Did you know that Polynesian tattoos are also known as tatau in Samoa and tatu in Tahiti? One of the most famous actors in the world, The Rock, has dozens of Maori symbols and Polynesian prints all over his body, “rocking” his true heritage.

Polynesian tattoo symbols are generally geometric shapes that represent specific ideas or concepts. For example, a triangle represents a mountain or a stone pillar and it can signify strength and protection for the wearer. A circle with three dots inside it represents the sun god Ra, who was considered to be the ruler of all things in Polynesia.

There are many variations on these basic designs as well. Some examples of these more complex designs include spirals which symbolize life cycles; triangles with curved lines running through them which represent waves crashing against shorelines; and knots which hold together everything in our world including plants and animals.

Keep on reading to understand and to see just how this is done.

1. Black Ink Polynesian Tattoo


This black ink Polynesian tattoo will look good on both men and women. It is a gorgeous design that you can create into a sleeve as time goes on if you end up feeling like it.

2. Chest Polynesian Tattoo


Masculine chest tattoos such as this one will attract a lot of looks. If you work out and you enjoy dramatic tattoos with a ton of character that can symbolize your warrior side, give this one a go.

3. Fun Polynesian Tattoo


A fun Polynesian tattoo such as this one is very easy to do, as well as quick and minimalistic. If you fancy intriguing art and you want something different, why not this?

4. Fun Polynesian Tattoo


Defined and straight lines will symbolize your inner energy and your true intentions. If you’re a bold person who likes to express his or her own emotions in your own way, this is for you.

5. Big Shoulder Polynesian Tattoo


Cool and gorgeous, this shoulder tattoo is for guys who work out, as well as those who enjoy bigger and showy pieces. If you’re a fan of stylish art and you trust your tattoo artist fully, why not book this beauty?

6. Polynesian Tattoo On Calf


Calf tattoos can hurt quite a lot, so heads up as you’ve been warned. If you are a fan of big and flashy ink and you don’t mind the pain, this is for you. Give it a go if you’re a true Polynesian in your heart.

7. Small Polynesian Tattoo


Small and cute, this Polynesian tattoo will look the best on women. If you’re a feminine soul looking for an artsy and creative tattoo, why not book this floral design?

8. Big Chest Polynesian Tattoo


Chest tattoos and dominant ink such as this one will attract a lot of attention. Guys who love to work out and show off their masculine bodies will enjoy this tattoo. Give it a go if you love to stand out and you trust your tattoo artist.

9. Side Leg Polynesian Tattoo


If you love showing off your muscles and you’re proud of your body, why not get this tattoo? It is a gorgeous and giant piece that will take a couple of hours to complete. Guys who enjoy big and dominant ideas will like this creation.

10. Stomach Polynesian Tattoo Idea


If you’re skilled and creative, as well as viscous like a little lizard, this tattoo is for you. Show your roots and where you come from, along with the fact that you love animals.

11. Big Chest Masculine Polynesian Tattoo


If you’re from Hawaii, this tattoo may suit you the best. Show that you’re deeply connected with your inner spirit and heritage with this tattoo. The final creation will look good on most guys.

12. Big Leg Polynesian Tattoo


Polynesian tattoos such as these can take hours and hours to do. They are often seen as a symbol of power and new beginnings. Show that you’re committed to your beliefs and that you enjoy big and flashy art.

13. Pop Of Red Polynesian Tattoo


A subtle pop of red to your Polynesian symbol will stand for love and deep emotions. If you’re a loving and caring person and if you want the world to see it + you want a sentimental piece, go all out with this tattoo.

14. Sleeve Polynesian Tattoo


Sleeve tattoos can take hours to perfect. If you like big designs and you’re proud of your heritage, why not let the world know it all with this design?

15. Tribal Polynesian Tattoo


If you’re a Māori warrior or you feel a strong connection to this tribe and part of the world, show it with this design. Make sure that you have a couple of hours to spare since it is a tricky piece to go for.

16. Polynesian Tattoo For Guys


Tattoos across your chest and around your arm will look dominant and bold. If you have some Polynesian blood in you and you wish to get an attractive and outgoing design, why not book this one?

17. Half Sleeve Polynesian Tattoo


If you want a tattoo that is sacred and which can show your personal beliefs, why not recreate this design? Show that you believe in the power of Māori energy, and rock the tattoo with full confidence!

18. Cool & Small Polynesian Tattoo


A ray tattoo such as this one is linked to your heritage and your love for the sea, as well as natural beauty.

19. Fish Polynesian Tattoo


A Polynesian fish tattoo like this one can take 2-3 hours to do. It is a gorgeous and dramatic piece, often worn by those who enjoy defined lines and black tatts.

20. Black Ink Polynesian Tattoo Idea


If you want to look and feel like a warrior, this tattoo is for you. Embrace your inner strength and showcase it to the world by getting this big design.

21. Foot Polynesian Tattoo


Heads up as foot tattoos can be quite painful and uncomfortable to go for. If you can handle them and you’re on the lookout for a secretive print, why not this one?

22. Big & Bold Polynesian Tattoo


Lastly, you can go all out and you can go big with this shoulder print. Show that pain doesn’t scare you and that you can withstand anything because you are a true warrior.

Having Said All Of That
Are you ready to embrace your new style and design? If so, which beauty you can’t wait to get out of these? They are appropriate for those with heritage and a deeper connection to Polynesia, does this sound like you? Let us know!

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