Do wing tattoos seem like your new go-to thing? If that is the case, keep on reading! It’s your lucky day since we’re going to cover a ton of cool and marvelous ideas that will suit both genders. Wing tattoos are outgoing, bold, and brave, perfect for those who want to show off their inner spirit, power, and will to travel, see the world and inhale life itself. If you want to discover some cool options keep on reading and find your inspo down below.

Meaning and Symbolism of Wing Tattoos

Wings are one of the most popular tattoo designs. It’s no surprise—they’re beautiful, they can be used in so many different ways, and they have a ton of symbolic meaning. Here are some of the most common meanings behind wings tattoos.

Freedom: Wings represent freedom in a number of different ways. They give you the ability to escape or fly away from things that make you unhappy, like an abusive relationship or an unsatisfying job. They also represent your ability to soar above challenges in your life, such as overcoming addiction or illness.

Love: For many people, wings are a symbol of love. In this case, wings represent love for yourself (as opposed to romantic love), which allows you to fully embrace the person that you are and not hide away from the world out of fear or self-loathing.

Spirituality: Another common interpretation is that wings symbolize spirituality—you have access to something greater than yourself and can use it for good when necessary. This could be anything from religious beliefs about God to more philosophical ideas about nature or karma.

Where to Place a Wing Tattoo

Depending on what you want your wings tattoo to mean, you may want to choose a different placement for your wings tattoo than someone else would. For example, if you want your wings tattoo to symbolize freedom and freedom from pain, then you may want to get it placed somewhere on your back so that you can see it every day when you wake up in the morning. If you have a loved one who has passed away, then getting a winged angel or cherub tattooed on your chest might help remind you of them every time you look at it.

Black Wing Tattoos

1. Calf Wing Tattoo

This giant calf tattoo is cool and edgy. Stick to black and red ink if you’re a fan of detailed out wings with sleek and dramatic outline work.

2. Death Wing Tattoo

This wing tattoo with a grim reaper across the back will look mystical. If you enjoy scarier tattoos and you want something that will embrace your power and inner strength, as well as the life path that is behind you, consider this giant tattoo.

3. Collarbone Wing Tattoo

Small wing across your collarbone that you’re going to like if you fancy a romantic tattoo. Show that you’re always learning and exploring with this small pair.

4. Black Wing Tattoo On Neck

Cool placement for those who like to be edgy. If you want something that is stylish and that will symbolize your bold personality, this is it!

5. Big Black Butterfly Tattoo

Give it a go with this neck tattoo if you’re someone who likes dominant ideas and tattoos that have a fun story to tell. You’ll show your will to strive and bounce back up with these wings.

6. Small Wing Tattoo

Small, sexy, and simple, this little wing is for women who like sexy placements and minimalistic tattoos.

7. Black Wing Forearm Tattoo

This feathered wing tattoo is for men who like creative art. If you fancy bigger art designs and you love to stand out with your chosen print, this is for you and your arm placement.

8. Black Butterfly Outline Tattoo

A butterfly wing tattoo such as this one will symbolize purity and feminine energy, which you might be all about?!

9. Religious Wing Tattoo

Those who are religious might prefer this black ink arm design the most.

10. Wing Tattoos On Neck

Cool pair of wings that you’re going to fancy over your neck if you’re a guy who works out and if you’re someone who can handle showy tattoos and grandiose placements.

11. Minimalism Black Wing Tattoo

Mini, simple, and delicate, this pair of wings will show that you’re a gentle soul who likes peace and quiet.

12. Angel Wings Tattoo

If you enjoy angels or if you have a specific angel in mind why not go for this cool arm tattoo?

13. Rose Wings Tattoos

If a family is everything to you why not show it with this pair of wings and this rose tattoo?

14. Bird Wing Tattoos

A giant bird spreading its wings will suit those who are naturally curious and always ready to travel and see the world.

15. Giant Black Wing Tattoo

Spread your wings and show that you’re a bold and tough person with this back tattoo placement.

16. Roman Black Wing Tattoo

17. Diamond Wing Tattoo

Get a gemstone print and show that you’re someone who values honesty and true beauty within people, but that you’re also an angel who can withstand any challenge that comes your way.

18. Foot Wing Tattoo

Small foot wing tattoo that will look amazing on guys and girls who prefer minimalism.

19. Bird Wing Tattoo Design

Giant bird tattoo that spreads its wing that you’re going to prefer if you’re someone who likes traveling your own lane and choosing your own path.

Colorful Wing Tattoos

1. Fiery Wing Tattoo On Legs

A pop of red will show that you can act fiery when you need to around people who are getting your way.

2. Cat Wing Tattoo

Small, cute, and colorful, this cat design is for those who like creative and childish tattoos, as well as for those who wish to express their inner playful side.

3. Red Wing Tattoo

Go for this bright red wing if you’re someone who likes cheerful, fiery, and loud creations.

4. Scary Death Wing Tattoo

This skull tattoo and devil print will suit guys who enjoy dramatic and outgoing ideas, as well as scary tattoos.

5. Blue Wing Tattoo

If you’re a creative individual and someone who fancies art, this tattoo will suit you.

6. Feather Wing Tattoo

Bright and colorful arm tattoo with detailed lines that will show your artsy and cheerful personality.

7. Colorful Artsy Wing Tattoo

If you fully trust your tattoo artist consider booking this quirky and bright loud tattoo. Place it anywhere you wish on your skin.

8. Demon Wings Tattoo

A creative tattoo and this giant print across your back will look dominant and bold. If you work out and you prefer larger designs this colorful ink will suit you.

9. Eye Wing Tattoo

Creative and quirky, show that you’re always aware of your surroundings and what’s going on around you with this eyeball print that can represent your wisdom and your instincts.

10. Back Tattoo Wing Design

Cool and edgy, this giant back tattoo is for guys who like dominant and outgoing prints.

11. Artsy Wing Tattoo

Women who feel like true warriors and dominant ladies will fancy this tattoo and its colorful appearance.

12. Pastel Wing Tattoo

If you prefer color splash art this tattoo will look amazing and fun on you.
Want A Cool Wing Concept?
So, which tattoo did you like and enjoy the most out of all of these options and ideas? Let us know what is your top pick and what you can’t wait to wear sometime soon out of all of these creative ideas. Every guy or girl will easily find something that is within their preference or comfort zone.

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