Wedding ring tattoos and their entire concept is more than cute and romantic. If you’re devoted, truly in love and you want your other half to know it, this design and concept is for you to consider. In fact, wedding ring tattoos are used by newlyweds and people who want to express their love loud and clear. Do you want to show off your tattoo design and you want to come off as a strong couple? Keep on reading and find your ideal tattoos and matching options down below, we know that you’re going to like all of these ideas.

Who Should Go For A Wedding Ring Tattoo?

A wedding ring tattoo is placed over your ring finger (as you’d expect it), since you put a wedding ring or an engagement ring on the fourth finger of your hand. This applies to both men and women. If you’re a fan of discreet and smaller tattoos, yet those that will stay timeless and will show off and seal your love forever, this is something for you to consider. It is often worn by couples who don’t want to wear jewelry, yet wish to seal their love forever with their favorite new minimalistic yet elegant tattoo.

One of the best things about wedding ring tattoos is that they don’t have just one meaning—they can symbolize many different things. For example, some people use them as an expression of their love or commitment to their partner, while others choose them as an homage to lost loved ones or even their children (if they’ve been adopted). If you’re still not sure what kind of wedding ring tattoo would be right for you, consider taking some time to think about what it means to you and why you want one in the first place before heading over to your local tattoo parlor for some ink!

1. Matching Wedding Ring Tattoo

Go for one letter only and consider adding the letter W which would stand for a wife or the letter H which would represent your husband. A unique way of committing to love once and for all.

2. Black Wedding Ring Tattoo

These two cute rings will look like promise rings, perfect for those who prefer minimalism and simplicity.

3. Initial Wedding Ring Tattoo

Go for the initials of your favorite person and the one you’re going to marry. This way of a tattoo will stay unique and endless.

4. Name & Date Wedding Ring Tattoo

Go for the name of your husband and let the world know when you two ended up getting married or engaged.

5. Thin Wedding Ring Tattoo

Small and simple, these rings will take you less than an hour to achieve each, yet the memory will stay forever!

6. Moon Wedding Ring Tattoo

Go for a moon print and show the world that the two of you are each other’s loves and perfect halves that fulfill one another.

7. Heart Wedding Ring Tattoo

Mini heart prints over your finger can look so sentimental and sweet. If you don’t want to tattoo rings and you enjoy something a bit sweeter, this is for you to consider.

8. Tie The Knot Wedding Ring Tattoo

Take the expression “tie the knot” literally and give it a go with this unique ring finger tattoo.

9. Tribal Wedding Ring Tattoo

Why not try out this tattoo and show the world that you can recreate cool rings and commit to them without ever taking them off?!

10. Two Different Wedding Ring Tattoos

You and your partner can try out different wedding ring tattoos. You can opt for a heart print and he can try out a literal circular ring.

11. Black Heart Wedding Ring Tattoo

These black line tattoos will take you 2 hours to do. Give them a go if you prefer tattoos that can age well and which won’t fade.

12. Day Of Wedding Ring Tattoo

Consider adding the date of when the two of you got married. This is a stylish and unique promise ring, don’t you agree?

13. Black Outline Wedding Ring Tattoo

Those who are into old-school tattoos and ideas that are easy to do will enjoy this ring duo.

14. Mr & Mrs Wedding Ring Tattoo

Mr and Mrs placed on your ring finger will forever have its beauty and something sweet about it.

15. Thin Wedding Ring Tattoos

Who says that both of you have to get a tattoo? Guys can have their own take on it and women can still rock their ring which they love!

16. Unique Wedding Ring Tattoo

Why not have your own take on a wedding ring? This tattoo can suit travelers, mountain lovers, and enthusiasts who have been across the world!

17. One Wedding Ring Print

Go for the initials of your spouse and place them on your ring finger to show true love and dedication.

18. Red Wedding Ring Tattoo

These two ring outlines and details done in red ink are for those who are very close, romantic, and connected.

19. Big Wedding Ring Tattoo

Tribal rings or Nordic tattoos such as this one are for couples who live in Scandinavia, as well as those who are obsessed with old-school and historic concepts.

20. One Partner Wedding Ring Tattoo

You can show off your engagement ring along with your wedding ring while your partner can get a tattoo, especially if he is interested in getting a tattoo.

21. Heartbeat Wedding Ring Tattoo

These two EKG symbols are so retro and cute, perfect for those who literally feel like they can’t live without one another.

22. Half Piece Wedding Ring Tattoo

If you two feel like you complete and belong with one another this tattoo will suit you.

23. Big Wedding Ring Design

Get the initials of your name and enjoy this unique approach toward love-embracing tattoos.

24. Retro & Funny Wedding Ring Tattoo

How about the two of you give it a go with this quirky way of tattoos? These two knives can represent you trying to fight for your love yet wanting to protect one another at all costs!

25. Engagement Wedding Ring Tattoo

Wedding ring tattoos when colored in black and white ink will show your love forever without you having to worry about your tattoo fading.

26. Word Wedding Ring Tattoo

Letter tattoos and placing something unique to you will always be a full strike!

27. Colorful Wedding Ring Tattoo

Funny or retro cartoon symbols with bright colors will suit creative people the best.

28. Black Outline Wedding Ring Tattoo

Just one clean and neat line done around your finger is something to consider since it shows love without being too flashy.

29. Small Gemstone Wedding Ring Tattoo

Connect a couple of dots and try out this ring tattoo done in a different way.

30. Wedding Ring Tattoo Duo

Small and minimalistic, ideal for those who enjoy cute black ink ideas and want to commit to love, forever!

31. Black & Red Wedding Ring Tattoo

Lastly, try out a black and red ring tattoo combo, perfect for couples who want to wear two different love ring concepts.

Want An Eternal Tattoo?
Wedding ring tattoos are a great way to celebrate your love, no matter what that looks like. Whether you’re married or just have someone special in your life, these wedding ring tattoos will help you show them how much they mean to you. If you’re married, these designs are an awesome way to show off your commitment in an artistic way. If not, these rings can still be a great way to symbolize your love!

Ready for a wedding ring tattoo design and concept? Want to show how close you two actually are? If you’re a fan of romantic and sentimental tattoos all of these will suit you. Let us know what you fancy the most and what you can’t wait to rock along with your loved one.

FAQ about Wedding Ring Tattoos
How much do wedding ring tattoos cost?

Wedding ring tattoos are very affordable. The average cost for a wedding ring tattoo is around $100, with the most expensive option being around $400.

Does a wedding ring tattoo hurt?

No, a wedding ring tattoo does not hurt! It’s a relatively painless process that only takes about an hour from start to finish.

How long do wedding ring tattoos last?

Wedding ring tattoos last for about six to eight months before fading away. They’ll start to fade sooner if you’re exposed to a lot of water or sweat.

Do wedding ring tattoos fade?

Yes! Wedding ring tattoos will eventually fade away completely—but don’t worry: you can get another one whenever you want!

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