Flower tattoos are one of the most popular tattoos to get, especially for women. Flowers can represent anything from paying tribute to someone or using it as a meaning instead of words. Delicate flowers are currently trending because they are feminine and pretty. Larger flowers are always popular with flash tattoos to help cover some space but also create an amazing design.
If you love a good flower tattoo but need a little more insight, here are some of our favorites.

1. Little Boutique


A little boutique is dainty and sweet.

2. Unique Arrangement


This stunning arrangement is great for a more unique tattoo.

3. Sunflower


A sunflower is a beautiful design that you can make your own.

4. Filler


Adding flowers to any tattoo just enhances your artwork.

5. Tradition


You can keep your flowers more traditional.

6. Variety


Having a variety of flowers is a great choice.

7. Lines


Your flower tattoo can be minimal and easy.

8. Wilted Flower


A wilted flower can represent whatever you want it to.

9. Small Flower


Flowers are great for a smaller piece.

10. Blossoms


These flowers create a stunning mural.

11. Watercolor


Add a splash of color to your flower with some watercolors.

12. Shoulder Piece


Flowers fit amazing with your shoulders.

14. Daisy


Have fun with your flowers and make them work for you.

15. Pressed Flower


A pressed flower tattoo looks stunning and is something different.

16. Minimal


Your flower tattoo can be minimal and simple.

17. Half Sleeve


Create a half sleeve with all your favorite flowers.

18. Accent


Accent any of your tattoos with some flowers.

19. Realistic Flower


Create a realistic design with your flower tattoo.

20. Feminine Flower


This feminine tattoo is perfect for anyone looking for something more special.

21. Peony


Peonies are a great flower to get as a tattoo.

22. Dimensional Roses


Dimensional tattoos are popular right and perfect to add your favorite flower to.

23. Moon Flowers


Add a little sass to your moon tattoo with flowers

24. Dog Love


Flowers with your dog tattoo is a great way to become the ultimate dog mom.

25. Lotus


Lotus tattoos are big and gorgeous, perfect to make into exactly what you want.

26. Hearts


Hearts are fantastic to include flowers with.

27. Flowers and Butterflies


Create the perfect tattoo with butterflies and flowers.

28. Crystals


Crystals and flowers go together just like peanut butter and jelly.

29. Pretty Flowers


Pretty flowers that are small and minimal make for a gorgeous tattoo.

30. Wristlet


A cool and simple flower wristlet tattoo is pretty.

31. Thigh Piece


A giant flower thigh piece is a stunning tattoo idea.

32. Black Ink


Your flower tattoos will shine with just black ink.

33. Wind Blows


Falling flowers are a beautiful tattoo you can have.

34. Peach and Plum Blossom Tattoo


Peach and plum blossoms come together in a beautiful design. The realistic tattoo technique depict the flowers in a lifelike manner, with accurate coloring, shading, and detailing to bring out the natural beauty of the flowers. It almost feels like you actually have them for real on your leg.

35. Lily Bouquet Tattoo


Sometimes a bouquet of flowers can make your whole day be good. So why not make it permanent? This simple yet elegant lily bouquet made with line art will cheer you up every time you look at it. There are also a few plants in the bouquet. They are all tied with a string and placed on the inner arm.

36. Minimalist Daisy Tattoo


Wanna have a pure beauty on your body? If your answer is yes, this side rib tattoo is for you. The daisy above has clean lines, minimal details and a subtle, understated look. Besides few simple petals, shading is applied so that the daisy looks realistic. It is also placed on the side rib, which is one of the greatest parts for a cute tattoo like this. Let’s go and get it!

37. Flower Stamp Tattoo


Plumeria flower, which is a tropical flower commonly found in Hawaii, is placed inside a postage stamp. It is an image of a small adhesive label that is used to pay for the postage of a letter or package. Since a red ink is used to create this arm tattoo, it stands out with the plumeria’s beauty.

38. Flower Head Tattoo


This line art tattoo features the silhouette of a nude woman. What makes the tattoo different is that the woman’s head is created with a flower. This type of tattoo may symbolize that a woman has blossomed from her personal experiences and constant self-development. It also looks great on inner arm.

39. Cross and Sunflower Tattoo


If you are looking for a simple but powerful imagery, this one is for you. Showing your faith and religion, a cross is placed by using a black ink and drawing thin lines. To decorate this simple cross, beautiful and colored sunflowers are placed around it. The sunflowers symbolize positivity, optimism, and growth, so let’s go for it.

40. Cherry Blossom Tattoo


The blooming flowers of the cherry tree will shine on your arm! A branch of pinky cherry blossoms are associated with Japanese culture, where the cherry blossom holds significant cultural and historical significance. It symbolizes beauty and a realistic depiction of these flowers are used above. As a nice detail, the saying “peace” is placed on the branch.

41. Blue Poppy & Lavender Tattoo


The blue poppy is often associated with peace, while lavender is known for its calming and relaxing properties. The two flowers together in an outer forearm tattoo symbolize a sense of serenity and tranquility. Also, they look like they have grown on this arm since a quite realistic style of tattooing is used and the bright colors of blue, purple and green will mesmerize you.

42. Floral Anchor Tattoo


Associated with stability and security, an anchor is placed on forearm and designed with a glittery effect. To symbolize protection and a positive change in life, the anchor is decorated with anemone flowers surrounding it. With their different colors and beauties, these flowers make the anchor have a positive vibe.

43. Red Lotus Tattoo


Being one of the most beautiful symbols of personal development and enlightenment, a lotus flower is shown in this tattoo. The lotus flower, colored with red ink and drawn with thick black ink, gained dimension with the shadow technique. As an ornament, there are beads and tassel details hanging from the edges of the flower.

44. Lavender Bouquet Foot Tattoo


Foot tattoos can be a great idea to highlight your beautiful foot. This foot tattoo features a dazzling bunch of lavender. This beautiful flower symbolizing spring with its magnificent purple flowers and lush leaves is accompanied by a small black detail underneath. The word “faith”, which appears on the black ornament, is in the foreground.

45. Fun Daisy Tattoo


Fun and creative tattoo lovers, come here! In this tattoo on the inner arm, the saying “it’s okay” is intended to indicate that everything is okay in your life. The letter “o” in the word “Okay” is formed with a small and sweet daisy. Created with fine lines, this tattoo will definitely cheer you up.

46. Sunflower Tattoo


Known for its distinctive shape and its ability to turn its head towards the sun, a sunflower is one of the most beautiful flowers! In this arm tattoo design, two sunflowers are brought together with a realistic technique. The inks and colors are so striking that it is hard not to be mesmerized. Let’s get this tattoo which symbolizes happiness, positivity and hope.

47. Water Lily Flower Tattoo


The beauty and serenity of nature is best represented with a purple lily tattoo behind the ear. The middle part of the tattoo features a purple water lily and it is so detailed and realistic that it is difficult to distinguish it from the real one. In addition, two different embellishments which add an extra beauty to the overall aesthetic of the tattoo were added. There are smashed purple leaves above the lily and black pinstripe ornaments below.

48. Dragon & Flowers Tattoo


The dragon and the flowers together make it a unique design. The roaring dragon above looks so powerful and scary on the chest. It is a blackwork tattoo done by a skilled artist and the details of the dragon scales reveal it. Plus, flowers are placed in the middle of the dragon to give it a nicer look.

49. Artistic Flower Tattoo


The Helleborus is a type of flowering plant that is also known as the Christmas rose and its purple one takes a different level in the frame tattoo above. On the inner arm, a black thin frame is placed and purple helleborus flowers are drawn inside of it. It looks super realistic and stylish.

50. Realistic Rose Tattoo


A realistic rose tattoo on calf is a beautiful way to show your appreciation for the beauty in nature. A big size of a red rose looks great with its green leaves and a black ink that frames them is a nice detail. As an ornament, a red gemstone is tied up to the rose with a thin rope.

51. Purple Rose Tattoo on Ankle


A purple rose which is placed on the ankle looks mesmerizing with its beauty. One of the most popular symbolisms of a purple rose is love at first sight or adoration for someone. Adding a name, in this case “Dianna,” personalizes the tattoo and gives it a deeper meaning. It could be a tribute to someone named Dianna or simply a representation of the person’s identity.

52. Tulip Bouquet Tattoo on Arm


The colors of yellow, pink and red are bright and vibrant, and the flowers look realistic. The placement is also great. The bouquet is placed on the upper arm, which is a more feminine area of the body than the chest or back, so it’s a good choice for this tattoo design.

53. Gladiolus Flower Spine Tattoo


This flower tattoo is so elegant and sexy! Colorful gladiolus flowers and leaves are depicted in pink, purple and green inks the tattoo runs vertically along the spine, symbolizing strength and resilience. Also, watercolor tattoo technique is used as a nice and modern touch.

54. Shady Rose Tattoo


A classy and shady rose tattoo on arm is a great way to show your love for the rose. The black color makes it look more bold and beautiful. To give it a three dimensional look, shading effects are used and it feels so real. Go for it to look amazing.

55. Traditional Flower Tattoo


These flowers placed on the leg will give some traditional vibes. The bold lines create a sharp contrast between the outline and the inner color of the flowers. One big and two small flowers are combined together by using different shading techniques as well as a vibrant color palette.

56. Gerbera Daisy Tattoo


How elegant and adorable this flower is! A light pink gerbera daisy is drawn with detailed patterns and it looks so real with its beautiful and shady petals. If you want to express your love for nature, try it out.

57. Magnolia Tattoo with a Watercolor Background


The pink magnolia flower is a popular choice for tattoos due to its stunning appearance and delicate petals. This pink magnolia branch features four flowers on the arm. Plus, the blue watercolor background adds an extra layer of depth and meaning to the tattoo which is feminine energy, purity, and perseverance.

58. Sleeve Peony Tattoo


This tattoo is so vivid and colorful! It’s so great to see such a realistic flower on forearm. The artist has really taken the time to make sure that peony flower looks unique and detailed. Because of its position, it will be visible for everyone and it will change your whole look.

59. Cute Flower Tattoo


These beautiful flowers falling from top to bottom offer a wonderful display. Placed on the ankle, a combination of flowers such as a daisy, blue lily and a rose fall down with their colorful petals. The size of them is quite small, so if you’re looking for a minimalist design, go for it.

60. Flower Armband Tattoo


Here is a cute tattoo which features a band of flowers encircling the arm. The design consists of multiple colorful flowers arranged in a continuous circle. You can look very cute and feminine with this inner arm tattoo consisting of flowers on two ropes.

61. Floral Lung Shoulder Tattoo


Flowers symbolize new beginnings and when you combine it with a lung, you create the meaning of the delicate balance between life and death. The purple floral arrangement on the shoulder blade looks like it is one of the lungs and the right lung is designed with small dots. As it is written below, all you need to do is “Just breathe” and let it go.

62. Fading Rose Tattoo


This tattoo is seen quite a dramatic change. The bright and realistic orange rose tattoo drawn on the inside of the arm is located in the middle of the tattoo. We see the black version as this rose, which is divided by two thick lines from the right and left, fades. Give a chance to the tattoo, which symbolizes that beauty is temporary.

63. Traditional Art Sunflower Tattoo


This cartoon sunflower is a fun and cute way of getting a flower tattoo. The flower’s petals are really well done and a few colorful circle ornaments behind it add a nice touch. Also, a date is written below the flower, which may symbolize an important day in the wearer’s life.

Flower tattoos are some of the easier and prettiest tattoos you can get. They go with any tattoo you want and make for a great filler if you don’t know what to do or are trying to finish a large piece.

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