The Icarus tattoo packs a punch with its deep meaning, mixing dreams, danger, and the classic “flying too close to the sun” story. It’s perfect for anyone who loves the thrill of chasing big dreams, but also knows the risk of crashing down. This design is all about ambition, freedom, and the thin line between success and failure. It’s a cool way to show off what you’re all about and keep a reminder to stay grounded.

When it comes to placing this tattoo, you’ve got options. Big, detailed pieces look awesome on your back or chest, giving you the space to really show off Icarus falling from the sky. If you’re thinking smaller or more low-key, your arm, leg, or even side are great spots. Prices can range a lot, from a couple of hundred bucks for something simple to a few grand for a full-on masterpiece.

Ready to see some cool Icarus tattoos? I’ve got 50+ designs lined up below that take this classic tale and turn it into amazing art. From big, bold pieces to subtle nods to the myth, there’s something here for every style and budget. Dive in and find the perfect Icarus tattoo to tell your story.

1. Icarus Falls

As already known, Icarus is an angel who flew too close to the sun and fell. A famous saying goes that Icarus loved the sun too much, so much so that he did not care to approach it, even though he knew he would fall. Have you ever felt like an Icarus, and if so, this is the ideal opportunity to show it?

2. Falling

There are a lot of pictures where people try to show the best how they imagine this fallen angel, and therefore the pictures differ in some things. For example, in this photo, you can see how one side of the wing is burnt by the sun, while the other side is intact. Because of his damaged wings, he could no longer fly. This tattoo can symbolize some of your life story or a life downfall.

3. Sun & Icarus

You can display the tattoo of this angel in any way you want in any edition. The tattoo can be of different shapes and colors, and you can add several elements to it, as it was done in the photo. The sun as the most important element can be present there, and you can add numbers and stars and various details that will make your tattoo even more noticeable.

4. Sun

One of the simplest representations of this famous story. A simple sun composed of black lines and a perfectly drawn being falling far away from its greatest love. This photo can be your inspiration for your next tattoo.

5. Close Up

As already mentioned, you can present this creature in any form and edition. Here is a wingless falling angel. Whether the background of the picture is that the wings were burned or he didn’t have them at all, we don’t know, but we do know that this tattoo is very simple and not complicated to make because there are no excessive details.

6. Angel Wings

Icarus’ wings are made of wax, in case any of you didn’t know. Wax was covered in feathers and despite his father’s warnings not to fly too high, he went anyway and ended up drowning in the sea. The story is extremely powerful and the story carries a great message for all those who know how to interpret it. A good idea would be to tattoo-melting wings instead of regular wings.

7. Red Icarus

You can make an Icarus tattoo in any color. As an example, here we have singled out a red tattoo that represents this fallen being. Here you can see how his wings are represented as feathers attached to his hands because his wings are not real.

8. AI Tattoo

As AI technology has come to us, we can find more and more photos like this that are designed to give you an idea for a tattoo or anything else that interests you. This technology can sometimes really help us. As an example, look at the photo. If you don’t have a special idea for a photo, just ask your assistant to suggest something best.

9. Directions

You can add the direction in which the Icarus falls as done here. If you are looking for an extremely noticeable tattoo, you can add maybe the sea he fell into or something similar. It’s also a good idea to add some keywords like fall.

10. Back Tattoo

Wow! What a tattoo. This is something called a striking tattoo. We believe it took a lot of hours of work here, but it was worth it. This tattoo is truly stunning. Everything is presented properly and the whole tattoo follows the flow of the story. You can see the ropes with which the wings are tied to the hands of this young man, as well as the sun that caused the fall of this angel. The Latin saying means someone who is above everything and who tries much bigger and risky things that they shouldn’t.

11. Arm Tattoo

Another simple tattoo of this angel. Such tattoos are ideal to be done somewhere on the arm because they are striking and easy to notice. Of course, everything depends on the place you prefer to tattoo and the size of the tattoo you want.


A nice quote that goes well with Ikarus and his story. We don’t know what your opinion is about the fall, but you can see this as a kind of inspiration. Don’t be afraid to fly too high, because not everyone’s fate will be like Icarus’s. Sometimes things are worth the risk. If he had not soared so high, he would never have felt his love close.

13. Falling Wings

In essence, all tattoos of this angel are similar, but each one is special in its way and each one is specially expressed. Here, for example, you can see how the feathers from his wings fall and fall with him. Some more details have been added to the tattoo which makes it more interesting.

14. Simple Tattoo

A similar tattoo to some of the previous ones, only it is done with slightly weaker lines and they are not so black and thick. This tattoo looks like it was shaded with a graphite pencil.

15. Sun And Angel

Another symbolization of the angel and his greatest love. Here we can see how much the sun is bigger than an angel and how risky it was for him to approach that same sun because bigger things always win. So, don’t be a smaller being. 😉

16. Mozaic

A beautiful tattoo that is tattooed in the symbolism of a mosaic. A very creative idea with carefully selected colors that match and are very striking.

17. Tearing Apart

The stories of Greek mythology are always full of interesting events and unusual things. This story, at least for me, is one of the most beautiful but also the saddest. This beautiful depiction of a sapling falling on a man can awaken both admiration and sadness.

18. Black Angel

A color that does not go unnoticed. Along with the angel, there are also birds in the same color. The tattoo can find a place anywhere on your body, and the size is quite small and modest. This tattoo can be interpreted in two ways. One is that Icarus falls here, and the other is that they rise towards the sun because of the position of his arm and wing.

19. Icarus And The Sky

On this big tattoo, we don’t know if Icarus or the sky with the sun’s rays behind him is more beautiful and fascinating. Have you ever loved someone so much that you would allow them to destroy you like Icarus loved the sun whom he allowed to cast him into eternal oblivion?

20. Colorful Tattoo

This tattoo, at least to us, looks a bit Roman, doesn’t it? All these colors, and even the very way in which this famous angel is presented, somehow lean more towards the Roman than the Greek side. In any case, the work is fascinating and at a very professional level, which is the most important thing!

21. Icarus Rising

The perfect place for such a wonderful tattoo is the back. You can experiment in various ways, and Icarus did very well on this part of the body. With different wings, a different body position and a completely different depiction, this tattoo is authentic and a must-have if you love this part of Greek mythology! (or if you find yourself in it in any way)

22. The Sun, The Moon And Its Phases

Icarus is shown here from another, even more interesting angle, while above him is a representation of the sun and around the sun all possible phases of the moon. The details added around Icarus’ body are fascinating.

23. Close To The D%ath

Skulls, the famous Latin saying that one must die once, candles and the depiction of the fall – do you understand the symbolism of this beautiful tattoo? It is very inspiring, and accurate, but also a bit harsh and sad. We believe that not everyone can wear it. All that said, the hand is a very interesting place to display such detailed art!

24. Red & Black

The mix of red and black, especially when it comes to tattoos, goes well. In this tattoo, the sun is depicted in red, as well as the embers coming out of Icarus’ eyes as he falls, which is depicted. Very artistic, different and inspiring, would you dare to get such a big and interesting tattoo?

25. Aesthetic Fall

When it comes to girls, we can’t avoid a special taste for aesthetics! These adorable elements go perfectly with this tattoo and found their place perfectly on her arm. Would you do something similar? We sure would!

26. Beautiful Angel

The wonderful creature of Greek mythology is perfectly depicted on the skin of this person. His fall is one of the most famous ever, and various artists depict it in different ways. What is your favorite way to portray the tragic fate of Icarus?

27. Memento Mori

Memento mori is a Latin phrase meaning ‘remember you must die’. This Latin phrase indicates the tragic end of this beautiful angel and fits perfectly with the topic we are studying today. Plus, one angel wing and the other demon wing – what do you think Icarus was really like outside of all the lore that claims he was disobedient after all?

28. Icarus And The Moon

Art is the most beautiful because it offers a large space for action and freedom. Everyone experiences certain events and things in their particular way and the beauty of art is precisely in the way it is portrayed so that you can vividly feel what the artist is trying to convey to you. Icarus loved the sun very much, but did he also love the moon and would he also die because of the moon? We can only wonder…

29. Leg Tattoo

Tattoos aren’t just for the upper body. On the legs, you can have a larger area to work on different works of art, tattoos are very famous and are done more and more often, especially on the calves, just like in this picture. This artist did not forget to add the sun, which is the main reason for Icarus’ destruction and death.

30. Realistic Icarus

This tattoo perfectly shows how realistic tattoos can look. The fall of Icarus is very artistically depicted in this usual way as his wings melt and disintegrate. In this tattoo, you can see what it roughly looked like in a very vivid way!

31. Icarus And His Wings

In this tattoo, the wings of Icarus are particularly prominent and exude a special beauty and artistry. Every crease on his body and every muscle on his back is specially constructed on the wearer’s skin, so we’re sure a lot of work went into this tattoo!

32. Fall Of Icarus

We don’t know if you’ll agree with us, but this tattoo is more than just art. The very idea of adding various new elements sets it apart from all the other similar tattoos you’ve seen in this post. We are fascinated and we suggest you do it if it is your cup of tea!

33. Black Icarus

A black tattoo is a wonderful choice if you are in doubt about the color of your work. Tattoos can be made in various colors, and it only depends on your imagination which one you will choose!

1. Icarus Tattoo On Shoulder

This Icarus tattoo is going to look great over your shoulders. Consider going with a bigger print since this way the tattoo is a lot more attention-seeking, as well as dominant. It will look amazing on most guys who work out.

2. Forearm Icarus Tattoo

Show that you’re a hero and someone who has good and brave intentions by getting this giant design with a pair of wings that are spread out. The final design is very creative and stylish, often worn by those who enjoy dominant art.

3. Black Ink Icarus Tattoo

If you enjoy precise tattoos and you think that geometrical pieces look the best, why not give it a go with this tattoo? Show that you’re always mastering personal growth with this little armpiece.

4. Cool Chest Icarus Tattoo

You can show that you’re filled with pride and that you have faith in yourself with this tattoo. It is a gorgeous and divine tattoo that can look so good on most guys and on top of their masculine chests.

5. Big Back Icarus Tattoo

A giant back tattoo such as this one can take hours to do. If you enjoy big and dominant tattoos and you’re a dan of deeper meanings, as well as creative pieces, this is for you! Symbolize that you’ve mastered it all with this giant Icarus symbol.

6. Colorful Icarus Tattoo

A pop of color can be used to symbolize loads of different emotions that you’ve been feeling. If you’re a warrior and someone who knows that they can make a significant difference, but only with a bit of effort, this tattoo is for you.

7. Arm Icarus Tattoo Design

Properly shaded Icarus tattoo such as this one can symbolize your will for being noticed and appreciated in every aspect and field of your life. You don’t like to take falls, and you’re always mastering new skills in your life.

8. Stomach Icarus Tattoo

A stomach tattoo such as this one will take a bit of time to do, but you should know that it is a painful piece to go for. If you want to hide Icarus underneath your rib and you’re all about secretive designs, this is for you.

9. Icarus Tattoo On Leg

If you’re ready to shine through and you believe that consistency is key to all things in life, this tattoo will show it. Show that you’re ready to embrace change and that you believe in yourself by getting this symbol.

10. Icarus Tattoo On Shoulder

A shoulder tattoo such as this one will take you around 3 hours to do. If you’re a fan of and a believer in reincarnation, this design will show it. It is also perfect for guys who work out and want to show their biceps off.

11. Detailed Icarus Tattoo

Give this Icarus tattoo a go if you want a detailed piece. It will show the growth and changes that you’ve been making in your life and during your personal growth journey.

12. Icarus Tattoo For Guys On The Back

This giant back tattoo is going to work so well on most guys who work out. It will also symbolize your constant will to grow and chase your dreams, despite the fact that others may have called them unreachable.

13. Artsy Icarus Tattoo

For some people, abstract art is the way to do it! If you’re a fan of smaller tattoos and ideas that can have a twist to them, this may suit you. Show that you enjoy art and that you love to make progress in your own little way.

14. Thigh Icarus Tattoo

A gorgeous thigh tattoo such as this one is a symbol of hope and never giving up. If you enjoy looking at it quite often and you want to remind yourself of your beginnings, a thigh placement is a right way to do it.

15. Icarus Tattoo Design

Combine black and red ink to achieve this beauty. This way of doing art and shading will show that you’re a fan of precise yet abstract tattoos that can have their own personal meaning.

16. Blue Icarus Tattoo

This blue Icarus tattoo will show a person who is an optimist, as well as someone who can achieve anything that he or she wishes! It is a vibrant tattoo for sure, and a lot of people will have questions about it, trust us.

17. Creative Icarus Tattoo

If you have your kryptonite (as we all do), show that you’re aware of it yet that you’re ready to conquer it in your own way, despite the fall or falls.

18. Icarus Tattoo On Stomach

A side stomach tattoo can hurt quite a lot. If you can withstand the pain and you’re not afraid of these creations, why not try this print? It is a bold and one-of-a-kind tattoo, that’s for sure.

19. Gorgeous Feminine Icarus Tattoo

Women who enjoy sexy and stylish pieces, as well as tattoos that are feminine will want to try this design out. Show that you’re positive, bright, and optimistic with this cute and cool concept.

20. Bright Icarus Tattoo

This tattoo is quite cool since it has that cartoon and 3-D-like design. If you enjoy colorful and bright pieces and you’re a fan of color, this is for you. Make sure that you have enough time for it since it can be tricky and time-consuming to do.

21. Flame Icarus Tattoo

Lastly, you can give it a go with this fire and flame Icarus tattoo. It is quite symbolic and is often worn by those who prefer a straightforward story, as well as a good historical tattoo.

In conclusion, Icarus tattoos are a striking and meaningful symbol that can have many different interpretations. Whether you see Icarus as a cautionary tale of hubris or a reminder to never give up on your dreams, these tattoos can be a powerful way to express your own beliefs and experiences. The 30 designs featured in this article are just a small selection of the many incredible Icarus tattoo designs out there, and we hope they have inspired you to explore this fascinating and enduring symbol.

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