Getting your zodiac sign tattooed on you is becoming increasing popular. Horoscopes have always been a thing but recently people have been tapping into their witchy side a little more and resonate with the traits that go with their sign. Libras are known to be clever, social, and non-confrontational. It is said libra love being in love and dive headfirst into their relationships. They are also great listeners and very diplomatic. 

If you want to jump onto this trend and want a libra tattoo for yourself, here are some amazing ideas that you can get a little inspiration from. 


Add your symbol to an arrow for a cool design.

Minimal Scale

Libras are known for balance and their sign is a scale.


Put your own spin on the scale.

Tarot Card

Create your own unique libra tarot card.


Line work makes for a simple but stunning tattoo.

Heart and Brain

The scales show what a libra is about.

Flower Constellation

Change your constellation up a bit.

Full Libra

Show all aspects of a libra in this tattoo.

Sun and Moon

Your sun and moon constellation can be represented in one tattoo.

Mystical Scales

Have fun with your scale look.

Solar System

Go for a minimal look but add all aspects of the solar system to it.


Add a splash of color to your libra tattoo.


This libra tattoo is stunning and unique.

Abstract Libra

An abstract piece is just what you need.

Three Signs

Let all your horoscopes have a moment.


Place your symbol with your favorite animal.


Scream from everywhere that you’re a libra.

Traditional Scales

Go traditional with your scales.


Black ink looks amazing with this gorgeous libra tattoo.

Traditional Writing

Get a traditional tattoo that says libra.

Finger Tattoo

Be extremely minimal with your tattoo.

Full Libra

Commit to a full libra back piece.


Be anything but neat with your tattoo.

Fine Line

This small tattoo is all you need for a stunning libra piece.

Detailed Scales

Add all that you want to your scales.


Go bright and vibrant with your new libra tattoo.


The libra symbol within flowers look amazing.

Colorful Constellation

Add pops of color to your constellation.


Show how powerful you are with a tiger within your libra tattoo.

Libra Lady

Representing libra can be whatever you imagine.


Show your libra symbol with vines.

Libra Compass

This libra tattoo is absolutely stunning.

There is a variety of ways you can represent being a libra with a tattoo. Which one is your favorite? 

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