Moon tattoos are on the rise now and becoming a trendy tattoo to get. These tattoos can range from a simple half-moon piece to something with a lot more meaning and details. Moon tattoos are great because they can be any size you want them to be and will easily help accent a different tattoo you get. They can be the center star of your tattoo or a good filler when you need it.

If you’re looking for some ideas on your next tattoo and a moon seems cool, here are some of our favorites.

1. Moon Mandala Tattoo

Mandala pieces are beautiful and great to try out, add a moon to yours for a little more.

2. Simple Moon Tattoo

This simple moon piece is stunning.

3. Moon Phases Tattoo

Add the phases of the moon to your tattoo and let them represent important times in your life.

4. Dreamy Moon Tattoo

Your moon tattoo can take a life of its own.

5. Moon with Flowers

Combine your love for flowers and the moon into one unique piece.

6. Accent Moon Tattoo

Accent your piece with a smaller moon.

7. Goddess Moon Tattoo

Add a beautiful goddess to your moon.

8. Whale & Moon Tattoo

A full moon with your favorite animals a cool tattoo.

9. Sun and Moon Tattoo

This combination piece is stunning and minimal.

10. Mini Moon Design

A mini moon is small and simple.

11. Moon and Stars

A bigger constellation piece is stunning.

12. Red Moon

This small red moon is beautiful and unique.

13. Moon Line Design

Your moon doesn’t have to be super detailed.

14. Moon flower Tattoo

This flower into a moon tattoo is gorgeous and different.

15. Crystal Moon Tattoo

Show your love for crystals with a cool moon and crystal tattoo.

16. Dream Catcher & Moon Tattoo

Turn your moon tattoo into a beautiful dream catcher.

17. Moon Lotus

This tattoo is pretty in so many ways.

18. Planets

Be one with the galaxy with this cool moon tattoo.

19. Color

Add a little color to your moon tattoo for a pop.

20. Splashy Moon Tattoo

You can make your moon tattoo as detailed as you want it to be.

21. Cartoon Moon Tattoo

Make your moon tattoo a little less serious.

22. Astronomy

Have fun with the galaxy.

23. Moon Script

Add some script to your moon tattoo.

24. Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon loves so your true love with a tattoo.

25. Sunflower &  Moon Design

Combining your favorite flower and moon creates an incredible tattoo.

26. Nature Piece

No nature scene would be complete without a moon.

27. Full Arm Moon Tattoo

This full realistic moon is stunning.

28. Descending Moon Tattoo

A moon lowering into water creates a gorgeous piece.

29. Crystal Ball

Create a cool crystal ball and moon tattoo.

30. Unique Moon

There is a lot you can do with your moon tattoo.

31. Moon Tattoo on Hand

A moon and compass combo can help you find your way in life and make choices that keep you on track.

32. Raven & Moon Tattoo

Go for a raven and moon tattoo to feel protected and brave.

33. Cartoon Moon Tattoo

A colorful cartoon moon will cheer you up every time you look at your tattoo. It is absolutely cute!

34. Floral Moon Tattoo

Why don’t you go for a moon which is full of flowers? If you like floral tattoos, give it a shot.

35. Double Moon Tattoo

The two moons represent the past and the future, and how you can always go back to your roots.

36. Red Dragon & Moon Tattoo

The mythical creature of dragon looks amazing with a crescent. Let’s show that you are the king or queen with it.

37. Moon and Astronaut Tattoo

If you’re interested in space travel or you want to be an astronaut, go and get the tattoo above.

38. Realistic Moon Tattoo

How realistic the moon is! Especially the shading effects will make everyone speechless.

39. Moon & Snake on Shoulder

The snake and moon tattoo is an old symbol for the cycle of life. Your shoulder will look so cool with them.

40. Moon and Cat Tattoo on Neck

Cats are adorable animals, right? If you agree, why not getting a tattoo of a cat on moon?

41. Lively Moon Tattoo

Cheery blossoms which are on a purple moon create such a gorgeous image!

42. Celestial Moon Tattoo

The moon is associated with the feminine, and it’s also considered a symbol of regeneration.

43. Moon Tattoo on Ankle

Brush moon tattoo is for those who prefer artistic tattoos. Plus, the ankle is a great place to get it.

44. Moon & Mummy Tattoo

Such a contrast! A mummy represents the dead body of a person, and a moon represents the birth of someone.

45. Moon with Tiger Tattoo

This tattoo means you want to be able to be strong and fierce like the tiger, but you also want to be able to soar like the moon.

46. Moon Phase Tattoo on Forearm

Getting a tattoo of moon phases sounds like a really cool way to express your connection to the natural world.

47. Anubis & Moon Tattoo

With this tattoo, you will be protected from any harm and evil. The anubis tattoo is also a symbol of eternal life and rebirth.

48. Minimalist Moon Tattoo

Small and shady moon is quite amazing, isn’t it? Plus, it is so elegant.

49. Cute Moon Tattoo

To awaken your inner child, it is time to get this colorful cartoon tattoo.

50. Moon & Lady Tattoo

A moon and a lady tattoo is a symbol of femininity, as well as the connection between motherhood and the moon.

51. Scary Moon Tattoo

Have you ever seen a scarier moon tattoo? A skull moon is best combined with a spider.

52. Tiny Moon Tattoo

Sometimes a line moon tattoo is all you need to shine. The nice details inside the line, which are a star and planet, make the tattoo look nicer.

53. Floral Moon Tattoo

This tattoo is a symbol of the strength that comes from within, and of the feminine power that lies within all of us.

54. Moon with Skull Tattoo

Duality of life and death is represented in this tattoo. It’s a reminder that we are only here briefly, and that one day our time will come to an end.

55. Colorful Moon Tattoo

Purple and blue colors are mixed to create a moon tattoo that will leave everyone around you speechless.

56. Quirky Moon Tattoo

To have fun with your moon tattoo, you can go for a face design. In this way, you will have a unique moon tattoo.

57. Waxing Crescent Moon Tattoo

If you want to look elegant as well as classy, one of the best tattoo designs is this shady moon, for sure.

58. Moon & Matches Tattoo on Neck

Two matches and a melting moon combo creates a great tattoo for you to get. Your back will look gorgeous with it.

59. Moon Tattoo with Halloween Theme

If you want to get into the Halloween spirit, this moon tattoo with bats is definitely for you.

60. Realistic Dotwork Moon Tattoo

It’s such a romantic scene! The moon goes down just like the sun and the sea waves shine.

Moon tattoos and beautiful and stunning. They can mean a lot to you or you could just enjoy the moon. Hopefully, you found some inspiration with these ideas.

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