If your birthday is in December, your birth flower is the narcissus. The narcissus is a Greek word that refers to a genus of perennial bulbous plants. This particular flower was named after Narcissus, a beautiful youth who fell in love with his own reflection while bathing in a pool of water. The name of this flower has come to signify vanity and self-absorption—which makes it an appropriate choice for those born in December!

With this December birth flower tattoo, you will have a tattoo that represent positive feelings. It is a symbol of friendship, hope and purity. In addition to these, this flower symbolizes new beginnings and rebirth because it dies back each year only to grow again from its bulbs.

If your birthday falls in December, you can celebrate it with a tattoo of the narcissus flower. To inspire you about which one to get, we’ve rounded up some of the best narcissus flower tattoos below! Let’s get started.

1. Narcissus Flower & Bird Tattoo


This whole tattoo is a symbol of love and affection. The narcissus flower represents beauty, while the bird signifies freedom. Together, these two images combine to create the perfect image of love, so go for it.

2. Narcissus Flower Arm Tattoo 


Did you know that it was believed that the narcissus flower grew from the tears of the goddess of love, Aphrodite? You need to give it a shot.

3. Violet & Narcissus Flower Tattoo


I love the meaning behind the violet and white narcissus flower. The flower is a symbol of perfection, purity, and innocence. It’s also meant to represent your feelings toward someone you love deeply.

4. White Narcissus Flower Tattoo


Wanna show the purity and beauty on your arm with a tattoo? Then, white and realistic December birth flower, a narcissus is great for you!

5. Narcissus Flower Bicep Tattoo 


The narcissus flower is a symbol of vanity, so when you see it on your bicep it means that you’re proud of your body and beautiful in every way.

6. Dotwork Narcissus Flower Tattoo


The narcissus flower is the only flower that grows from its own seed, and it’s beautiful. Thus, go and get it!

7. Heart Shaped Narcissus Flower Tattoo


A heart-shaped narcissus flower tattoo means that you are a hopeless romantic. You believe in love at first sight and want to share your love with the world. Now, it is time to share it!

8. Narcissus Flower Shoulder Tattoo


Shoulder tattoos are one of the sexiest and coolest ones. The shady narcissus flower on should is especially perfect for men because it looks super masculine.

9. Tiny Narcissus Flower & Butterfly Tattoo


A narcissus flower and butterfly represent self-love in a tattoo. The narcissus flower represents your relationship with yourself, and the butterfly represents your ability to fly up above the pain that life deals you.

10. Narcissus Flower and Daisy Bouquet Tattoo


To celebrate the beauty of nature and flowers, let’s combine narcissus flowers with a daisy in a bouquet like tattoo. Plus, it is a great tattoo for women since side rib is a quite feminine body part.

11. Name & Narcissus Flower Tattoo


With a tattoo like this, you’re trying to make yourself as beautiful as the flower, and you want people to know how much you love yourself. A loved one’s name can also be written to show how much you love your partner.

12. Orange Narcissus Flower Tattoo


Not only white narcissus flower but also orange ones rock! The colors used in this tattoo is so soft and it looks great. The orange is typically meant to represent a birth of new life, or the beginning of something.

13. Plain Narcissus Flower Tattoo


Narcissus flowers have a lot of significance, so it’s no wonder so many people get them tattooed! Get one of them on your arm to feel its beauty wherever you go.

14. Narcissus Flower Bouquet Tattoo


A narcissus flower bouquet tattoo is a symbol of new beginnings and a fresh start. It’s often used as a reminder to keep moving forward, no matter what. Go and get it!

15. Line Narcissus Flower Tattoo


Those who like line tattoos and minimalist ones will adore this line narcissus tattoo! It’s an indication that you’re ready to move forward and embrace the future.

16. Dream Catcher Narcissus Flower Tattoo


The moon symbolizes the feminine, the mother and the goddess. It also represents our feelings and emotions. Add narcissus flowers to your dream catcher so that you can be unique.

17. Full Arm Narcissus Flower Tattoo


Wanna have a cover up tattoo? Then this is for you. It represents a desire for purity and perfection. The cover up arm narcissus flower tattoo can be used to symbolize the desire to hide one’s imperfections or flaws, too.

18. Astrological Narcissus Flower Tattoo


We have a fabulous tattoo idea for those who are sagittarius. December birth flower is narcissus and you were born in this month, so get these two together to show how you love yourself.

19. Pink and Purple Narcissus Flowers Tattoo


The purple narcissus represents your power, and the pink narcissus represents your feminine energy. This tattoo is perfect for anyone who wants to show off their inner beauty while still maintaining a bit of mystery.

20. Realistic Narcissus Flower Tattoo


It’s time to make your wrist shine with a realistic narcissus flower. You will be mesmerized by the beauty of this flower and it will remind you the beauty and purity all the time.

21. Blue Narcissus Flower Tattoo


A blue narcissus flower tattoo is a sign of loyalty, friendship and trust. It can also mean that the wearer has a strong love for nature.

22. Narcissus Flower & Bee Tattoo


The bee is a symbol of perseverance and hard work and it is widely used in tattoos. Why don’t you make a combo of a bee and narcissus flower? You will look fabulous!

23. Snake & Narcissus Flower Tattoo


Snake is usually represent negative concepts while narcissus flowers represent positive ones. When you make a combo, it represents the struggle between vanity and humility. Also, it represents the struggle between nature and nurture.

24. Minimal Narcissus Flower Tattoo


A narcissus flower can also be seen as a symbol of positivity. Show your positive mindset with this flower tattoo and add the positivity word that goes down from its branch.

25. Narcissus Flower with a Letter Tattoo


Two white narcissus flowers are all you need to show your love for your partner. Plus, if you get the first letter of your lover’s name, you will show how much you love your partner.

26. Memorial Narcissus Flower Tattoo


This tattoo is an expression of grief or love. If you have a friend or family member who passed away and you want to remember them with a tattoo, the narcissus flower is a good choice because it symbolizes grace and beauty.

27. Side Rib Narcissus Flower Tattoo


Wanna show your growth with a tattoo? Go for a narcissus flower, then. The roots represent your past, the stem represents your present, and the flowers represent your future.

28. Classy Narcissus Flower and Daisy Tattoo


The daisy is often associated with the idea of rebirth and renewal, and the narcissus flower is the flower associated with narcissism, which means you’re taking care of yourself, learning who you are, and moving forward in life.

29. Narcissus Flower Tattoo on the Back


Are you ready to turn your back into a colorful garden? The nature is amazing with all plants and animals. Besides colorful butterflies, get a tattoo of daisy and narcissus flower to shine.

30. Hummingbird & Narcissus Flower Tattoo


A hummingbird on a narcissus flower tattoo means that you are free, open, and willing to take risks. You are also passionate about life and your surroundings.

31. Colorful Narcissus Flower Tattoo for Women


Wanna feel cute and adorable with a tattoo? Go for an abstract hummingbird and a white narcissus flower tattoo. The color palette will leave everyone around you speechless.

32. Minimal Narcissus Flower Tattoo 


This minimalist tattoo can represent the beauty of nature, and the cycles of life. It can also represent a person’s admiration for their own body, or for their own personal growth.

33. Realistic Narcissus Flower Tattoo


This realistic garden of flowers will take your tattoo to a different level. Especially the white narcissus flower means purity and innocence. It also symbolizes hope, rebirth, and a return to a state of grace.

It’s time to turn your body into a piece of art with a narcissus flower tattoo! It is an elegant symbol of rebirth and renewal. It represents love, friendship, beauty and happiness. It isa also used as a reminder that beauty comes from within oneself, not from the external world. Go and get a tattoo of it. Don’t forget to mention your favorite tattoo from the list below!

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