Knuckle tattoos are truly something. They are not everyone’s cup of tea, and they can hurt quite a lot when you place them as close to your bone. If you’re a fan of showy and visible tattoos and you want your design to tell your story upfront, this will suit you! Keep on reading as we present you with some cool ideas and find your next tattoo inspiration down below.

You probably don’t have a lot of fat or muscle on your knuckles, which makes them quite uncomfortable to go for. If this is your first time getting a tattoo, this might not be the best option to start with. In the end, be prepared for it.

Whether you’re a man or a woman, knuckle tattoos are a great option for those of us who want something small and subtle. Here are some of my favorite knuckle tattoo ideas:

Black & White Knuckle Tattoos

1. Punk Rock Knuckle Tattoo

This is a true punk-rock design that will suit rock and roll lovers the best.

2. Roots Knuckle Tattoo

Let the world know and see where you came from by getting the word “roots” placed down.

3. Small Minimalism Knuckle Tattoo

This is a simple and cool design that will suit most women who are into minimalism.

4. Cool Black Knuckle Tattoo Idea

You can go for a language that not everyone knows. This way, your chosen design will have a deeper meaning and more depth.

5. Trauma Knuckle Tattoo

We’ve all been through a trauma of some sort. Get this design to show your true colors and stay open, as well as vulnerable.

6. Animal Knuckle Tattoo

Animal prints on top of your knuckles will say that you love wildlife and that you’re a hunter for yourself.

7. Letters Knuckle Tattoo

Letter per letter placed on each knuckle is a fun design to try out.

8. Number Knuckle Tattoo

Go for the year of your birth and place it on your knuckles. It is a common yet cool concept to try out.

9. Matching Knuckle Tattoos

If you’re a little daredevil and you like artsy ideas, this is for you. It is a painful concept for both hands, so heads up.

10. Knuckle Tattoos For Women

Even women can dare to give it a go with this knuckle concept.

11. Small Minimalism Knuckle Tattoo

Let your creativity run wild and try out all of these little yet meaningful symbols.

12. Cool Knuckle Tattoo Idea

Go for the word “manifest” and let the world know that you’re always manifesting your future.

13. Word Letters Knuckle Tattoos

One letter or initials of the most important people in your life will make up for such a cool concept.

14. Multiple Knuckle Tattoos

This cool black and white ink skull tattoo is a piece of art. If you fancy big and bold ideas and you want a tattoo that can tell its own fun story, this is it!

15. Moon Knuckle Tattoo

This scary skull moon symbol stands for your new life and the changes that are ahead.

16. Creative Artsy Knuckle Tattoos

This knuckle tattoo will take you 2-4 hours to do.

17. Angel Knuckle Tattoo Design

Do you have someone who is your angel? Are you an angel? This cool tattoo will suit you!

18. Geometrical Symbols On Knuckles

These geometrical symbols will show your love for creativity and constant new upgrades.

19. Cool Black Knuckle Small Tattoo

Small black knuckle tattoos are for those who dislike the needles, yet want to show off their love for a certain print.

20. Zodiac Knuckle Tattoo

If you’re a true zodiac lover this tattoo concept will suit you.

Colorful Knuckle Tattoos

1. Red Heart Knuckle Tattoo

Red hearts stand for your love and all the emotions that you’re feeling for your closest ones.

2. Red Rose Knuckle Tattoo

This red rose tattoo symbolizes love and loss. Do you have someone special in your mind?

3. Knuckle Tattoos For Women

You can go a bit wild and crazy and try out these several small yet cute tattoos.

4. Cool Pokemon Knuckle Tattoo

Any true Pokémon lovers out there? If so, these badge symbols in colorful ink will suit you

5. Matching Colorful Knuckle Tattoos

Two roses in different colors can stand for your emotions and the fact that you’re always in control of what you’re doing or feeling in your life. If you’re a balanced person, this will suit you so well.

6. Cartoon Characters Knuckle Tattoo

Let the nostalgia hit you and try out these mini yet cute symbols.

7. Tiger Knuckle Tattoo

If you’re a natural fighter and someone who is dominant this tiger will look so lovely on your knuckles.

8. Disney Characters Knuckle Tattoo

Show that you’re a true fan of Disney and give it a go with these cool colorful characters.

9. Bright Symbols Knuckle Tattoos

All of these symbols will show that you’re a peaceful person and someone who likes to stay true to him or herself.

10. Skull Knuckle Tattoo Design

Not a lot of tattoo artists would know how to do this tattoo. If you fully trust yours why not show off this design and commit to their talent?

Do You Dare?
And there you have it guys! A list of some of the coolest and trendiest 30 knuckle tattoos that you’re going to love. Which one is your favorite? Let us know!

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