The infinity symbol, also known as the lemniscate, was first discovered by the Greek mathematician Pythagoras. It was later used by Isaac Newton in his study of calculus and has been an important part of mathematics ever since.

The symbol represents endlessness or timelessness, which is why it’s often used to represent eternity or immortality. It can also be used to represent something that is infinite or endless, such as love or friendship.

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The infinity is a simple design that can be placed anywhere on the body. It’s most commonly seen as an arm tattoo, but it can also be placed on the back, chest or stomach. Some people choose to place the design on their wrist, ankle or neck. You can also customize it for a more personalized look by adding other symbols or words.

If you are looking for an inspiration for an infinity tattoo, here are 20+ examples of the design:

1. Small Wrist Infinity Tattoo

Small, simple, practical and so easy to do, this mini infinity symbol is for those who don’t like giant and flashy designs but want something a bit more affordable and quick and easy to do. This design is for those who are afraid of the tattooing process, as well as those who only have one hour to spare when getting their tattoo.

2. Infinity Tattoo Whale Print

Go for an infinity symbol and pair it with an important date or an important image that makes sense to you. This whale will represent your freedom, yet the love that you feel towards others and the rest of the world.

3. Forearm Infinity Tattoo

Represent that you feel eternity, love, and grace with this tattoo. If you have feelings that you wish to share with the world and if you’re someone who believes in ever-lasting love, this will suit you.

4. Black Ink Infinity Tattoo

Black ink infinity tattoo such as this one is going to look good on both genders. If you are a guy this tattoo can suit you just as well, and it can also be an amazing matching concept that you can go along with your wife or girlfriend.

5. Infinity Tattoo Name Design

For parents and siblings, this tattoo can be the one! If you have two names that are important to you, why not put them both in the infinity symbol? This design will suit guys and girls, as well as bigger families who are close to their important ones. Show off the beauty and the importance of it, along with its deep emotions.

6. Infinity Tattoo Bird Design

A couple of birds around the infinity symbol done in this colorful and cool way is for those who wish to stand out with their chosen tattoo. If you like big and colorful ideas and if you’re a fan of unique tattoos, give this one a go. It will represent the freedom of life, along with its pure and wholesome emotions, as well as your will of being accepted.

7. Infinity Tattoo Religious Design

If you’re a Christian guy or girl and if you’re all about religion, make sure to try out this tattoo. You will showcase that love for him is endless, and that you are more than accepting of all the emotions that come with it.

8. Floral Infinity Tattoo

Some people love and live for the spring season, while others simply love flowers. Which side are you on? If any of these two statements apply to you, why not get a gorgeous floral infinity sign tattoo? It will look very creative and artsy.

9. Family Infinity Tattoo

Show your infinite love to those who really matter, such as your mom, dad, and your brother or sister. Get an infinite symbol and place their letters or their names around the design. The end result will look personal and simply gorgeous.

10. Date Infinity Tattoo

Go for this infinity tattoo symbol and add one important date right next to it. If you have a lot of love that you wish to share and show to that one important guy or girl, this is the right way to do it!

11. Rose Infinity Tattoo

If you love symbols and you’re a fan of flowers this blue and green tattoo is for you. Make sure that you are an earth soul and someone who enjoys creative tattoos to show your love for Mother Nature in such a way.

12. Feather Infinity Tattoo

Black ink wrist tattoo such as this one is for those who enjoy smaller tattoos and cute ideas. If you’re a guy who wants to show off his love and emotions in one way, this is how you can do it. The end result shows a person who is relaxed and naturally optimistic about life.

13. Mom And Dad Infinity Tattoo

Go for an important date and put it in the infinity eight symbols. Show that you love your person (can be anyone you want), and also add some cool finishing touches to make your tattoo work.

14. Green Feather Infinity Tattoo

An infinity symbol and this feather will look mysterious and creative. If green is your favorite shade we highly recommend giving it a go with this tattoo. It will show your pure and true emotions, as well as your love for the beauty of life and nature itself.

15. Rainbow Infinity Tattoo

You can combine several different colors and add them to your design. Guys or girls who enjoy rainbow shades and those who have a tough time making up their minds will enjoy this creation. It has a bit of everything, perfect for picky souls.

16. Small Infinity Tattoo Design

A small forearm tattoo such as this one is going to represent and show your minimalist side, as well as the love that you have to show in your own way. A tattoo such as this one will take you less than an hour to do. Want to give it a go?

17. Unique Artsy Infinity Tattoo

A gorgeous infinity tattoo such as this one can symbolize your creative side. As you can see, it also looks like a dragon, not just the number eight. Combine lighter shades and this gorgeous design will characterize your expressive and mysterious side.

18. Blue And Red Infinity Tattoo

An infinity symbol such as this one just goes to show you that colorful tattoos can be very catchy to do. You can go for the word “family” and combine it with blue and red ink to get this exact outcome. Those who are very close to their family members will enjoy this tattoo.

19. Flowers And Birds Infinity Tattoo

An infinity symbol doesn’t have to be plain or boring looking. This gorgeous floral design is for women who love the spring season, nature, as well as all beauties of life and its natural cycle. Show that everything has a beginning and an end, and rock this design proudly!

20. Sentimental Infinity Tattoo

Go for the word mom on one end of your infinity symbol, and go for the word dad on the other end. This is a true love that never stops and that will be with you forever, so why not embrace it? Anyone who is close to their parents will enjoy this tattoo.

21. Quote Infinity Tattoo

“Love the life you live” is such a cute and important message that you can send. This infinity tattoo is for guys or girls who love catchy and cute quotes, as well as for those who enjoy artsy and creative ideas. Remind yourself and others that staying authentic in your way of living life is the right way to do it!

22. Wrist Infinity Tattoo Idea

Guys or girls who dislike needles will enjoy and want this mini and cute tattoo. It is an affordable piece, as well as something that will take you less than one hour to do!

23. Cool Forearm Infinity Tattoo

Dedicate your infinity tattoo to your closest one. This gorgeous heart print and symbol will represent your deep and true emotions, as well as your bubbly personality that is all loving and caring. If you’re a fan of artsy ideas and you want to stay true to your style, this is exactly how you can do it!

24. Colorful Infinity Tattoo

Lastly, here is one more floral infinity tattoo that you can rock. Guys or girls who love elegant and cute pieces, as well as those who are close to nature itself, will like this print. Show that the beauty of life is in its ending and that enjoying every moment and each second is what’s important.

Want A New Tattoo?
So, are you ready for a new tattoo? Do you want to rock an infinity symbol that showcases your true love and emotion? If so, which design is your favorite, and what do you want to rock? Let us know, we can’t wait to see you embrace the love and positivity with one of these designs.

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