Cover-up tattoos can be used as practical and popular tattoos for covering up any of your previously poor done artwork. The truth is that you can also use this method for covering a name of an ex, a friend, or simply a memory that you now dislike. Not a lot of people dare to go for a cover-up tattoo since these are a bit painful and pricey, especially when done in a larger format.

When you’re looking for a cover up tattoo, there are a few things you should consider. Covering up an existing tattoo can be a tricky business, because it often means dealing with colors that don’t necessarily mix well, or pre-existing designs that are difficult to work with. It’s easy to get frustrated and overwhelmed while trying to figure out what cover up tattoo you want.

Tattoo artists and enthusiasts alike have found lots of ways to get around this problem and create beautiful cover up tattoos that aren’t only pleasing to look at, but also erase old mistakes and give you a new lease on your body art. The Internet is full of great cover up tattoo ideas, and we’re here to show you our favorite ones!

What Is A Cover Up Tattoo?

A cover-up tattoo is a design that is used to cover up any previous mistakes. It is a smart and defined way of doing a tattoo that will look good and brand new while covering up any past work. If you’re unsatisfied with someone’s work you can always book the next best tattoo artist and an appointment to cover up anything that you’re unsatisfied with. Often done with big black detailed lines, this tattoo is a helpful solution to consider.

Some tattoos are harder to do and achieve than other prints. In most cases, the best cover-up tattoos are:

  • Big animals that are done in all black ink
  • Sleeves
  • Tribal art
  • Flower ideas
  • Artsy manga or cartoon prints

How Pricey Is A Cover Up Tattoo?

The price of your cover-up tattoo can vary. You’re looking at a price range of $200-$500. The bigger the tattoo the more money you’re going to need. Heads up since, in general, this concept can be pricey and time-consuming. After all, it is up to your tattoo artist to cover someone’s previous mistake, hence the price tag.

Black & White Cover Up Tattoos

1. Neck Cover Up Tattoo

If you have a poorly done tattoo on your neck consider this scary black ink devil tattoo.

2. Cover Up Tattoo On Bicep

This black shade tattoo with a subtle flower will easily hide and cover any darker tattoo.

3. Lion Cover Up Tattoo

Cover up a forearm tattoo and show that you’re a fierce king of the jungle with this design.

4. Back Cover Up Tattoo

You can cover up a smaller tattoo with this chic and retro flower tattoo.

5. Cover Up Tattoo Dog Print

Show that you’re an animal lover and hide away any imperfections with this dog design.

6. Black Sleeve Cover Up Tattoo

You can easily cover anything with mandalas and larger tribal tattoos.

7. Calf Cover Up Tattoo

This calf tattoo and a dark black giant tattoo can be used as an amazing cover-up.

8. Puma Cover Up Tattoo

Puma print such as this one is for fierce men who wish to assert dominance.

9. Giant Sleeve Cover Up Tattoo

The ultimate sleeve tattoo that you’re going to like thanks to its bold and dominant pattern.

10. Cover Up Tattoo On Arm

Always consider portrait tattoos when trying to cover up any previous face tattoos.

11. Dog Print Cover Up Tattoo

Show your love and appreciation with this giant and playful arm-dog tattoo.

12. Cover Up Tattoo Cartoon Print

Scary and dominant, this tattoo that is done in all-black will cover up any previous mistakes.

13. Snake Cover Up Tattoo

Snake print and color combo of black and red will easily cancel out any past work.

14. Egyptian Cover Up Tattoo

This giant shoulder tattoo and an ancient-inspired print will look amazing on guys who want a bold dominant design.

15. Cover Up Tattoo On The Back

Gorgeous floral tattoo, you can easily use its shading technique to cover some minor imperfections.

16. Cover Up Tattoo Raven Idea

The gorgeous raven will symbolize your path and journey that is up ahead.

Colorful Cover Up Tattoos

1. Cover Up Tattoo Idea For Women

Combine different colors and easily cancel out any other under-tones with ease.

2. Cover Up Tattoo On Hip

Hip artwork and purple color are a good go-to for covering up any other tattoos.

3. Peacock Cover Up Tattoo

This bright peacock should be your go-to if you wish to cover up colorful or neon tattoos.

4. Bright Blue Cover Up Tattoo

Cool blue cat tattoo that will suit cartoon lovers the best.

5. Hot Pink Floral Cover Up Tattoo

Bright hot pink, this gorgeous thigh tattoo is for women who want something that is feminine and glamorous.

6. Hogwarts Cover Up Tattoo

Cool shoulder tattoo that you can go for if you’re a true Harry Potter fan.

7. Mystical Cover Up Tattoo Colorful Idea

Cover up any past mistakes with this mysterious and sea-inspired design.

8. Blue & Red Cover Up Tattoo

Bright colors will neutralize any other past work that’s been poorly done.

9. Red Fish Cover Up Tattoo

If you’re an animal lover and someone who likes fish or the color red why not go for this tattoo?

10. Giant Back Cover Up Tattoo Design

Easily cover any giant back tattoo with this colorful masterpiece.

11. Retro Pin-Up Cover Up Tattoo

The perfect tattoo for those who enjoy retro pin-up vibes.

12. Small Fish Cover Up Tattoo

Cover up a wrist tattoo with this cool fish ink.

13. Ankle Cover Up Tattoo

Not a lot of women dare to go for a leg or ankle tattoo. Heads up since this one can be painful and tricky to go for.

14. Neon Skull Cover Up Tattoo

Cool and artsy, a must-do for anyone who is into larger flashy ideas.

15. Cover Up Tattoo Idea On Wrists

If you have two tattoos that you have to cover on your wrists give it a go with this duo.
Do You Have Something That You Wish To Cover-Up?
Want to cover up a tattoo and give it a go with something new? If so, you’re going to like this method and this way of tattooing. Let us know which design you fancy the most and what you plan on covering, we can’t wait to see your new tattoo.

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