Are you a fan of doves or birds in general? How about you give it a go with this flawless and peace-inspired concept? Guys and girls of any age can try out a dove tattoo creation. If you’re naturally curious, creative, and intrigued by travel or freedom, this tattoo is the perfect kind for you! Want to learn more about doves and their meaning? Do you wish to figure out if this tattoo is the right one for you? If that is the case, you should keep on reading! In this article, we bring you some cool and cute pieces to pick from. See what you like the most down below.

What Does A Dove Tattoo Symbolize?
The dove, a symbol of peace, is often used as a religious and spiritual symbol. In the New Testament, Jesus uses doves to describe his followers who are able to spread peace. Doves also represent love, gentle nature and innocence. They are symbols of hope for the future, fertility and purity. Doves are also associated with the Holy Spirit in some religions. Doves are often depicted in art and literature as symbols of love and peace; for example, William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet features a scene where two doves symbolize the couple’s eternal love.

1. Big Dove Tattoo On Chest

This cool chest tattoo is for those who want something extreme and a tad bit bold. Although a bit painful to go for, this will suit your dominant and extravagant side.

2. Dove Tattoo Sleeve Idea

Do you want to give it a go with a sleeve tattoo? Not everyone dares to try out a sleeve concept. Women who like nature, birds, and peace-inspired symbols will enjoy this fun and creative half-sleeve idea.

3. Dove Tattoo On Leg

Do you want to travel the world and see where it takes you? This dove will symbolize your new path and life beginnings that are ahead. Do you wish to embrace them?

4. Black Ink Dove Tattoo

Black and bold dove such as this one is more so for men. If you like bigger ideas and you’re someone who works out this creation will suit you. Make sure that you give it a go with this shaded concept and only book it if you fully trust your tattoo artist.

5. Small Simple Dove Tattoo

Small and simple, this chest piece is for guys who wish to dedicate their love to their closest ones. Show that they’re always with them and that you love having them around you, or right next to your heart.

6. Dove Tattoo On Ankle

Cute ankle tattoo that you’re going to like if you’re a fan of smaller ideas. Guys or girls who are quite secretive about their tattoos will enjoy this hidden and cute concept.

7. Big Shoulder Dove Tattoo

Try out a shoulder tattoo if you’re someone who likes to travel. This design will tell a lot about you, no reason to tell your big story all over again since the image is pretty straightforward and concrete.

8. Bicep Dove Tattoo

If you work out and if you like birds give it a go with this bicep image. It will look creative and amazing on guys, as well as on those who work out and have a bit more space for their tattoos.

9. Small Back Dove Tattoo

A back tattoo is for women who are picky or even shy about their tattoos. Not everyone has to know you have them, right? This design will say that you’re creative and mysterious and that you love to live life in your little way.

10. Funny Dove Tattoo

Funny and retro, this little dove design shows a different person. Does this sound like you? If you feel like you’re real and you want to show it to the world, do it with this black image, but also in a funny way.

11. Big Neck Dove Tattoo

Go for a dove image and add a dove design along with a name print underneath it. If you’re into art and you know how to rock a big and bold piece + you always want it to be a conversation starter, this neck tattoo is a killer option.

12. Cool Two Dove Tattoos

Two dove designs can symbolize your playful and sentimental side. If you have someone in mind and you’re close to them this can become your symbol of love and closeness.

13. Forearm Dove Tattoo

Make sure that you fully trust your tattoo artist before you commit to this tattoo. Guys or girls who like precision and cool ideas should give it a go with this detailed black-and-white masterpiece.

14. Dove Tattoo On Ribs

Rib tattoos hurt quite a lot, so heads up, you’ve been advised upfront. However, if someone close to you is your soulmate and you want them to know that you can place them underneath your rib. They will cherish it and remember it forever.

15. Dove Tattoo On A Neck For Guys

Neck tattoos are only for those who can rock them and who dare to wear them. Not a lot of people can show off visible ideas. Can you, and does your job allow you to? Make sure that you’re super careful when it comes to this design.

16. Playful Two Dove Tattoos

Two doves being playful and close to one another can be such a fun concept. If you and your other half are super tight and you love and respect one another, this tattoo will truly prove it.

17. Feminine Dove Tattoo

Feminine and placed on your thigh, this design is for those who wish to look sexy. Is this your goal? Either way it may be, the tattoo itself is quite fierce and risky, perfect for those little daredevils who want to stand out.

18. Big Black Dove Tattoo

Heads up, this is a true masterpiece of a tattoo. Make sure that you book the best tattoo artist you know of. This giant tattoo is for those who want to attract a lot of attention and looks. Do you want to grasp their attention?

19. Chest Dove Tattoo For Guys

This chest tattoo symbolizes your effort to conquer and never give up. If you’re always fighting and you know where you stand in life, this tattoo will represent your true side and emotions.

20. Dove Tattoo Palm Idea

Sometimes, doves can symbolize grief. If you lost someone in your life and you’re open to talking about it + you want to show respect and honor that person you can do it all with this hand and palm duo.

21. Big Blue Dove Tattoo

Blue is a color of new life, opportunities, and optimism. If you’re ready for something new and you want to embrace positive energy, you can do it all with this creative and colorful idea.

22. Artsy & Colorful Dove Tattoo

Add vibrancy to your tattoo and try out this loud pattern. People who are naturally optimistic will like this cute and somewhat feminine idea.

23. Cool Chest Dove Tattoo

Chest tattoos are often worn by those who work out and most men. If you have a deep connection with someone important in your life, this tattoo is your new must-do. Show them how much you value them and show off this cute pattern with red wings.

24. Bright Blue Dove Tattoo

This blue and wild dove is used to symbolize your inner peace. If you’ve overcome some struggles and you’re ready to embrace positive and new chapters/emotions in your life, this piece will show it all!

25. Small Simple Dove Tattoo

Small and simple, this blue dove tattoo is for women who like minimalism and simpler art. Are you close to your inner emotions and you’re naturally driven by meaningful actions? Represent your character with this blue dove and place it on your forearm!

26. Funny Dove Tattoo

Funny and realistic-looking, this dove tattoo is done in colorful art and brighter colors are super vibrant and funky to go for. It is also a tattoo used by most creative people who wish to show off their spirit and wild persona.

27. Big Shoulder Dove Tattoo

If your closest one passed away, consider getting this large shoulder piece. Shoulder tattoos are often used by guys + this image will represent the deep connection that you’ve had. Let the world see how much your little dove means or has meant to you by getting this number and name-dedicated print.

28. Colorful Red Rose Dove Tattoo

A red rose and a dove image are used to showcase your inner emotions and true deep feelings. If you’re a fan of larger tattoos beads up since this design will take you a couple of hours to get.

29. Lovely Dove Tattoo

Place a dove on your chest and add some heart symbols right next to it. The more the merrier rule does apply here! The overall vibe shows someone who is close and truly connected to his or her loved ones who have flown away from them.

30. Fun Palm Dove Tattoo

Lastly, this small palm dove tattoo is for guys or girls who don’t mind telling their story to the world and showing off their design at all points! Make sure that your job allows you to rock a palm tattoo before you start showing it off everywhere.

Want A Cool Bird Design?
Are you a fan of birds now? How about doves in particular? The truth is that most people can rock these cool creations. Just make sure that you pick out a favorite that suits you before giving it a go and dedicating it a spot on your body.

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