Are you intrigued by some cool tattoos? How about Chicano prints, which are some amazing, funky, yet ghetto-inspired ideas? The truth is that your chosen Chicano concept can say a lot about you. It is a fierce look that can tell a lot about a person and his or her background, along with a personal story. If you wish to know more about all of this and you need some inspiration, keep on reading and find a Chicano symbol that works well for you.

What Does A Chicano Tattoo Mean?
Have you ever heard of the Chicano tattoo concept? If not, now is your lucky day! Chicano tattoos have been used by Mexican people mostly, and they’ve been linked to a person who is not of American origin. Aside from that, these designs were also popular with gangs, and they represented affiliations. Mostly done in a form of a gun, mask, clown, or rider, these are powerful, sometimes scary yet very straightforward symbols to go for.

1. Stylish Black Ink Chicano Tattoo

This cool tattoo also has that ghetto and player-like vibe to it. If you’re often gambling with some items, things, or people in life and if you’re truly fierce and bold in one way, this will suit you.

2. Shoulder Chicano Tattoo Design

The great thing about this shoulder sleeve tattoo is that it can suit most age groups. It is a giant design that is often rocked by those who work out, as well as guys who enjoy stylish and attention-seeking tattoos. It can look good and is not too easy to tattoo, meaning that you won’t go wrong with your chosen tattoo artist.

3. Bold Head Chicano Tattoo Design

Look fierce, wild, and ghetto with this headpiece! Men who are crazy, quirky, and outgoing will like this print. Give it a go, but be well aware of the pain factor that is connected to it, as it is the case with most headpieces.

4. Black Ink Chicano Tattoo

This Chicano tattoo that is done in black ink is a must for guys who prefer minimalism and elegant tattoos. Sometimes, you can tell quite a lot with the simplest or smallest black-shaded artwork.

5. Giant Chest Chicano Tattoo Design

Guys who wish to go all out should try out this tattoo. It is a fierce and bold print that can look great on those who work out. Not only that, but this chest tattoo is also great for men who wish to go all out. Make sure that your budget is flexible since this idea will take some time and money to get looking just right.

6. Leg Tattoo Chicano Design

Leg tattoos and bigger Chicano ideas are for those who wish to express their bold and wild character. Do you like dominant and feisty ideas? Want to decorate your entire leg, thigh, or knee with the right symbol? In the end, this will look so powerful and breathtaking.

7. Sleeve Chicano Tattoo

A sleeve Chicano tattoo will clearly show your background. It is going to look so fierce and is a statement piece to go for. If you prefer large, big, black, and stylish tattoos, as well as something with a story to it, why not get this? The end result is attention-seeking and quite modern + everyone will ask you for your story and the meaning of your tattoo.

8. Black Ink Ghetto Chicano Tattoo

Go for the face of someone you love and of someone who is close and important in your life. Guys who wish to dedicate a design to their closest one and those who are Hispanic will like the end print.

9. Back Shoulder Chicano Tattoo

Why not go for this half-split and straight-down-the-middle back design? It is decorated with all the right elements and looks fierce, great for guys who work out and wish to show off their masculine back. This will suit most age groups as well.

10. Black Sleeve Chicano Tattoo

Book an amazing tattoo artist you trust if you wish to give it a go with this tattoo. Men who are in their 30s may fancy this sleeve the most. Consider getting it if you have a tough story to tell since this will show it and clearly speak it.

11. Chicano Tattoo Design For Guys

Chicano tattoos can be worn by those who have Mexican ancestry. Does this apply to you? If so, this overall cool design will suit you. Make sure that you consider it if you’re into artsy pieces and modern takes on the artwork, with an important story to tell.

12. Artsy Forearm Chicano Tattoo

Forearm tattoos are for those who want to look good, yet don’t want to overdo it. You won’t pay a lot of money for this design either. In the end, it will look great and inspirational, without costing a lot.

13. Bold Neck Chicano Tattoo

Neck tattoos aren’t for everyone. Do you want to try one out yourself? If you prefer bold, large and dominant ink, this is for you. Make sure that you experiment with colors or shapes since you don’t have to stick to something monochrome. If your job allows you to, stick to this design.

14. Palm Chicano Tattoo Idea

Did you know that palm tattoos are painful and tricky to go for? This is because our hands and palms tend to age easily and super fast as time goes on. If you don’t mind this and you wish to experiment with something new that is still fun and representative of you as a person, book this design.

15. Colorful & Bold Chicano Tattoo

Not a lot of guys dare to go for colorful, big, and neon-like tattoos. If you like pastel colors, why not book this design? This Chicano design is quite different and unique than most, ideal for those who enjoy having a serious conversation about their background, but in their own way.

16. Stomach Chicano Tattoo Design

Your Chicano tattoo can be just something that is personal to you, yet small and straightforward. Go for the well-known “vida loca” quote and place it all over your stomach. The end result is representative of your culture, yet not too pricey to go for.

17. Half Sleeve Chicano Tattoo

Half-sleeve tattoos are for those who can’t commit to the full picture just yet. This black and white Chicano image is for those who like creative pieces, as well as those who have an important story to tell. You don’t have to do a lot of talking, as your tattoo will do the job for you.

18. Big Black Thigh Chicano Tattoo

Cool thigh design that is mostly worn by women. Do you like big and dominant ideas? Are you picky when it comes to your tattoos? This one is a masterpiece and a full commitment. If you’re ready to give it a go with something loud and modern, which is also perfect for the Hispanic culture, try out this piece. Both guys and girls with bigger thighs will like this tattoo.

19. Calf Design Chicano Tattoo

A calf tattoo that is done in this way has to be precise and covered in all the right details. Do you like paying attention to details? If you go to the gym often and you fancy something somewhat sneaky and hidden this overall approach and look will suit you.

20. Big Thigh Chicano Tattoo

Giant and outgoing thigh tattoos will look great on guys with bigger calves, as well as on men who work out. You can go for a portrait of someone who is important in your life and try out this design. If your loved one is a Chicano, she is going to appreciate the effort and love put into this symbolic tattoo.

21. Artsy Design Chicano Tattoo

Artsy and cute, a tattoo such as this one is for those who like to talk about their religion or spirituality through a tattoo. How important is religion in your case? Let the world know where you stand with this artsy arm tattoo that is done in simpler minimalistic black and white way.

22. Unique Chicano Tattoo

If you trust your tattoo artist and you’re ready to commit to something fun, new, and different, check out this design. It is perfect for those with a Mexican background and the tattoo is done with all the right details, perfect for those who enjoy pop art or cartoon-like type of tattooing.

23. Big Thigh Chicano Tattoo Ink

Big thigh tattoos will always look great on masculine guys. This Chicano design is very representative of the Mexican culture, a must-try if you’re someone who enjoys big and loud art. Show that you know of your rights and that you’re often comfortable with showing your heritage with big and bold tattoos.

24. Forearm Chicano Tattoo Idea

This type of forearm tattoo is very scary and has that unique and ghetto Chicano vibe to it. Guys who are into larger tattoos and if you wish to show off your true colors just know that you can do it with this type of clown print. Anyone who has had a tough or impressive life story will like this print.

25. Shaded Chicano Tattoo

Not a lot of tattoo artists know how to do this type of art. Does yours? If you trust him or her and you’re into cool shaded ideas, book this tattoo. It shows a person who is aware of their true identity, and sometimes being straightforward with the truth (presenting it in black and white) might cut it the best.

26. Big Shoulder Ink Chicano Tattoo

Black and white shoulder or forearm tattoo such as this one is for those who like to go big and bold. In fact, this tattoo shows a person who is a proud American, despite the things that may have come their way thus far. Stand proudly, and let the world see you for what and who you are.

27. Artsy Colorful Chicano Tattoo

Big and loud, this shoulder tattoo is for those who like artsy ideas. If you wish to commit to a bright and bold print, why not this? If you’ve ever struggled with your identity or if you’ve been stuck with your current situation/life path, this will suit you. Show that you’re an optimist by booking these wild and vivid colors as well.

28. Shoulder Sleeve Chicano Tattoo

This big shoulder sleeve tattoo shows your true colors and your identity, as well as the fact that you don’t have to worry about showing your true colors to the world. Although sometimes it may feel as if you’re wearing a mask just because you’re Mexican, it doesn’t have to be like that at all.

29. Artsy Detailed Chicano Tattoo

Artsy, black and white, and somewhat ghetto, this tattoo is a must-try by guys who wish to dedicate this print to their closest one. If your loved one is Mexican, this tattoo will suit them and they will appreciate your closeness with this print.

30. Big Black Shoulder Chicano Tattoo

Cool shoulder tattoo such as this one is for guys who like dramatic ideas. Heads up since this tattoo will take you 6-8 hours to do. If you like to show off your true side and your history, you can do it all with this concept.

Chicano Time
And there you have it! Our list of fun and unique tattoos that one can go for. Do you want something big, small, black and white, or colorful? Well, we’ve covered it all. Let us know what your top pick is, we can’t wait to see you rocking something new from our list.

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