New Year’s resolutions often include starting fresh and reinventing ourselves, and what better way to do that than with a new tattoo? The start of a new year is the perfect time to make a statement, and what better way to do that than with a tattoo. January 2023 has brought with it a new wave of tattoo designs, from minimalistic and delicate to bold and colorful.

The selection of designs here is diverse and unique, sure to inspire everyone from tattoo virgins to experienced enthusiasts. Each design showcases a different style and theme, whether it be nature, geometrical shapes or abstract art, there’s something for everyone. These designs will definitely make you want to head to your nearest tattoo artist to get inked up, so scroll on and be ready to be inspired.

Black & White Tattoos

1. Black Rose Flower Tattoo

Women who want a gorgeous tattoo and a floral symbol will enjoy this beauty. It is going to look amazing in the black-and-white ink combo.

2. Small Rose Tattoo

Show that you’re a fan of minimalism and that you enjoy feminine beauty which is all around us with this small rose tattoo.

3. Messi Black Ink Tattoo

Guys who loved watching the World Cup in 2022 will know the importance and sentimentalism of this gorgeous Messi tattoo. It is perfect for all the true football players, Messi lovers, or Argentinians out there!

4. Death Inspired Arm Tattoo

Show that you’re not afraid of death and that 2023 is all about embracing your true dreams, your true self, and the path that is in front of you.

5. Butterfly Arm Tattoo

A butterfly is a symbol of new life and positive energy. If you want to attract bright emotions and pure happy energy, get yourself this cool tattoo.

6. Funny Arm Tattoo

Are you a little jokester? Maybe you like to pull pranks on your closest ones, and you want to show your funny side to the world? If so, this 2023-inspired tattoo is for you!

7. Black Ink Apple Tattoo

Show how much life can change you and that you’re always adapting to your surroundings with this funny apple tattoo.

8. Collarbone Tattoo For 2023

Women who enjoy feminine and sexy pieces will also enjoy this collarbone tattoo. If you fancy showing off a bit of skin and you enjoy elegant tattoos, this is for you.

9. Black Ink Tattoo On Neck

Not a lot of people would dare to try out this neck tattoo. Would you? It is a gorgeous and stunning piece that will take a couple of hours to complete, but it is well worth it.

10. Scorpio Tattoo On Arm

A Scorpio tattoo such as this one shows your fierce character and your will to fight and survive any tough moments. If you’re a leader and someone who is feisty, this is for you!

11. Black Ink Tattoo Sleeve Design

Not a lot of people would dare to get this sleeve design. Guys who work out and those who are proud of their physiques will enjoy this marvelous piece. It symbolizes your love for life, gambling, and everything in between!

12. Behind Ear Tattoo

Show that you enjoy cute and small artsy designs with this print. Women who love neck tattoos are going to fall in love with this concept.

13. Shoulder Black Tattoo

This cool forearm tattoo is for those who enjoy big and marvelous pieces. Show that you’re always embracing positivity and change, as well as that you enjoy Mother Nature.

14. Portrait Tattoo Design

You can go for a cool portrait of someone who is important to you and in your life. If you enjoy sexy stylish pieces, this is for you!

15. Big Thigh Dog Tattoo

Guys or girls who love their furry pets and pals are going to love this design. Show your love and appreciation with this cute portrait of your good boy.

Colorful Tattoos

1. God Tattoo On Shoulder

This gorgeous god-inspired tattoo is for those who love Greece mythology and powerful characters. Is this how you’re trying to live in 2023?

2. Small Heart Tattoo

Bright red heart symbol such as this one symbolizes your true emotions and love. If you’re a fan of bright tattoos and feminine artwork, this is it!

3. Black Raven Tattoo

A bird tattoo is a symbol of new beginnings and life that you want to live and embrace. If you believe that birds are a sign of good energy, get this tattoo!

4. Rose & Butterfly Tattoo

Get this gorgeous butterfly and add a rose print next to it. This way, you’re going to express your feminine side and your will to create beautiful artwork.

5. Colorful Thigh Tattoo

Show that you love Mother Nature with this colorful and creative design. If you love flowers, this is the right way to show it!

6. Orange Tattoo Design For 2023

When life gives you oranges – make them work! If you’re a positive person and someone who loves fruit and natural symbols, this is for you!

7. Pink Unicorn Tattoo

Show that you’re a fiery little creature with this gorgeous pink horse unicorn creation! Sometimes, the beauty of tattoos varies from person to person, as well as from one wearer to the other. If you enjoy feisty and funky tattoos, this is for you.

8. Crown Symbol Tattoo

This crown design is so abstract and cool thanks to its 3D element! Do you enjoy funky and different tattoos? Do you fully trust your tattoo artist? If so, commit to this design and show it off everywhere you go in 2023!

9. Pink Bird Tattoo

A thigh tattoo such as this one is so feminine and cute, as well as super pink. If you enjoy floral art and you want a tattoo that symbolizes your true ladylike character, this is perfect for you!

10. Colorful Lizard Tattoo

Lizards are a symbol of change. If you’re looking forward to something new in your life and you want to embrace positive changes, this tattoo is for you and your new you in 2023!

11. Seahorse Tattoo Print

This little seahorse can be a great tattoo to go for if you’re a sea lover, as well as someone who enjoys Mother Nature. Show that you know how to ride the waves in 2023 with this gorgeous mini-symbol.

12. Floral Sleeve Tattoo

Make sure that you can commit to this gorgeous tattoo since it can take you 6+ hours to get it. It is a divine flower tattoo that symbolizes new beginnings.

13. Green Dragon Tattoo

This cool & dominant Dragon Ball Z character tattoo is for those who enjoy cartoon-inspired designs. Go for a dragon symbol and let the world know which is your favorite anime cartoon even in 2023!

14. Colorful Cat Sleeve Tattoo

If you are a cat lover and you want to show love & care for your furry little pal, this tattoo is for you! Go for this giant colorful sleeve design, and show that you’re very close to your little animal. Heads up however since it is a pricey piece to go for.

15. Matching Tattoo 2023

Lastly, in 2023 you can go for a matching tattoo and combine the best of both worlds alongside your other half. This cute and quirky way of doing tattoos will suit most couples, as well as those who enjoy simplicity and minimalism.

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