Dragonflies are the perfect tattoo for anyone looking for a unique, elegant, and whimsical piece of art. They’re great for people who want to express their love of nature or the outdoors, but also for those who want something that’s just eye-catching enough that it doesn’t get lost in their closet.

Dragonflies are a powerful symbol of transformation. In Chinese, the word for dragonfly translates to “beginner’s luck”, and in Japan, it represents courage. In Native American cultures, it symbolizes happiness and health.

Dragonflies are also known as “Mothers of Nature” because they carry their eggs on their back until they hatch.

So if you’re looking for a tattoo that represents change or strength, consider getting a dragonfly!

Black Dragonfly Tattoos

1. Small Black Dragonfly Tattoo


This small and black dragonfly can look like a realistic tattoo, as well as something straightforward and concrete. Do you enjoy these types of prints the most?

2. Dragonfly Tattoo For Women


Show that you’re ready for a change and that you’re willing to try out some new things in life with this dragonfly. Those who are fans of the Mother Nature and everything surrounding us will enjoy this tattoo.

3. Thigh Dragonfly Tattoo


If you want something small and seamless this design is for you. Stick to the thigh placement and always have a fun story to tell when showing off your little dragonfly design.

4. Chest Dragonfly Tattoo


Chest tattoos are very feminine and attractive, as well as sexy. This dragonfly will show your ability to transform and embrace all changes and new paths that life has to offer, in your own little way.

5. Forearm Dragonfly Tattoo


A forearm dragonfly will openly tell a lot about your transformation period, as well as about your private life journey. Cute and super stylish!

6. Cool Shoulder Dragonfly Tattoo


This shoulder print stands for renewal and new adaptability. If you like creative and bigger ideas this dragonfly will also suit you. Great for those who like art and minimalism as well.

7. Black Tattoo Dragonfly Design


This black ink dragonfly with sharp and cool outlines represents a strong-minded and tough person. Does this sound like your true character?

8. Small Black Dragonfly Tattoo


If you’re a woman looking for a small and seamless tattoo + you’re afraid of the needle consider adding this print to your forearm.

9. Dragonfly Tattoo With A Name Print


Dedicate your dragonfly tattoo to someone special and important in your life. Go for this symbol and add a name tag next to it to make it look and feel truly personal.

10. Artsy Dragonfly Tattoo


Artsy dragonfly such as this one is done in cool lines and details. Usually, dragonflies symbolize self-realization and adaptability, perfect for those who want to try out a new path in their life.

11. Black Stomach Dragonfly Tattoo


Heads up since stomach tattoos are quite painful. If you’re someone who can handle the pain and you’re looking for a design that is cool and sleek, this will suit you! It is also a personalized tattoo that speaks its own truth.

12. Dragonfly Tattoo On Forearm


A forearm tattoo such as this one is for most guys. If you want a black ink design and you prefer straightforward ideas, this dragonfly has it all.

13. Dragonfly Tattoo Cool Ink


Show that you’re spiritual and mysterious with this dragonfly. Stick to black ink and try out this circle concept if you enjoy geometrical tattoos and detailed art.

Colorful Dragonfly Tattoos

1. Blue Dragonfly Tattoo On Back


Blue is a color of new opportunity and positivism. If you want to show that you’re looking forward to whatever life has to offer, this tattoo shows it! It is fun and stylish as well, great for men and women.

2. Small Shoulder Dragonfly Tattoo


Shoulder tattoos are somewhat feminine yet hidden. If you like smaller ideas and you’re afraid of the needle this dragonfly will catch your attention.

3. Big Colorful Dragonfly Tattoo


This loud and colorful thigh/booty tattoo is for women who wish to attract a ton of attention! It is a giant tattoo that is also a masterpiece, often worn by women who fancy big and dominant creations.

4. Bright Blue Dragonfly Tattoo


Show that you’re a creative soul and someone who enjoys new life paths and journeys. If you’re a natural optimist and you want to appear as a fun individual, a bright blue and green color combo is it!

5. Side Boob Dragonfly Tattoo


Side boob tattoos do hurt, so heads up. They are quite scary to go for and most women dislike them. However, do you dare?

6. Cool Colorful Dragonfly Tattoo


Show that you’re positive and fun to be around thanks to this dragonfly in loud and vibrant ink. Women who enjoy cheerful tattoos and positive symbols will enjoy this concept.

7. Big Dragonfly Tattoo Idea


A big thigh tattoo such as this one shows a person who is always looking forward to new life paths and experiences. If you’re a natural goofball this tattoo will suit you.

8. Dragonfly Tattoo Blue Forearm Tattoo


Such a realistic tattoo, don’t you agree?! This design is very fun and bold, great for those who like realistic-like 3D tattoos. Make sure that you book the best tattoo artist you know of if you wish to achieve this beauty.

9. Realistic Dragonfly Tattoo


Another 3D-like tattoo that most men and women can go for. If you’re into bright and positive tattoos that can showcase your playful persona, this dragonfly does the job.

10. Cool Dragonfly Tattoo On A Leg


This dragonfly tattoo will take 3-5 hours to do. Make sure that you’re equipped with time, patience, and money when it comes to this sexy design.

11. Color Splash Dragonfly Tattoo


Color splash and loud and bright colors such as these are for women who like to experiment with their chosen pieces. If you want a visible tattoo that represents your true colors, place this on your forearm and show it off!

12. Cool Back Tattoo Of A Dragonfly


A back tattoo such as this one is a sexy piece. Women who want something a bit bigger and they don’t know where to place it just know that back is a bulletproof solution.

13. Blue And Green Dragonfly Tattoo


Go for a giant dragonfly and place it on your back. Women who prefer larger pieces and love pops of color will enjoy this tattoo. Heads up since it is a giant and pricey tattoo to go for.

14. Bright Red Cool Dragonfly Tattoo


This dragonfly tattoo with its wings spread out will symbolize your new and fun side, as well as your childish spirit. Does this sound like you?

15. Dragonfly Tattoo Colorful Art


If you like colorful tattoos and you’re a fan of brighter designs why not try this one out? The end print symbolizes your cheerful side, as well as your bright and fun attitude.

16. Colorful Dragonfly Tattoo On Arm


This loud and creative tattoo is done in such funky and wild colors. Women who like elegant and feminine tattoos will fancy this print the most. Give it a go if you’re into larger tattoos and want a splash of color for your next design.

17. Blue Dragonfly Tattoo For Women


A pop of blue on your dragonfly will look fun and creative. Make sure that you have hours to spare since this design can be tricky to go for and commit to. Guys and girls who want something modern and quite big will enjoy this tattoo. It will symbolize your strength and your constant ups and downs.

18. Artsy & Creative Dragonfly Tattoo


Lastly, you can dedicate your tattoo to your little one. If you enjoy special and colorful creative pieces that can always remind you of your closest one, place this dragonfly on your arm or your forearm.

Want A New Tattoo?
And there you have it! Which one of these tattoos do you like the most? Are you someone who enjoys big and bright or small and monochrome tattoos? If you’re ready to express your attitude and your ever-changing character just know that this little creature can do it for you!

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