Hourglass tattoos are often a symbolic and meaningful design to go for. In fact, hourglass tattoos are used as a symbol to represent your life and its current phase. We all know how precious time is, but how aware are you of your surroundings and your life? If you wish to rock something cool and meaningful keep on reading and browse through your options down below.

What Does A Hourglass Tattoo Symbolize?

The hourglass tattoo is one of the most popular tattoo designs out there. It has a long history, as well as a lot of symbolic meaning behind it. The hourglass tattoo represents a variety of things, but the most common meanings are time and mortality.

In ancient times, people used sand to tell time by placing it in an hourglass and watching it flow through one end and out the other. This was often done with precious gems or jewels instead of sand, which were more valuable than grains of sand. The hourglass symbolizes this idea of preciousness because it is often made from silver or gold and decorated with diamonds or other precious stones.

The hourglass tattoo also represents mortality because time will eventually run out for everyone—and we must all face death eventually. This can be interpreted as either being morbid or inspiring hope for those who believe in an afterlife (or both).

Where To Place A Hourglass Tattoo?

The placement varies and comes down to your personal preference. Do you enjoy bigger or smaller tattoos? The most common and successful ideas are on your calf or your bicep, as well as your arm or your thigh. Hourglass tattoos have an important and meaningful story to tell, meaning that you might fancy attention-seeking placements more than any other.

1. Skull Hourglass Tattoo


Go for a skull print along with an hourglass design to show that you’re well aware of how precious time is.

2. Purple Hourglass Tattoo


Purple is a color of fun energy and dynamic feelings. If you’re an energetic person wanting to express yourself through a tattoo and always remind yourself how time flies, this is something to consider doing.

3. Scary Hourglass Tattoo


Go for that horror element to your tattoo and be positive that not a lot of people are going to have a similar print.

4. Retro Native Hourglass Tattoo


If you like colorful tattoos that have that retro pin-up vibe or that can represent Native American culture this hourglass is a fun concept to go for.

5. Colorful Artsy Hourglass Tattoo


Try to remind yourself that you should never cry and that your life is all about having fun and appreciating both the good and the bad times.

6. Carpe Diem Hourglass Tattoo


Carpe diem is a popular quote to go for. If you prefer cool tattoos that have a symbolic meaning give it a go with this hourglass.

7. Gold Hourglass Tattoo


Not a lot of tattoo artists know to do this type of tattoo artwork. If you fully trust yours give it a go and show off your unique golden hourglass print!

8. Thigh Hourglass Tattoo


Thigh tattoos will look amazing on most women. If you have a bit more space to work with and you’re looking for a gorgeous giant tattoo this is for you! Heads up since it can be a time-consuming print to go for.

9. Big & Colorful Hourglass Tattoo


Big and colorful, this thigh tattoo will take you some time to do. Make sure that you’re patient when it comes to this design.

10. Hourglass Tattoo On Arm


If you trust your tattoo artist give it a go with this popular hourglass print and a skull design. You’ll like the flashy outcome and its attention-seeking looks.

11. Artsy Hourglass Tattoo Design


Let yourself be aware of a specific point and time in your life with this tattoo. You’ll show the world that you’re always evolving, no matter what is being thrown at you.

12. Artsy Hourglass Tattoo


Red and blue colors stand for any two major forces that one might experience and face throughout life. Fancy going for this color combo?

13. Magical Purple Hourglass Tattoo


Do you believe in magic? If that is the case, give it a go with this colorful and retro purple hourglass design that you can wear no matter your gender.

14. Pop Of Color Hourglass Tattoo


If you fancy abstract art this tattoo will suit you so well. It is a must-do for men and women who prefer retro ideas.

15. Quote Hourglass Tattoo


Time waits for no one is an amazing quote that you’re going to live for! Show your true creativity with this awesome tattoo idea.

16. Colorful Hourglass Tattoo Design


Precise, bright, and loud, this colorful tattoo is for those who enjoy dramatic looks. If you trust your tattoo artist and you want to give it a go with something fierce and new, book this beauty!

17. Forearm Hourglass Tattoo


A forearm tattoo placement will always remind you that time is ticking and coming your way. Show that you’re well aware of your surroundings and that you wish to enjoy and appreciate every moment.

18. Black & White Hourglass Tattoo


A black and white tattoo such as this one will look artsy and is covered in a ton of little detail. Show it off if you’re a fan of gorgeous and artsy ink.

19. Side Boob Hourglass Tattoo


Women who enjoy feminine and elegant tattoos will like this print. The placement is a bit risky, yet it will make an amazing story for those who dare to wear it.

20. Small Hourglass Tattoo Black Ink


Small and simple, this black hourglass tattoo is used to describe your awareness and the time that is passing by. However, if you’re a realist this tattoo will suit you and will represent your feelings!

21. Hourglass Tattoo Cartoon Outline


Combine a tree of life tattoo and an hourglass symbol to show the world that you’re always growing and experimenting with anything that is tossed your way.

22. Sleeve Hourglass Tattoo


Sleeve tattoos are for men and women who like bigger and bolder pieces. If you have masculine arms this print will suit you and will look divine on you.

23. Minimalism Hourglass Tattoo


Minimalism tattoos are for women and men who dislike needles. If you see the beauty in all the little and mini things this will intrigue you.

24. Black Ink Hourglass Tattoo On Arm


Black outlines and this realistic hourglass with sand in it will attract looks and is a stylish tattoo to consider doing.

25. Unique Hourglass Print


If you enjoy geometry and precision this tattoo is for you. Heads up since it is a time-consuming and detail-oriented piece that one can go for.

26. Hourglass Tattoo Over Arm


Hourglass tattoos done in black ink such as this one will show that you’re always creating and willing to try out a new fun and cool concept.

27. Hourglass Tattoo Design On Arm


Arm or palm tattoos aren’t for everyone. Make sure that you can wear it and that your job allows you to show off tattoos in this visible way.

28. Black Ink Thigh Hourglass Tattoo


Thigh tattoos can take some time to get and perfect. This black ink design will take you 3-4 hours to achieve, it is a must-do if you’re into larger designs.

29. Back Hourglass Tattoo


Back hourglass tattoos will suit women who are naturally shy yet feel and wish to express growth in their own way.

30. Black Stylish Hourglass Tattoo


Lastly, pay close attention to details and try out this black minimalism art. If you’re into detailed stylish ideas and creativity go for this print.
Want A New Tattoo?
An hourglass tattoo is a beautiful way to tell the world that you’re an all-timer.

The hourglass tattoo, with its timeless symbol of time passing and life’s fleeting nature, is a popular choice for those who want to remind themselves that every moment is precious.

It’s also a great piece of body art for anyone who wants a subtle reminder that time will pass whether or not you’re focused on it.

Whether you’re looking to commemorate an important milestone in your life or just want to show off your love for sand running through an hourglass, these tattoos are the perfect way to do it!

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