The iconic tentacled sea creature Cthulhu was created by horror writer H.P. Lovecraft in the 1920s and has become a popular tattoo motif for fans of Lovecraft’s stories and the Cthulhu Mythos genre. Getting a Cthulhu tattoo often symbolizes an interest in mythology, sci-fi, and fantasy. It can also represent embracing the unknown or the idea of cosmic indifference.

Cthulhu tattoos work well on larger body parts where there is enough space for detail, such as the back, chest, shoulder, or thigh. Expect a detailed Cthulhu piece to cost $200-$600 depending on size and intricacy. Now let’s dive into 30 amazing Cthulhu tattoo designs for inspiration. You’ll find everything from realistic to abstract takes on the famous monster. Scroll down to check out Cthulhu incarnations from bold traditional to fine line blackwork and more. Whether you want a foreboding realistic portrait or a more cartoonish version, there’s something here for every Cthulhu fan.

1. Detailed Blackwork Cthulhu Tattoo

Even with only black ink, this Cthulhu tattoo boasts top-notch details! The intricate cracks on Cthulhu’s head alone showcase the remarkable detail and craftsmanship of this tattoo.

2. Cthulhu & Ship Tattoo

In this Cthulhu tattoo adorned with a ship, the maritime master Cthulhu grasps the ship with its tentacles! This imagery vividly portrays Cthulhu’s dominance over the seas, capturing a gripping and powerful moment in the tattoo. Tattoos

3. Humanoid Cthulhu Tattoo

This Cthulhu tattoo, posed like a seated human, showcases an esoteric yet grotesque appearance. The fusion of a human-like pose with Cthulhu’s otherworldly features creates a fascinating and somewhat eerie vibe in this tattoo.

4. Cthulhu with Red Eyes

This Cthulhu tattoo, with its eyes and three gems on the head colored in red ink, gives it a stylish and chilling appearance. The touch of red adds a striking and somewhat ominous vibe to the overall design.

5. Cthulhu with Sunglasses and Leather Jacket

This Cthulhu, having sunglasses and a black leather jacket, looks super cool and stylish! The use of colorful ink for all the details adds an artistic vibe to this tattoo. It’s a choice for those who adore creativity, blending modern elements with artistic expression in their body art.

6. Demonic Cthulhu Tattoo on Chest

This large Cthulhu tattoo on the chest has achieved a demonic look with the unique blend of orange and red colors. The addition of blue-colored eyes intensifies its overall odd appearance, creating a truly spine-chilling vibe.

7. Cthulhu & Skull Tattoo

In this whimsical Cthulhu tattoo, a frog-like Cthulhu wraps its green tentacles around an orange-eyed skull. This is a playful and creative combination of elements makes for an amusing yet intriguing design.

8. Blackwork Cthulhu Tattoo

This intricately detailed blackwork Cthulhu tattoo on the upper arm is perfectly sized for that area! If you’re considering a Cthulhu tattoo for your upper arm, this design might be just the right fit.

9. Neo-Traditional Art Cthulhu Tattoo

In this neo-traditional art Cthulhu tattoo, the book in Cthulhu’s hand, the stars, and the eye symbol beneath, along with its piercing gaze, give it an incredibly esoteric appearance. Cthulhu’s intense gaze, the book, stars, and eye symbol contribute to an enigmatic and mysterious vibe.

10. Cute Cthulhu Tattoo

You don’t always need Cthulhu tattoos with terrifying outlook. Just like this one, you can have a cute, small-sized Cthulhu with big, sparkling eyes! It’s adorable, right? There’s even a heart emoji in the center of its body!

11. Cthulhu Tattoo with a Skull

When you think of Cthulhu, the image is usually pretty frightening. In this tattoo, the decision to form Cthulhu’s head into a skull shape makes it even more forbidding.

12. Cthulhu Patch Tattoo

Patch tattoo style has a unique appeal, especially when combined with a sweet Cthulhu design like this one! The adorable large-eyed Cthulhu outlined in purple ink adds a charming touch.

13. Artistic Cthulhu Tattoo Design

This expertly crafted Cthulhu tattoo, shaded with only black and gray inks, showcases exceptional shadow details, turning it into a true work of art. The skillful use of black and grey inks in this Cthulhu tattoo has brought out exquisite shading and depth, elevating it to the status of a true work of art.

14. Lower Leg Cthulhu Tattoo

This black ink Cthulhu tattoo, complemented by colorful details, has given the tattoo owner’s lower leg area a highly artistic appearance! The combination of black ink with vibrant, colorful details in this Cthulhu tattoo adds an artistic and visually captivating element to the lower leg. The stark contrast between the black ink and the colorful accents creates a striking and attention-grabbing piece of body art.

15. Dreadful Cthulhu Tattoo

This Cthulhu tattoo, meticulously crafted for each tentacle with intricate lighting and shadow details, looks absolutely amazing! The attention to detail in each tentacle of this Cthulhu tattoo, especially with the lighting and shading effects, brings depth and realism to the overall design.

16. Stylish Cthulhu Tattoo on Arm

This modern-styled Cthulhu tattoo will look quite stylish on your arm. Adorned with skulls and blue-colored clouds, this pleasant and sweet-looking Cthulhu tattoo might be a great choice for you! A modern take on Cthulhu, featuring unique elements like skulls and blue clouds, gives this tattoo a trendy and stylish appearance.

17. Sweet Cthulhu Tattoo

Another adorable Cthulhu tattoo! This tattoo features a cute little Cthulhu wearing a sweet purple hat and a monocle, making it incredibly charming. In this depiction, Cthulhu is given an endearing and almost whimsical appearance with the addition of a small purple hat and a monocle.

18. Red Themed Cthulhu Tattoo

This Cthulhu adorned with red themes looks quite majestic. With red eyes and red horns, this Cthulhu tattoo will stand out uniquely on your arm! In this tattoo, the use of red tones amplifies Cthulhu’s aura, giving it a regal and striking appearance. The red eyes and horns add a sense of power and mystery to the character, making it an eye-catching and unique design.

19. Small and Cute Cthulhu Tattoo

This small, adorable Cthulhu with dotwork technique details looks incredibly cute compared to the usual scary portrayal of Cthulhu. In contrast to the typical terrifying image of Cthulhu, this tattoo stands out for its use of dotwork technique, which gives it a charming and endearing appearance.

20. Full Back Cthulhu Tattoo

This Cthulhu tattoo covering your entire back features waves, a ship, and Cthulhu’s tentacle details, all created with colorful inks. If you want to turn your back into a fantastic canvas, this tattoo might be worth considering!

21. Suit Jacket with Cthulhu’s Tentacles

This yellow-hued Cthulhu tentacles peeking out from within a simple suit jacket give it a subtly eerie touch. If you want to get a distinctive look, consider getting this tattoo. The addition of yellow Cthulhu tentacles inside a suit jacket adds a mysterious and slightly unsettling vibe to an otherwise ordinary attire.

22. Temple of Cthulhu

his Cthulhu with the temple and coffin designs on its head, done in black and grey, adds a rather eerie touch to its overall appearance. The incorporation of the temple and coffin tattoo on Cthulhu’s head, with a black and grey color palette, gives it a haunting and enigmatic look.

23. Adorable Cthulhu Tattoo

This incredibly colorful and adorable Cthulhu tattoo, complete with bubbles, a heart emoji, and sparkling eyes, offers a delightfully cute appearance! It’s perfect for those who enjoy a blend of vibrant colors and a touch of playful sweetness in their body art.

24. Gentleman Cthulhu Tattoo

This Cthulhu, impeccably dressed in a stylish suit and shoes, looks incredibly dapper. This tattoo might be a great choice for those seeking a fun and entertaining tattoo!

25. Symmetric Chest Cthulhu Tattoo

This symmetrical Cthulhu tattoo on the chest, featuring wings in dotwork technique and shaded tentacles, looks aesthetically pleasing!

26. Green Cthulhu Tattoo with Red Eye

This green-themed Cthulhu tattoo, adorned with a red eye, exudes an intriguingly esoteric appearance! The predominantly green color scheme in this Cthulhu tattoo, accompanied by a single striking red eye, creates a mysterious and otherworldly vibe.

27. Small & Cute Cthulhu Tatttoo

This small and adorable Cthulhu created with linear touches looks incredibly cute, boasting large sparkling eyes and paws. Even though it’s small in size, this Cthulhu tattoo, enhanced with dotwork technique on its wings, could be an excellent choice for tattoo enthusiasts!

28. Glorious Cthulhu Tattoo

This Cthulhu tattoo, resembling an art masterpiece, looks fantastic with its unique details. Tattoos with intricate and unique details often draw admiration, especially when they’re designed with such care and precision that they resemble a piece of fine artwork.

29. Emerald Cthulhu Tattoo

This Cthulhu tattoo adorned with emerald green details forms a marvelous composition with its green and black fusion. Presented alongside three skulls, this tattoo also includes three emeralds. This combination of elements likely contributes to the tattoo’s unique and intriguing appearance.

30. Cthulhu & H.P Lovecraft Tattoo

Legendary writer and creator of Cthulhu, H.P. Lovecraft, along with Cthulhu itself, is beautifully crafted in unique blackwork in this tattoo. From top to bottom, it features Cthulhu, H.P. Lovecraft, and a skull, creating an exceptional piece through dotwork technique.

31. Lineal Cthulhu & Lighthouse Tattoo

In this tattoo featuring linear lines, Cthulhu’s tentacles entwine the lighthouse, creating an eerie yet captivating sight. Even though thre is no Cthulhu’s face, this tattoo looks frightening.

32. Forearm Cthulhu Tattoo

Check out this stunning Cthulhu tattoo on the upper forearm with intricate tentacle and wing details! If you’re up for such grandeur, this tattoo might be the one for you.

33. Cute Female Cthulhu Tattoo

Have you seen this adorable Cthulhu-inspired tattoo? It has a feminine touch and looks quite charming. For ladies who appreciate unique tattoos, this might be a fantastic choice.

Cthulhu endures as a compelling and sinister symbol from classic sci-fi and fantasy lore. With so many artistic interpretations to choose from, a Cthulhu tattoo offers Lovecraft fans a unique tribute to this iconic monster. I hope these Cthulhu tattoo ideas have provided inspiration if you’re thinking about inking one of literature’s most chilling creations. Let me know which Cthulhu tattoo stands out as your favorite!

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