Welcome to our whimsical world of ink and imagination! In this carefully curated collection, we invite you to step through the looking glass and get lost in the enchanting realm of 30 Alice in Wonderland-themed tattoos. These captivating designs pay homage to the dreamy world crafted by Lewis Carroll, whose timeless tale has captivated the hearts and minds of readers for generations.

From the peculiar to the fantastical, our selection covers a range of iconic characters and motifs, such as the inquisitive Alice, the mysterious Cheshire Cat, the ever-late White Rabbit, the delightfully eccentric Mad Hatter, and even the peculiar tea parties that take place in this magical realm. No matter which Wonderland resident or scene speaks to your inner dreamer, you’re sure to find a tattoo design that resonates with you.

These imaginative tattoos also showcase a diverse array of styles, from intricate black-and-grey linework to bold, colorful illustrative designs. Whether you prefer a minimalist approach or something more elaborate, there’s a Wonderland-inspired piece that will catch your eye.

So, grab your favorite cup of tea, settle into a cozy nook, and join us as we venture down the rabbit hole to explore this captivating array of Wonderland-inspired body art. Embrace the allure of the fantastical world beyond the looking glass, where the impossible becomes possible, and the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary. May your journey through these tattoos inspire you to celebrate your own uniqueness and indulge in the magic of Wonderland.

1. Double Vision Alice Tattoo


Wanna have a double-visioned or optical illusion tattoos that use intricate details and thin lines? This particular tattoo shows the confusion and dilemma Alice faces upon entering Wonderland, earning it the moniker of “dark Alice tattoo”. This one is inked on the leg but it can be a great shoulder or back tattoo option.

2. Colorful Mad Hatter Alice Tattoo


This Alice in Wonderland tattoo transforms the iconic Mad Hatter character into a stunning, cheeky woman with a sparkling face, resulting in a unique and beautiful design. If you want a unique tattoo, go for it!

3. ‘Drink Me’ Bottle Alice Tattoo


In the story, Alice discovers a bottle labeled “drink me” and she shrinks down after drinking it. Thus, this tattoo may represent the desire to explore new worlds and the idea that even the smallest actions have profound effect on our lives. Give a shot to this black tattoo.

4. The Cheshire Cat & Mad Hatter Tattoo


Why not combining two different characters in one tattoo design? The Cheshire Cat’s eyes and smile incorporated into a previously tattooed image of the Mad Hatter’s hat. The back is a great place to get this tattoo, so don’t wait for too long to get it.

5. Cartoon Alice Tattoo


This cute cartoon tattoo that features Alice is a nice idea. If you grew up watching Disney’s Alice in Wonderland, you an go for this tattoo as a way to reconnect with your childhood memories. Plus, the soft color palette is amazing.

6. Famous Alice in Wonderland Quote Tattoo 


The famous quote ‘We’re all mad here’ from Alice in Wonderland can make for a great tattoo design featuring the Cheshire Cat. The best placement for this tattoo would be on the arm.

7. Mad Hatter’s Hat Tattoo on the Inner Arm 


Mad Hatter is a whimsical and eccentric character who wears a tall top hat adorned with various accessories, such as a peacock feather, and a price tag on which “10/6” is written. Make  combo of it with this saying on inner arm “Mad as a Hatter”.

8. Unique Neo Traditional Alice Tattoo


Doona’s artistic style is widely recognized and distinctive. Her tattoos are so unique and characterized by round faces, soft colors, and large eyes. This unique style is apparent in every design she creates, from Alice’s dark hair and doll-like look to the White Rabbit and Cheshire Cat’s sweet, cartoonish charm.

9. White Rabbit Alice in Wonderland Tattoo


It’s time to turn your lower inner arm into a piece of art! The White Rabbit is described as a white rabbit with pink eyes, wearing a waistcoat and carrying a pocket watch. In the tattoo above, his portrait is inked as well as his pocket watch with a turquoise background.

10. Cute Minimalist Alice in Wonderland Tattoo


Would you like an Alice in Wonderland tattoo with lots of details? Combining various flowers, mushrooms and even the white rabbit and cheshire cat, this tattoo is quite colorful and minimal. Also, this tattoo will look amazing on your lower leg!

11. Alice in Wonderland Matching Friend Tattoo


Why don’t you get a matching tattoo from Alice in Wonderland? The phrase associated with the character of the Mad Hatter is “When you can’t look on the bright side, I will sit with you in the dark.” When you get this tattoo with a friend of yours, it will symbolize that you two will be always there for each other.

12. Alice Frame Tattoo on Upper Arm 


Place the beautiful Alice character inside a nice frame and add some details from the novel to take it to a different level. For example, the Mad Hatter’s hat, known for its distinctive band and tag, is a prominent design element, while the whimsical mushrooms bring a surreal touch to the tattoo. The red playing cards symbolize the unpredictable and confusing nature of Wonderland, too.

13. Bread and Butterfly Alice in Wonderland Tattoo 


Alice comes across a character called the “Bread-and-Butterfly” during her journey, so if you want to have a unique tattoo and stand out from the others, get a tattoo of this character on your arm. This character is a butterfly with wings that look like slices of bread with butter on them. Go for this brown colored tattoo!

14. Poison Bottle Tattoo from Alice in Wonderland 


Things get poisonous here! Let’s get a tattoo of one of the iconic elements from Alice in Wonderland to shine. The black ink and the shady details make this bottle look amazing. Plus, the floral details above and below the bottle add a cute look.

15. Red Queen Alice Sleeve Tattoo 


Just look at how amazing these bold colorful inks are! Being one of the main characters in the story, The Red Queen has a distinctive appearance with her makeup. This sleeve tattoo covers the entire arm, from the shoulder to the wrist with this colorful image.

16. Alice in Wonderland Bouquet Tattoo


Why not covering your inner arm with colorful flowers from Alice in Wonderland? Ranging from blue, red, yellow to orange and purple, these flowers create a great combo with the bread and butterfly!

17. Ornamental Hand Mirror with Alice in Wonderland 


If you like artistic tattoos and Alice in wonderland, this tattoo is for you! Placed on the leg, this tattoo features a detailed and ornamental hand mirror. Alice is seen behind this mirror and she is running joyfully in a field full of mushrooms and flowers. Although it looks like a dark tattoo, this is a tattoo that will make you very happy!

18. The Caterpillar Alice in Wonderland Tattoo


Do you remember the caterpillar that Alice encounters? It sits atop a mushroom and asks her several philosophical questions, including “Who are you?” and “What size do you want to be?”. With its blue color and large face, the caterpillar can be a nice tattoo idea on your arm.

19. Alice in Wonderland White Rabbit Tattoo


The white rabbit is an important character from the novel. To create a contrast with its white color, let your tattooist create a dark background for your rabbit. This tattoo starts from the shoulder and stretches to elbow. Go for it!

20. Alice in Wonderland Quote Tattoo


Look at this cute Alice with a hat on her head! She look adorable, right? The quote that is inked near her image is written in Italian and it means “I am not crazy; my reality is just different from yours”. Show your love of her reality with this arm tattoo.

21. Unique Alice in Wonderland Thigh Tattoo


There are lots of elements and characters in this wonderful novel, right? If you can’t decide on which Alice in Wonderland tattoo, why don’t you mix all of them in just one tattoo? By using black ink and dotwork technique, Alice, The White Rabbit, The Cheshire Cat, The Caterpillar, Drink me bottle, Eat me cake and The tea cup is created. Plus, a nice frame is placed.

22. Colorful Bread and Butterfly Alice Tattoo on Arm 


One butterfly bread is cute but when four or five of them come together, they become much cuter! Have these colorful butterfly breads inked on your inner arm and get ready to stand out wherever you go.

23. The Queen of Hearts Tattoo


Let this tyrannical ruler who is known for her short temper shine on your leg! To show her tyrannical side, a dark symbol with a red ink is added on her coat. Plus, The color palette is bold and her unique image is best shown with this tattoo.

24. Jabberwocky Alice in Wonderland Tattoo


Here is a mythical creature mentioned in the poem that Alice reads in the book: “Jabberwocky”. If you want to have a specific and unique Alice in Wonderland tattoo this half sleeve tattoo is for you. Show everyone that you are a true fan.

25. ‘Eat Me Cake’ Alice in Wonderland Tattoo


This cake from Alice in Wonderland is something magical! It’s the cake that makes Alice grow in size, initiating her journey into the fantastical world of Wonderland. Go for this tattoo if you want to represent a willingness to take risks.

26. Mad Hatter’s Tea Party Tattoo


If you remember, Alice stumbles upon a group of eccentric characters who are having a tea party. The strange thing about this party is that it is a never-ending one since time is stuck at 6 o’clock. To symbolize this party with a tattoo, get a tattoo of a teapot.

27. Cartoon Alice in Wonderland Tattoo


This cute blonde girl is Alice and the little cat in her arms is the Cheshire Cat! They are portrayed in a cartoon form and they look so adorable, aren’t they? Let’s reveal your inner child with this tattoo.

28. Mad Hatter Line Art Tattoo


You will love this Mad Hatter tattoo which is depicted in a minimalist or simplified style. To take your ankle to a different level, only black ink and thin lines are all you need. The tattoo looks like it is taken from comics. Plus, the tea cup is a nice detail on the character’s mouth.

29. Minimal Line Art Alice Tattoo


Look at the beauty of this small and minimalist tattoo! It is done by simple, thin lines and a minimalist aesthetic, with the design featuring Alice’s silhouette. If you are a minimal tattoo lover, give it a shot.

30. Colorful ‘Drink me bottle’ Tattoo


Things get poisonous here, right? Here is the representation of the ‘drink me bottle’ which contains a poison. It is the poison that made Alice shrink in size. With its colorful palette, this tattoo rocks.

31. Teacups Alice in Wonderland Tattoo


If you get these teacups as a tattoo, you can symbolize the surreal tea party in Alice in Wonderland! In total, four teacups are placed and it is ornamented with flowers and playing card symbols.

32. Rabbit Hole Alice in Wonderland Tattoo 


With this tattoo, you will stand out in every crowd! In the story, the character Alice follows a white rabbit down a rabbit hole, which leads her to a fantastical world full of strange creatures and nonsensical situations. The tattoo above symbolizes the rabbit hole itself.

33. Lady Mad Hatter Tattoo


It’s time to be creative! The arm tattoo above features a female version of the iconic character from “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”, which is Mad Hatter. She has red hair and she look adorable. Plus, it looks like her face is split in half.

As our journey through Wonderland comes to an end, we hope these enchanting tattoos have inspired you to celebrate the magic and wonder of Lewis Carroll’s beloved tale. May your own personal Wonderland come to life on your skin, reminding you that, with a touch of imagination, the extraordinary awaits just beyond the looking glass.

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