoo with Roses

If you’re a fan of Vikings, you’re going to adore this Norse tattoo too! It’s a Vegvisir symbol drawn on the inner arm with a large and delicate circle. The inside is colored with a soft shade of red ink. Plus, the top and bottom of the symbol are embellished with roses!

24. Dotwork Valkyrie Shoulder Tattoo

Starting from the shoulder and goes down to the elbow, this tattoo rocks. At the top, there’s a big Vegvisir symbol and it is surrounded by a circle made of tiny dots, like a beautiful frame. Below that, there’s a Valkyrie holding the same symbol over her head.

25. Side Rib Vegvisir Tattoo

This awesome rib tattoo shows a ship in the ancient petroglyph style. The ship is a mix of the Sun Voyager statue from Reykjavík and an Icelandic symbol called Vegvisir. Give it a shot.

26. Nordic Compass Vegvisir and Mountain Tattoo

In the design above, there is a cool Nordic compass Vegvisir tattoo on the inner arm! This symbol is combined with a mountain to create an amazing design. Plus, the design is placed inside a circular shape.

27. Fenrir & Vegvisir Arm Tattoo

Fenrir is growling and looking upwards, and there’s a Vegvisir symbol right under its head. Fenrir’s mane is hanging down from below the symbol. Also, there are three triangles added for some extra flair to this awesome arm tattoo.

28. Dotwork Vegvisir Tattoo with Deer Skull

There is a Vegvisir symbol tattooed around the wrist, surrounded by tiny and close dots. These dots continue up to your middle finger. On top of these dots, there’s an awesome deer skull drawn!

29. Ornate Wolves and Vegvisir Tattoo

This ornate tattoo on the shoulder rocks! It’s a simple Vegvisir symbol with two wolves around it and cool spirals as decoration. Looks fantastic!

30. Colorful Yggdrasil and Vegvisir Tattoo

Inside the circle of the Vegvisir, picture a super colorful Yggdrasil. The tree’s normally black, but in this tattoo, it’s got shades of yellow, green, blue, and purple added to it. Have fun with your tattoo!

31. Line Art Vegvisir Back Tattoo

So, on the upper part of the back, there’s this really cool Vegvisir tattoo. It’s done in a way that kinda looks like both a solid line and a sketch at the same time. Give it a shot.

32. Solar Lunar Wolf & Vegvisir Tattoo

Done in an ink brush style, these two fierce Solar Lunar Wolves look like twins! They’re drawing a circle together. And right in the middle, there’s a Vegvisir, which is a Norse compass.

33. Blackwork Vegvisir Tattoo

Placed on the arm, the tattoo is pretty big and has this cool design with dots forming a pattern in the center. As the dots move away from the center, they get smaller. Imagine how cool it’ll look every time you move your arm!

The vegvisir is a powerful and culturally rich symbol that makes for a meaningful tattoo. With its connection to guidance, protection, and Norse mythology, this Icelandic compass design allows for endless customization. Whether you want something simple or a full Viking-inspired scene, be sure to choose a professional tattoo artist to bring your vegvisir body art to life. This iconic symbol will keep you on your life path, acting as a permanent reminder to never lose your way.

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