Moon tattoos are on the rise now and becoming a trendy tattoo to get. These tattoos can range from a simple half-moon piece to something with a lot more meaning and details. Moon tattoos are great because they can be any size you want them to be and will easily help accent a different tattoo you get. They can be the center star of your tattoo or a good filler when you need it.

If you’re looking for some ideas on your next tattoo and a moon seems cool, here are some of our favorites.

Moon Mandala

Mandala pieces are beautiful and great to try out, add a moon to yours for a little more.


This simple moon piece is stunning.


Add the phases of the moon to your tattoo and let them represent important times in your life.


Your moon tattoo can take a life of its own.


Combine your love for flowers and the moon into one unique piece.

Accent Moon

Accent your piece with a smaller moon.


Add a beautiful goddess to your moon.

Full Moon

A full moon with your favorite animals a cool tattoo.

Sun and Moon

This combination piece is stunning and minimal.

Mini Moon

A mini moon is small and simple.

Moon and Stars

A bigger constellation piece is stunning.

Red Moon

This small red moon is beautiful and unique.

Moon Line

Your moon doesn’t have to be super detailed.

Moon flower

This flower into a moon tattoo is gorgeous and different.


Show your love for crystals with a cool moon and crystal tattoo.

Dream Catcher

Turn your moon tattoo into a beautiful dream catcher.

Moon Lotus

This tattoo is pretty in so many ways.


Be one with the galaxy with this cool moon tattoo.


Add a little color to your moon tattoo for a pop.


You can make your moon tattoo as detailed as you want it to be.

Cartoon Moon

Make your moon tattoo a little less serious.


Have fun with the galaxy.

Moon Script

Add some script to your moon tattoo.

Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon loves so your true love with a tattoo.

Sunflower Moon

Combining your favorite flower and moon creates an incredible tattoo.

Nature Piece

No nature scene would be complete without a moon.

Realist Moon

This full realistic moon is stunning.

Descending Moon

A moon lowering into water creates a gorgeous piece.

Crystal Ball

Create a cool crystal ball and moon tattoo.

Unique Moon

There is a lot you can do with your moon tattoo.

Moon tattoos and beautiful and stunning. They can mean a lot to you or you could just enjoy the moon. Hopefully, you found some inspiration with these ideas.

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