One word tattoo is a classic—it’s simple, it’s bold, and it’s beautiful. You can get as literal or abstract as you want with this kind of tattoo, but either way, you’re going to want to make sure that your word choice is meaningful and important to you.

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite single-word tattoos that are sure to inspire you. There’s no shortage of ideas—you can find a word that means something special to you or your loved ones, or just choose a word that has meaning in itself.

Here are some of our favorite ideas:

1. Unique One Word Tattoo

How often do you struggle to think or feel a certain way? Sometimes we can’t make up our minds and choose a path that is right for us. If you feel the same way and if you’re a thinker and an emotional person just as much, this bright holo tattoo is going to suit you.

2. Karma One Word Tattoo

Remind yourself that karma is a b**ch and that you are well aware of what’s about to come in your life and that you will let the universe decide your faith, no matter the ups and downs that you may be feeling at this exact moment.

3. Amore One Word Tattoo

If you’re a hopeless romantic and someone who loves to love, this thigh tattoo is going to suit you. Show that you’re a loving and caring person by getting this gorgeous and sexy piece.

4. Funny Bean One Word Tattoo

Fun and funny, don’t you agree? If you love quirky little tattoos and you’re all about humor and laughs, this will suit you. If you love beans or if you’re someone’s bean, why not get this tattoo?

5. One Word Tattoo Divine

Let the world see you as a divine person and don’t let anyone take you for granted. If you are a fan of cute and straightforward ideas + you think highly of yourself, show it all with this idea.

6. One Word Tattoo Name Print

Go for a name print of your favorite person and let them see how much they mean to you. If you’re caring, and loving, and you’re not afraid of showing your emotions + you want to show your closeness, this is it!

7. Precision One Word Tattoo

Precision is very important in life and when it comes to your path and your vision. Anyone who has a strong mind and a strong will should get this tattoo. Let the world see you as a driven person, which is what you are.

8. One Word Tattoo Impossible Print

Nothing is impossible in this world as long as you believe in yourself and you have faith. Show that you’re driven and motivated, as well as optimistic about most things in your life by getting this tattoo.

9. One Word Tattoo Always

As the famous saying from Harry Potter goes: always! It can mean so many different things, and it can suit anyone who has faith in love and life.

10. One Word Tattoo Beloved

Beloved is a saying that shows clear and strong emotions. Anyone can go for this tattoo, while its font will determine what exactly it is that you’re trying to showcase and symbolize.

11. One Word Tattoo Heal

Are you suffering at this moment? Don’t worry, a lot of people might be going through similar things, just like you. However, what is important is that you keep on reminding yourself that you’re going to heal eventually. Just by looking at this tattoo, you might realize just that.

12. Entropia One Word Tattoo

Entropia is a word that is going to symbolize your new path and the transformation that you’ve just begun, making it a perfect tattoo for anyone who has been dealing with something.

13. Gospel One Word Tattoo

Guys or girls who are somewhat religious might enjoy this tattoo. If you believe that there’s a way and if you’re connected to Christianity, why not say it openly with your chosen tattoo?

14. Family One Word Tattoo

If a family comes above all else and if you’re deeply connected to your closest ones, show it with your tattoo. Family tattoos are often quite sentimental and deep, perfect for both men and women who love to express their love the right way.

15. Grateful One Word Tattoo

Are you grateful and are you happy with what you have in your life? This small and simple one-word tattoo will let everyone know that you’re satisfied with where you’re in life at the moment. Does this sound like you and your current situation?

16. Muse One Word Tattoo

If you are someone’s muse or if you believe in the pure power of art, this tattoo will look good on you. Everyone can have a muse of some sort. So, where do you find inspiration yourself?

17. Freedom One Word Tattoo

All of us may want to find and enjoy freedom. If you’re feeling stuck or lost in a situation and you wish to show the world that you’re open to exploring something new and something empowering and morale-boosting, this cool font tattoo will suit you.

18. Amor One Word Tattoo

If you have your love on mind and if you’re someone who is deeply connected to your closest one, consider doing this bright red tattoo. Show that you have your amor, and definitely do it in red ink.

19. Quality One Word Tattoo

Quality is a word that describes your inner and deeper worth. If you feel like you’re a high-quality person, this tattoo is going to look great on you. Stick to black outline ink and show off this tattoo on your forearm, no matter your age or gender.

20. Surrender One Word Tattoo

Go for the word “surrender” and let the world know that surrendering is not an option for you. If you’ve been through a ton of things and you’re ready to conquer the world all over again, this design will boost your morale.

One word tattoos are simple, they’re sweet, and they’re perfect for anyone who wants to make a bold statement with a small amount of ink.

These tattoos are the perfect way to show off your personality or a special memory in an understated way. We hope you enjoy this collection and find something that you love!

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